Ploumanach, France



This page that gives voice to the images opens a new section devoted to giants playgrounds.  These are wonders of nature, we are told. I want to see rather the playgrounds where the former giants sculpted colossal works they have left in memory of their feits. 

These set of colossal proportions areas are all around the planet. Current resources will enable us to draw up the outlines with your help at all. Grab your camera, shoot giant rocks, enjoy and share your pleasure. The best photo reports will be published in this innovative section, which will not exist without your active help.

To make a start, here are fabulous pink and salmon rocks of Ploumanach, Côtes d’Armor, France, as seen by Stef Kervor and Ludmilla Zahno, april 2016.




Can you see Xavier on top photo? This to give an idea of the gigantic size of these sculptures, so you can imagine the size of their sculptors.


ploum-fougeres-grillees-lz-nov2015-688po geant-singe-ploumanach-ludmilla-novembre2015st-guirec-sud-ploumanach-xs-avril16-688po st-guirec-nord-ploumanach-xs-avril16-688po ploumanach-xs-avril16_0316roc-tete-bec-lz-ploum-688px tortue-ploumanach-xs-avril16-688po


We thought of it for a while, here it is: walking and shooting photos is a new way to make archeology. This first page sets the tone of this experience, and you are all invited to participate.

Around the world, many chaos of disproportionate rocks seem to have been carved or shaped by a giant with very superior size and strength. The pink rocks of Ploumanach in Cotes d’Armor, France, are an illustration that speaks for itself. Contemplate these precious testimonies of the giants of the past, and ask yourself if there is not near you, a similar rocky chaos, or a different one, or cliffs that seem sculpted, or a pyramid-shaped hill, or another sign that concerns you, in stone or in the landscape. With your assistance, we can enumerate all these beautiful, magical places, all these giants playground full of large stones. Thank you all, and good hunting!


otarie-lz-ploum-688px ploum-lz-tete-de-chien-porc-688po ploum-melt-milla-nov15-688poludmmilla-ploumanach-xs-avril16-688po ombre-profil-ploumanach-xs-avril16-688pxlion-phare-ploumanach-xs-avril16-688pxbec-cloung-ploumanach-xs-avril16-688po ploumanach-xs-avril16_0349 alien-ploumanach-xs-avril16-688po ploumanach-xs-avril16-requin-688po ploumanach-xs-avril16-la-passe-chameau-688po ploumanach-xs-avril16-contrejour-688po lionne-ploumanach-xs-avril16-688po ploumanach-xs-avril16_0525 ploumanach-xs-avril16-rock-machine-688po ploumanach-xs-avril16-rose-couchant-688po ploumanach-xs-avril16-688po ploumanach-xs-avril16-ludmilla-roche-coulées-688pxploum-baleine-lz-688px ploum-mz-otarie-688po ploum-mz-xav-roc-fendu-688po ploum-fauve-couche-mz-688po ploum-lz-roc-equil-noir-688po ploum-roc-fendu-lz-688po ploum-roc-cerf-mz-688po ploum-mz-rocher-creuse-maya-688pxploumanach-xs-avril16-singe-pin-688po

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