The Principle of Uncertainty



If I borrow this title to Heisenberg, do not think I’m going to debate about distant beginnings of quantum physics. This page treats of the principles that guide the legends and myths teller who I am.

However, since quantum physics guide our thoughts as our deeds, I am not far away from the title subject.

It is good to repeat these difficult but essential truths. We walk through a jungle of lies and misinformation. The temptation is to find a GPS, a reliable compass, a good guide. Eden Saga is not a guide. This new story, which is yours, aims to make you more autonomous, master of yourself. Don’t look for any other guide, accept yourself.

There is no recipe, just a particular way of looking at the world and its wonders. There is no certainty, just will and intention.


No doctrine here


First, Eden Saga does not want to expose a coherent doctrine. My approach is the opposite of any doxa, except this one I borrowed from Rabelais: “Do what you want” In the stifling humidity of academic history, I open doors and windows. I happened to scratch in the long run. But the only goal is to aerate. Including your saturated brain.

If I gave an encyclopedic form to these stories of ancient times, it is for the convenience of research. This rigor does not exist among the living. With Sören Kierkegaard, I know that the existence shatters all systems. So I forbid any systematism, I accept what comes over in my research, and I refuse any labeling.




No one therefore will be surprise to note some contradictions here and there. I’m not doctrinaire. I have no cause to defend, no personal interest in favor. What you can take for personnal positions are not. Sometimes I quote an author whom I do not necessarily share the views, sometimes I expose a thesis that is not mine, other times I explore a trail that leads nowhere.

Let no one strives to follow me absolutely, nor anyone else. The source is in each of us. The gurus are imbued, avoid them. Thanks life, I’m not one. How to guide others when I go astray at every step? Nothing is certain except uncertainty.

Castaneda testifies, the tradition of the nagual calls it “immediate knowledge”. It is a place of consciousness, a precise point in our luminosity where the assembly point moves, a kind of photo objective through which our perception assembles the world. By modifying the position of the assembly point, other worlds are assembled. In the brightness of our aura there are billions of possible positions for the assembly point. But we are all fixed in the same place, we all assemble the same world, and frankly, it is not the best of all possible worlds.



Storyteller beats pedant

To offer you new possible positions for your assembly point, I chose the teaching method of the Sufis. I serve you stories, dreamful tales, to flex and reflect.

These initiatory tales were born from the depths, they sprouted like light bubbles on the surface of my consciousness, and here they are raw on your plate. Bon appetit, my dear friends.

Understand that any attempt would be futile. Admit that consistency would kill poetry. It is poetry that conveys truth, only poetry.

Who am I to reveal these living bits? Just one who sees, one who walks in the dreams of humans and gods, for it is the only food that fills the hungry soul with humor and love, amber and shadow.




If you feel like writing to me, do not blame me for my contradictions. I know them, they are my daughters. I can’t bring myself to choose between them.

Besides my choice is irrelevant: what matters is yours. Yes, it is up to you. Just make your own individual religion every day before burning it the next day because life – yours and mine – shatters all systems. (source)Soeren Kierkegaard

Looking for certainty is like looking for death. To abandon one’s fate to anyone, human or divine, ideal or material, is to give up living. Life is dangerous, full of pitfalls and suffering. These tests are necessary for our evolution.

Nothing is due without effort. Nothing is certain except your hand in mine, your heart against my heart, your path for a time that melts mine. Naive is the one who seeks the truth, even more naive the one who found it. Doubt is the bread of the warrior. It makes the difference between the awakened and the fool who doubts nothing.

Initiating, my tales will be if you enjoy them now, if you are carried away by the story without putting too much resistance. There will be time afterwards for you to choose your own route. All pathes lead there, provided they are in you.


The great joy to be, to want, and to fear nothing. (Jack Kerouac)


We believe we lead destiny, but it is always destiny who leads us.
Denis Diderot