No More Ads For Me

Two or three years ago, when I had the first warning about the survival of this site, I decided to put ads on Eden Saga. Let me tell you that the idea did not enchant me. Advertising is one of my old activities. The one I liked the least. How could I resolve to get back?

Yet the numbers spoke for themselves. I absolutely needed additional income to meet the expenses generated by the maintenance and permanent improvement of the site. Since its creation in 2008, there have been no less than four radically different versions, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. My constant concern for improvement is in line with my previous job as a publisher.

I am still a publisher. Instead of publishing books printed on paper, I publish on the wind, electromagnetic waves are my deliverers, and tablets, smartphones or traditional computers are my bookstores. Only all this brings me nothing but expenses. That’s what I want. What I have to tell you is not for sale. Money can’t buy knowledge. It must be accessible to all.

I speak of true knowledge, that which makes the soul live, not the head. The one we do not show in the salons. The one who grows up, makes him better and more able to manage his way of life. Eden Saga must be free of charge, it will ever be. That is my will.

Advertising then emerged as the only way to earn revenue that outweighs the enormous amount of work involved in writing, illustration, and research. For a few years, I inserted advertisements in my articles. It was a heartbreaker, especially as these pubs were all more cretins than the others. I saw them only rarely, having downloaded Adblock like most of you.

But when I wanted to do an inspection, I would always come across ads that would make me crazy. I found that the advertising on this site is totally contrary to my objectives. It boasts fake products and services, often overpriced, that do not raise my readers, that appeal to fear, envy, superficiality, superstition, false interiority. Spirituality merchants are the worst kind.

Not only does the ad do not match me, but the revenues it generates are close to nothing. In the end, I took a serious and wise decision. Give up all those shits. I would have liked it if only one of you imagined that I recommend these nonsense and other scams. Now the discomfort is dispelled. Eden Saga has regained her virginity. The pubs are gone. The integrity and consistency of the approach are once again spotless. But we must live well.

As you may have noticed, a donation form is on each page. If on occasion you think of me, concretize your intention by paying me a sum. Small or big, it honors you and fills me. I much prefer to depend on you all, dear readers, rather than the goodwill (?) Of advertisers for the least suspicious.

Hence this call for donations. Your gifts are precious to me. I want to be able to continue to give you the best of myself without being forced to give it up for sordid money matters. Tell yourself that this site represents a true self-service library. Take a look at the Table of Contents. When you get there, unfold on the top right You will see before your amazed eyes the catalog of some 900 articles dealing with the distant or near past, the present and the future from an esoteric point of view, initiatory, original, well done to help you in your own research.

These texts and images represent twenty printed books. If you had to pay all those books, how much would it cost you? Think about it. And if from time to time you donate, be blessed.

You can also help me by helping you. Why don’t you come here in Brittany for an individual traineeship? Don’t hesitate to ask for information. You will get a real profit for just a few banknotes. Isn’it a fabulous use of money? Receive all my love.

You have to dance in chains.
Friedrich Nietzsche