Druid Ramos


There are some heroes whose names are forgotten by history, but whose auras will ever be remembered by people, because they were so great for their race, and so decisive for all mankind. Ram is undoubtedly one of them. 

Rama was born from the powerful Hyperborean people, who will later become Tuatha in Ireland and Celts or Gaels in the rest of northern Europe. His humble origins did not intend him to be a leader: he was a simple shepherd of goats, hence his name of Ram. However, when he was twelve years old, goddess Isis-Thana offered him the supreme gift: a perfect spirit. Lightning fell next to him, shattering the branch of an oak tree that struck his skull.

When he regained consciousness, all surrounded by white lights and flashes, he heard voices in his head, in which he recognized the thoughts of people around him. Ram could read the thoughts! Other gifts came to him since then: he could predict the future, avoid accidents, soften hearts and heal the sick. The Hyperboreans knew what to do with this kind of child: he was therefore given to the witch, who initiated the young boy according to the rules of their art.

Soon the reputation of Ram the healer spread among the people. “And behold an unknown plague strikes the Hyperboreans, attacking almost exclusively to youth and manhood. This scourge – a divine punishment, undoubtedly – was pulmonary tuberculosis. Despite a doubling of slaughter whereby the visionary flex heard the wrath of the Great Goddess, in spite of the Elders of research regarding the nature of evil and the remedies to oppose him, the epidemic continues its relentless work.” (source)http://livres-mystiques.com/partieTEXTES/ASavoret/Visage_Druidisme/Chap3.htm At the age of sixteen, convinced he knew where to look, “Rama attacked therefore distressing problem of pulmonary phthisis and found the remedy in one of the plants most curious of our country: the oak mistletoe.” (source)http://livres-mystiques.com/partieTEXTES/ASavoret/Visage_Druidisme/Chap3.htm




And the miracle happened: to force treatment, tuberculosis retreated to disappear completely. The reputation of the young Ram became such that he was elected leader of his clan war. Note that this was the custom among the Celts proved: the druid Merlin was not he the first counselor of King Arthur, and in combat, Merlin contrasted it not as a true knight? And what about his literary model, the wizard Gandalf? The Western tradition has often shown that man can dress, druid or monk, while being a military man, like Gandalf, Ram, Merlin and closer to us, the Templars.

Prestige of Ram was growing as witches get stirred up. Representing the old matriarchal power, they embodied the political and religious authority. They declared that Ram was cursed by gods, like all those who followed him. The Hyperborea, therefore, was cut in two. The clan of witches in the old clan violently opposed supporters Ram who then called the “Dru-wides (nominative Dru-wis/Druis- later), that is to say, according to a quite transparent symbolism: “Oaks carriers gui” (source)http://livres-mystiques.com/partieTEXTES/ASavoret/Visage_Druidisme/Chap3.htm

To avoid a fratricidal war, Ramos decided to emigrate with his clan. This is at least the version of Fabre d’Olivet.




I prefer this one: the rising waters threatened Hyperborea on all sides. Its vast territory was reduced to a trickle, turning the plains marine bays, islands and mountains. Like his brother Cuchulainn, Ram had no other choice but to leave these lands become inhospitable. Cuchulainn went west to address the coast of present-day Mexico, while Ram chose to go east.