From Cuchùlann To Kukulkan



Cuchùlann is not an ordinary man. His divine sonship, the superhuman strength he shown, the feats he performed and the terror he inspired place him into the category of ancient superheroes. His father Lugh the Shining was called Son of the Sun, enlightened by lightning, and there is a safe bet that the son was too. His legend is told by the Irish, but Cuchùlann doesn’t belong to Ireland. Not only.


The son of Lugh is the race of Tuatha De Danann, the giants before the flood. His homeland was Atlantis, not Ulster. I don’t mean the first Atlantis, which was swallowed by the great flood around 12,500 BP.

Cuchùlann is a child of New Atlantis, which in turn was swallowed by a minor flood around 5000 BP.

Atlantean survivors of the great flood had founded the Western empire in Europe, starring Lugh as the first emperor. Its capital was on an island that became submerged plateau of Dogger Bank in the North Sea. Tolkien in his trilogy of the Ring called it the Middle Earth, which is the name given by tradition. 

This empire occupies a crucial place in our history and yet no historian knows its existence. The four northern islands which were the Tuatha are Dogger Island and other lands were submerged in turn. Irish mythology called the Dogue Ulster. Dog, as Dogger, the Isle of Dogs.

The Irish legend also tells us that the great people of the Tuatha came from Hyperborea. This is the name given by the Greeks to Nibiru, which appeared when Atlantis goes, there are about 13,000 years. Cuchùlann is a demigod. He was born on Nibiru, he received the education that the gods book heroes.

Cuchùlann is very young when he goes down on Middle Earth, probably in Scotland. He is still called Setana. For country people, he his is a giant from the Isle of Dogs who can kill several men in one punch, what he did. 

Young Setana does not know his strength. He explodes the mastiff of the blacksmith. The first bloodshed blew a desire to murder in him, irresistible. This trait is often cited about giants. In his Theogony, Hesiod told us that sometimes the giants were doing a massacre in the ranks of men, killing and slaughtering everyone they met.

The following sequence is quite noteworthy. Cuchùlann, driven by his desire of murder, went into a kind of trance and split. One Cuchùlann chose the path of blood, the one whom we are told the story.  But what happened to the other Cuchùlann? That is what we will try to unravel.

Initially, on Dogger Island, Setanta received the name of Dog of Culann. In ErseLanguage of Scotland, dog is said chu, and falls between the two syllables of Culann to express belonging: Cuchùlann. Now this curious way of putting a word into another one, is found across the Atlantic, which in itself is quite puzzling. And even better, this is also the name of a mythical founding hero. A blond giant, who bears the symbol of the snake. Just like Cuchùlann …




He is really Celtlike: blond hair and very tall, he wears a beard like the Tuatha did. With his companions of the Snake People, he comes from another world. Cuchùlann with his blond companions came from Europe, quite another world at the time. The Aztecs called him Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent.

For their part, the Quiche called him Gucumatz. With his fellows of the Serpent People, he came from another world.

However, as Cuchùlann, the name Gucumatz consists of two words into one another: gumatz, which means snake, and cu which means bird. For the Maya, Gucumatz is called Kukulkan, sounding a bit like Cuchùlann.

Had he lived a double life? Was the heroic Celtic warrior also the peaceful and benevolent god celebrated by the Maya?

Of course, in the Mayan legends, you won’t find this version because it’s mine. Now I share with anyone who will.


It is worth a close look at the story of Kukulkan.


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