Solomon The Just


Solomon was the son of David, who was himself a nephew of Moses, who never reached Israel, as he died during the Exodus. Succeeding his father David on the throne, Solomon became the second king of Israel and his reign lasted 40 years.

Solomon was the wisest and fairest king of the Bible. Essential character of the three main monotheist religions, he is above all one of the pillars of Judaism. The Midrash gives us valuable information on him. ShlomoSolomon is the king who built the Temple of Jerusalem, and for this reason alone he has the gratitude of the Jewish people.

Christians can find his story told in the First Book of Kings. They can also find a touching love song, the Song of Songs, which was probably composed by Solomon. It is dedicated to Malika, the Queen of Sheba, a mistress whom he loved passionately.

Christian exegesis sees this as a mystical song of love for God. In this sense, it could inspire the great medieval Sufi mystics, and first of all the chief founder of the Whirling Dervishes of Konya, Jalal ad-Din Rumi, also known under the name of Mevlana.

Do not forget that Solomon is also a major figure in Islam. In the Middle Ages, several authors associated Solomon with the very ancient tradition of Hermes Trismegistus, that of kabbalistic magic, which he would have been a follower.

The judgment of Solomon is the episode where two mothers fought for the same child. Solomon settled, it is appropriate to say, in rendering judgment, the child will be split into two, one half for each. One woman declared that she preferred to give up the child rather than see him sacrificed.

 In her, Solomon recognized the true mother, and he gave her the infant. Then “all Israel heard of the judgment which had rendered the king, and they worshiped the king, because they saw that there was in him a divine wisdom to dispense justice.” His strong personality, his famous judgment, well as his reputation of magic and / or technology, have profoundly marked the whole East.



His palace had a reputation for luxury and opulence, flying carpets arose there on the terraces. His throne, described in great detail, seems to have been the first wonder of the ancient world.

In many ways, Solomon is the founder of both the Ottoman power, Persian magic and happy Saudi Arabia.

His glory and magnificence have credited him with many miracles, actual or presumed. They say he had a flying machine for which he had build special runways up to China.

It was he who built the first Temple of Jerusalem with, says the legend, the help of imps he had bamboozled by magic.

It is also said that this magic temple was built under the direction of the great Hiram, the architect so dear to the Masons.

We remember the words of Jesus: “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” He was speaking about that very temple.

 Scholars argued that he was speaking of his body, which he resurrected after three days. But these people say lots of things of which no one is really sure. Not even them.

Three sacred temples have succeeded in the same location, on the esplanade. Of the Third Temple of Jerusalem, it only remains today the Wailing Wall, where any good Jew comes to commune with self, sometimes inserting in a slot in the wall a prayer or a wish on a paper roll.

The Wailing Wall, Judaism’s very holy place, supports the esplanade where stands Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of the first holy places of Islam. You can find there the stone of sacrifice, a megalith on which Abraham wanted to sacrifice his only son, on the orders of his only god.

Sacrifice his son??? The Bible is definitely not a book for children. However, Jerusalem is definitely the major site of the Bible. Between Muslims and Jews, by the steep streets, Christian pilgims are following the Stations of the Cross, on the real way of Christ up to the summit of Mount Golgotha. A step back in time.




Fascinating Yerushalaim, holy tripling. Fascinating Solomon, revered in all three religions! His great wisdom is a model for the Sufis. There is not one believer who hasn’t heard his name still suffused with a mysterious aura.

Fascinating Shlomo the Just, whom will respond by echo, three thousand years later, Suleiman the Magnificent… Solomon is also revered by many esotericists: alchemists, hermetists, neo-Gnostic people, rosi-crucians, and other followers of secrecy. There is no smoke without fire: whatever some scholars say, Solomon is surrounded by too many mysteries not to be a magician. Magic is just another way to call a science of which we know nothing. No doubt Solomon inherited he a part of the sacred science of ancient Egyptians.

 Logically, this secret knowledge was transmitted to him by his father David, who himself had received from Moses, Isis’ insider. We have seen how, by the electrical properties of the Ark of the Covenant, Moses was given “full powers” and made benefit his executives and proteges. The first of them was the young David, who was also initiated to the mysteries of Isis renamed Glory of Shekinah. The Ark of the Covenant is in Jerusalem, no doubt Solomon took advantage of it as soon as he was old enough.



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