Scalar Healing


Thanks to all of you who have recently joined our open group; he is indeed wide open, like our hearts. The scalar adventure began last November on a crazy idea: this world goes rather badly, too many people who suffer, too much that makes suffer and who suffer … Why not send pure love, selfless, unconditional direction of the poor world?
It is a form of active meditation, which aims to receive and emit scalar waves, which are something like the carrier waves of love. They emulate other scalar waves on their way, and reach their recipients by passing besides this world, because they play time. They can be received at the moment they are issued.
All of you and all of you who have joined me in so many for two months, I welcome you, and also to realize the gift of total love that is in you, and just waiting to grow. Love, the more we give, the more we have. And for those who have not tried this happiness for the soul, do not miss out on love. Come give some with us!
The past two months have been marked by self-healing. Three practitioners of scalar waves were cured, one of Lymm’s disease, the other of the painful consequences of menopause, and a third-a young man-of laryngeal cancer. You will tell me, three people, it is little. Yes, we are close to 700 who practice the activities of this group regularly or not. So 3 out of 700, that’s less than 1%, actually, it’s not much. But it is already much more than the miraculas of Lourdes!
Joking aside, we know how much the church is reluctant to recognize miracles. The medical board that examines each case virtually eliminates them. I have neither the data nor the skills nor the pretension to compare these unverified results with those of Lourdes. In the present case it is impossible to be sure and certain of the causes of these cures. No prior review was provided to me. It would be illegal, I am not a doctor. I do not have the medical records of these people, I have not even met them in the flesh: I have to take their word for it. What I willingly do, as these three very different beings express the same deep joy, the simple joy of being that comes with the practice of scalar waves.
Their story is too good to be wrong. Moreover, even if the waves of love are not for nothing, what matters is that they are cured all three. Let’s say that love waves could not hurt them. They do not do it to anyone. This is what is beautiful and touches me to the heart. They gave love to the world and the world did them well. Everything is possible to those who give without ulterior motive, without calculation, just for the joy of giving and receiving.




What does it take to be healed? The desire, first of all. Some patients cling to their disease which is their only and last reason to live. And to prolong their existence, they make it miserable, dependent, inhuman. They do not want to be healed, nobody can do anything for them. No need to call a healer for help if your most cherished wish is to stay sick. If the healer is clairvoyant, he will immediately know what to do and refuse to pretend. An unreached healing hurts the healer. Another thing: no need to send me a healing request for a third person. Direct contact is always necessary between the patient and the healer, even if the healing goes through the scalar way. One more thing: we are not part of the scalar group in the only hope of healing. We do not bargain when giving is involved. Bargaining does not fit love.
I will tell you the principle of renunciation. When I lived in the beautiful magic forest of Fontainebleau, we used to pick mushrooms, my sons and I. By dint of practice, we had found some good corners. But some mornings all seemed to be fighting against us. The mushrooms gave each other the word to run away. All our best corners were empty. Raked. So we had a last-ditch solution: to sincerely give up picking. Say goodbye to hats and greedy feet. Get enough conditioning to give up the smallest hope of picking any mushroom. We only had to walk in the woods while the wolf was not there. Damn those damn mushrooms! Who would want it? Not us !! As soon as our renunciation was sincere, and at that moment only, the mushrooms crowded under our feet, we had to be careful to avoid them. And when the renunciation was perfect, we returned with a full basket. To the innocent, hands full. But innocence, dear guilty friends, it works. It is conquered. To enter paradise, says the good Jesus, find the innocence of the little one. The initiation of the arcane XIII opens the doors of innocence. Beyond that, the temporal journey becomes possible. With a little practice, we move along the entire timeline.
Renounce healing, agree to heal others. And the others will heal you! Forget your embarrassment, dominate your suffering, tame your pain, make a deal with your disability. If your renunciation is worthy and sincere, if you do not expect anything for yourself, if you are ready to give your love to strangers who need it, people you will not know, whom you will never meet, whose you will never have any news, so maybe your life will become very different. Is this healing? No. That’s living.

Uniting our inner divinity is the ultimate purpose of human existence.
Aldous Huxley