Remote Healing

Scalar waves are certainly the most striking phenomenon of recent years. It rests first and foremost on the ability to love and to express this love, unconditionally, to those who suffer around the world.

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I experienced scalar waves for the first time in 2012. I did not know what it was, but in my healing practice I needed to heal from a distance. That’s how I became a scalar healer.

After several years of practice, I wanted to expand these astral love exchanges. The idea came to me to send unconditional love to help those in need. Posted on this site in 2017, I wrote a first article devoted to this question. The positive reactions were not long in coming. My article triggered the formation of a group of volunteers.

Since 2017, every day at 9PM, this group meets to transmit love. Everything is happening at a distance. The members of this vast group do not know each other, they have in common the will and the energy to see this world finally change, opening resolutely to positive vibrations.

The meeting is not physical, but astral. Each participant stays at home. Empty head, open heart, he emits love with his belly. Yes, it’s as simple as that. It is by emitting love that we receive love, and in a very intense way.

This group now has more than 1,500 participants spread across five continents. We are certainly more numerous, because I am sure that most of the participants did not dare to write to introduce themselves. They are stowaways, but far from me the idea of discouraging them. The world needs all the good wills.

I practiced the scalar on a daily basis with this group as well as individually for healings by way of scalar waves. The gained experience allow me to note a number of obstacles that significantly disturb the reception of scalar waves and the healing process. So I want to go back in detail on the progress of a scalar session.

The participant must relax, if possible while lying down. The lotus position is not recommended, nor any other sitting position. They block the basic chakra and compress the sex chakra and the belly chakra, opposing an optimal emission.

The relaxation must start a few minutes before the time agreed for wave transmission. It is about finding oneself in alpha, in this place of consciousness where the perception of the real, if it still exists, appears very shifted.

In alpha, the body is totally relaxed. Do not pay attention to the signs that come from your body, it would make you immediately out of the alpha state. Do not forget the main thing, do not think about anything.

The head must be empty of thoughts and any concern. If you are unable to empty the mind, try at least not to cling to vagabond thoughts. Let them cross your mind without further worrying you.

If even this is impossible for you, sing in your head any air without the words. This will be enough to occupy your mind while leaving it free and vacant, optimal condition for entering alpha. No need to mentally recite the words of the song, it would force you once again to make your mind work.

The heart must be open. Another important condition. Which implies the welcome, the love without calculation, the gift of oneself. This condition is rarely understood and prevents many patients from benefiting from scalar healing. It is necessary to give to receive, such is the rule of love.

Do not expect to receive without first making the effort to send love. Love calls love, the gift calls the gift. Think about it. But think about it before the session. During, do not think about anything. Be this love that transports you and the healer will perceive.

When your head is empty, when your heart is open, you can begin to emit. It’s your belly that takes care of it. Again, no need to bring in your mind. The head must remain empty.

A question often comes up: how to emit? Do not worry. Your body knows how to do it, it will do it without you ordering it. All that is needed is for the first two conditions to be met, empty-headed, open-hearted. Then, the belly emits.

Another recurring question: how can I receive if I emit? I do not know, but I can tell you that it works by itself. If you care to receive, your head fills with desires and hesitations, the mind works full and you receive nothing at all.

On the other hand, if you empty your head well, if you open your heart, the show will be done by itself, and by emitting, you will receive. Those who are accustomed to meditation find the correct inner attitude very quickly. For others, it will take one or two break-in sessions before the practice is required and the body, freed from the constraints of the mind, doing its job.

The principle of scalar healing, as I have been doing for years, is very simple. Just love, transmit pure love and love will come back to you a hundredfold. Emote the unconditional love for the planet and the brotherhood of humans, you will receive a large part, amplified by the scalar phenomenon. And the cure will be recorded.

One last question that comes up: “how can I protect myself from unwanted intrusions during a scalar session? If I have to open my heart in a big way, how can I prevent intruders from taking advantage of it to invade?” This is based on a confusion that I will try to clarify.

I explained in a recent article everything about the protections of healers and sensitives. I insist on one point: it is important to close the nine orifices of the physical body. Through these orifices, especially the anus and the sex, negative entities might enter you. It is the diabolical possession that some Catholic priests have the vocation to exorcise.

I myself practiced an exorcism and this experience led me to suggest the preventive closure of the nine bodily openings. But let us not confuse the orifices and the chakras. In a scalar session, always take the precaution of closing your nine physical holes. But the heart chakra is not an orifice. No more than the other chakram.

The chakram are not on the physical body, but on the subtle body that envelops it. You can have your sex closed on the physical plane, while your sexual chakra is wide open. As for the heart, it’s simpler: it does not have a physical orifice.

I hope that these clarifications allow you a quick and complete scalar healing. If you have other questions, do not forget to let me know; the contact section is made for that.

The right place for a heart is not in the hand but in the chest.
Lao Surlam