Scalar Action


Dear friends of the scalar group, our adventure is a success, you are now over 300 – far too many so I can write to you personally! So I will use this channel is made for that. Those who want to join us are topics of registration in contact section.

Nine months already! The scalar adventure at the time of a gestation. I am not sure a global assessment is possible: the wars are still going strong, the crimes and the violence too, the rapes, the numerous horrors that every day, at every moment, degrade the humanity and disfigure the face of our planet. On the other hand, I know that each participant can draw up his own balance sheet. In all cases, it is positive. Your mail has grown at the same time as your number. Which constantly comes back: thank you. Giving love drives us to thank. That’s what’s beautiful. The most beautiful, the most beautiful: beautify the planet, boost peace in the hearts of women and men around the world, and imagine that we have relays for California.

The scalar group is present on five continents, it was even for a few weeks on the sixth continent, Antarctica, where a reader of Eden was practiced during his stay. Like mine, your point of view has changed since 2017. At first, there was a wait, something was chosen to produce imminent. Well no, no world shock. The dream is elsewhere. Some of you, discouraged, have spread their participation. For others, those who have taken taste and profit, the adventure continues. Enthusiasm is still present, but it has reached maturity. To attend less, on savor the moment. On closed the door to vain hope, pure product of the egotistical mind. It’s the action that counts. The scalar action. We take a moment, when we can, to isolate ourselves in peace, detach and connect to the scalar network. The throbbing belly has been sent out, the scalar emissions are intensifying, the inner calm is also growing, and joy is slowly dominating.

It’s a short time, an hour and a half, maybe an hour. But it counts, this moment of relaxation with oneself, this intimate relaxation and then this total self-giving, when our deep body expresses all its love to humans and to all the living people that populate the planet Earth. Who am I? A little ant loving in the universe, feast of straw crushed by the millstone of love, beautiful bird who gives his body to feed the passing Buddha. Who are you? Companion of the first hour or visitor of Wednesday, impatient feverish or passing four sent, who are you dear reader? Hannibal or cannibal? I’ll tell you who you are for me. A person who gropes. What we are all. A soul on the threshold of its light. Everything here is for you, treasures amassed over the long journey, kisses given, kisses stolen, memories that pass, and reign and daring.

If you can not make a commitment to participate every night, it does not matter. It’s up to you that you miss, nothing else. Everything is volunteer. I want to thank you all for giving you, day by day, anonymously, far from devices and selfies, beyond the ego, in this space dedicated to the gift of love. You communicated to me your impatience, your immense joys, your results. You have transmitted to me your doubts too. Nothing is done without intention or repetition. We will see ourselves beyond doubt, beyond selfishness, on the other side of being where the sun of the heart does not go out. There are winners we love. They go on television. They parade on the Champs Elysees. The president congratulates them and everyone says what they did. There are also the heroes of the shadow, those who work for silence for the common good.



It is to them that I invite you to identify yourself. This is the model that must be followed, all those everyday heroes who give birth to the extraordinary in the middle of the great ordinary. This old world is dying in the face of egoism, greed and envy. This moribund world is waiting for a whiff of love, a gleam of goodness, you can give them to him. You evoke your sensations, that of the flight out of the body, which announces itself by tingling under the skin. That of space, where we find ourselves suspended far above his body in a world that looks like ours but seems more perfect. That of waiting, when we feel the occurrence of an indefinable energy phenomenon, that we are hard to describe with human words.

I received many testimonials that amazed me, I vibrated, I shuddered at your stories. I can not tell you all. I do not always have the right. Let me tell you this: a couple formed in scalar, two unknowns recognized each other, then they joined in this world, so strong was the force that brought them together. They united on earth as they had convoluted in astral. Their physical union was first consumed in the parallel world of scalar waves, before being also in this world. And this is one of the most beautiful news I can teach you: two subtle bodies can unite. We can make love in astral! You know what: Life in the other world is very much like this life. I am with you all my darlings. Every evening at 9:00 the appointment is made. And well made …


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
Nikola Tesla