Spheric Boulders


All around the world, apparently, there are these strange stone spheres. The rock is not always the same, but the size and appearance are very similar. Geologists do not really have a satisfactory explanation on the origins of these mysterious blocks. I do not … For now!

Until the genius visit me, I start a collection of these singularities, which are in fact so numerous that they are no longer.


Spheres of Eastern Europe




“This sphere of stone and others were found during tunnel excavation on the route of the A1 motorway, Zagre – Split. – Dubrovnik The first discovery of stone spheres was reported to the Department Culture Marijan Martinović, an entrepreneur Imotski, in October 2009.

The second discovery on the same site dates from April 2010 and made headlines as the “stone spheres of Vrgorac” with the journalist Jure Divic Vrgorac.




The exact number of stone spheres found on the site of discovery is unknown. As the site of discovery of the stone spheres is on the same route of the motorway, it is impossible to protect them in situ, only ex situ, outside the construction site, in accordance with Article 20 of the Protection Nature.” (source)


Spheres of Costa Rica


They are the most perfect stone balls, like polished and totally spherical.




“Today, there is no explanation by archaeologists on the skilful sculptors and the techniques they used to make these beautiful balls of Costa Rica which has been found that regardless of diameter, none of them are in the slightest irregularity. The perfection of these objects actually proves that the craftsmen who made them, were familiar with the spatial geometry and had at their disposal technically well-designed instruments. In our time, we could not achieve a perfect ball 2.5 meters in diameter which is about an area of 19 m2 and a volume of 8 m3 in as hard as granite rock, that using advanced machines with programmable tools.”




“We find stone spheres in many places around the globe. The most famous of these spheres are in Costa Rica, but there are many other places too. Are they all natural formation or some they were cut and polished by ancient craftsmen?

Here are some of my favorites, I will complete this collection as my discoveries of these mysterious objects.”  (source)

 Yes. And I, here, I do the same.




Spheres of Nicaragua


In Nicaragua, the spheres are a bit smaller for most, and can be found that have been carved, or rather engraved. Unable to determine if the engravings were added at the size of the stone, or after.




Spheres of Mexico


In the region of Ameca Jalisco, Mexico, there are many spherical stones, certainly less perfect form in Costa Rica, but still round.




Still not the slightest explanation has been advanced to try to explain this geological mystery … or this ancient mode from the sculptors of the world.


Spheres of Lybia




Presumably, these balls are everywhere and nobody had noticed so far. The number of smartphones allows almost any photograph. And Internet allows instant distribution, in a global way and therefore not censored.




So it’s now or never to inquire into all the quirks, they are likely to undermine the already shaky edifice of the oxydental university pride. The fault is voluntary, and I hope eloquent.




Spheres of Sweden


Here are other mysterious stones Sanda balls in Österhaninge in Sweden … These stones are strikingly similar to those found on the beach in New Zealand, called Moeraki boulders.




Spheres of New Zealand


“The Moeraki boulders, New Zealand, are exceptionally large and almost perfectly spherical. They are located along the road Koekohe Beach on the coast of Otago, Moeraki and Hampden between.” (source)wikipedia 




“A detailed analysis of the rock by optical mineralogy, X-ray crystallography and electron microprobe showed that the blocks are made of mud, silt and fine clay, cemented by calcite. The outer edges of larger blocks consist of 10 to 20% of calcite.” (source)wikipedia

Is it a natural formation? Wikipedia does not say. Personally, I see nothing natural in these stones. But each his own truth, said Pirandello.




“They are scattered, isolated or in clusters on a whole sector of the beach where a scientific reserve protect them from human degradation. Erosion by wave action and landslides often expose isolated blocks.” (source)wikipedia




Fossilized spheres of France


“The most famous areas of the world are in Bosnia, Mexico and Costa Rica, but on a sandstone plateau above the village of Saint-André-de-Rosans in the Hautes-Alpes, there seems to be several hundred.

They were not really on our way, but going through Lodeve we discovered the existence of these stone spheres and it was impossible that we were not going to see.” (source: Modern Explorer UK) This story is told by two lovers of old stones, and they found these mysterious spheres at random, but we all know that such a thing as random does not exist. From my point of view, they had to walk on this path and find these stones. Since I had to go to their website and find their conclusion. Thanks guys. On behalf of Eden Saga, which is also yours.




Spheres of Easter Island


The mysterious magnetic stones on Easter Island have been called Te Pito O Te Henua, the “navel of the world”.




In local legend this set represents the origin of the world of men. I want to see a perfect representation of the five spacecrafts that brought civilization on this planet.

These vessels were perfectly spherical, as these stones. Around the mothership Hyperborea, which stood over the north pole, thre island-vessels have landed in three oceans, Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, Punt in Indian Ocean  and Mu in the Pacific Ocean.




And the fourth is still missing. Where did it land? The mystery remains. I note that the proportions between the small stones and the big one are those found between the four islands spaceships and Hyperborea.

Of course this explanation does not apply to all spheric boulders, but describes this particular monument, aptly named Navel of the World.


Russian spheres


On Earth Franz Josef, Russia, other mysterious stone balls seem sown by a fabulous giant. This is probably, after Costa Rica, the wealthiest and most impressive site that I have ever seen.




Victims of natural erosion, many stones have lost their perfect form in the bite of the frost, storms and high winds. (source)

Unlike other sites shown on this page, on this Earth of Franz Joseph strange round stones are really all sizes: larger exceed the size of a man, and the smallest are the size of a ping-pong.




Given their size and appearance, some of these spheres would make excellent heavy cannonballs. From there to conclude that all these stones are ammunition for giant guns, there is an abyss that I will refrain from crossing. Imagine the size of the gun that could fire a man of the highest ball! Much better than Big Bertha!




Here as elsewhere, some specialists have taken steps, saved data, speculated without conviction, then they went home. It’s warmer in books and in the field.
In short, what is these stone balls? We do not know anything.




First God made heaven and earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep ; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light ; and there was light.
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