Sufi Love Song

The great Sufi mystic Jalal ad-Din Rumi composed this sublime love song to be passionately. I hear a vibrating echo the equally sublime Song of Songs that King Solomon dedicated it to his beloved Queen of Sheba.

You left: you left me flat out tears of blood,
My ever-increasing anxiety increases my tears.
You’re not only part, my eyes are gone with you:
Since I have no eyes, how to shed tears?

Know that your soul is like a cave,
In which there is a strange bazaar.
Everyone has his beloved and acts as he pleases,
But the beloved is mysterious and strange!

Our body made of earth is the light of heaven.
The angels are jealous of our penetration.
Sometimes our purity makes jealous celestial spirits,
Sometimes the demons flee far from our impurity.

In the past we were kids and we were masters
Formerly we were happy to see friendly faces.
Listening to the end of our adventure:
We have become like the clouds, like the wind.

All atoms that are in the air, and in the wilderness,
Know for certain that they are in love like us.
And that each atom, happy or unhappy,
Is stunned by the unconditioned soul.

I am the ocean whole, not a drop!
I’m not an arrogant false looks.
Every atom that I talk in my silent language,
Exclaimed immediately: “I am not an atom! »

The beloved has become like the sun,
The lover, like an atom, starts dancing.
Flickers when the spring breeze of love,
Each branch has a sheet starts to dance.

The beloved murmuring indistinct words,
My reason is gone astray; there is nothing left to me!
My God! she was to make an incantation,
Because the trace is engraved in my heart of stone.

You say I’m crazy and extravagant.
It is you who is crazy to look for the reason in a crazy.
You think I’m reckless and inflexible,
This is the sphere itself is inflexible.

Once I heard the word love,
I used my eyes, my soul and my heart on its way.
I said that although the lover and the beloved are two
In truth they are only one and I had to look twice.

I am drunk with you … no wine, neither of opium,
I’m crazy, do not seek the reason in an insane.
My soul overflowing rivers are born thousand,
My whirling dance, the world is stunned.

Seeing my yellow complexion, this famous idol,
Said, “Do not hope that I am yours”
“You were my lover for a hundred moons
Now you have the color of autumn, I keep the spring “

In memory of your lips, I kiss my ring ruby;
Not having one, I kiss it.
Can not reach your sky,
I bow down and I kissed the ground.

Why Rodes you in the neighborhood of your imagination,
What do you wash with tears of blood from your heart?
From head to toe you’re the truth;
What are you, O ignorant of yourself?

Do not say: “Night” Our day has no night;
In the cult of love, there is no other sect that love.
Love is a bottomless ocean or shore;
Many men drown it without complaint and without lamentations.

Love is a great good that produces evils.
The lover does not prevent these evils.
In love, it is the valiant
That when Arnour the attack, surrendered.

Because your love is in the essence of heaven,
Discord and strife will flock to the throne,
The world has become a soul in all open sense,
And love that soul enters from above.

Which is most unfortunate that a desperate lover?
There is cure point lovesick.
Neither greed nor hypocrisy heal the heartache;
In true love exist neither loyalty nor cruelty

Was kneaded clay of man with the dew of love,
And a thousand disorders, disorders thousand are born into the world.
The thousand lancets love piqued the veins of the soul
To take a drop; and this drop is called the heart.

The night just went … my continuous drunkenness.
Under your empire, I mind my own business.
I am both the lover and the beloved.
I am both the bouquet, the nightingale and the rose of myself.

Nightingale came to the garden, ravens fled;
Go to the garden together, O torch of my eyes.
As the lily and the rose, épanouissons us in ecstasy;
As the water running, run from garden to garden. “


You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.
John Lennon