Talking Wolves


The last night of astral flight has just ended. For the Wolf and Flying Wolves who have had this incredible experience, the end of this first cycle is not the ultimate flight. At the time of the review, a second cycle is already scheduled for next month. We can register now. Newcomers will be accepted in very small numbers. I recommend that they act quickly and make themselves known through the contact form.


For four years of grouped astral flight, the results have never been so powerful. Your messages are a surprise and a joy. Whether the memories of your dreams are precise or blurred, you enjoy the fishing that astral gives you.

The Global Dream is conscious, I assure you — but not always present when you wake up …

What does it matter? Following my recent report, you have understood that the essential is not in the adventure, as exciting as it is. Isn’t this well-being, this serene joy, this love of life that you feel when you wake up and that lasts the day, a thousand times more important? Totally enjoyable. Exhilarating.

Our explorations are mind-blowing. They have never had that reality, that realism in every detail. Your comments speak for themselves. You all live them: you will remember them. Leave time to time.



In general I also have the strange feeling of knowing or recognizing places where I have never physically been: houses, rooms, landscapes, a medieval castle like Hogwarts.

Our astral life is not like our physical life. Yet we also have our habits…



“Surprising awakening! My clock radio broadcast Francis Cabrel: “Love is everywhere you look In every corner of space In every dream you linger Love as if it were raining” It made me smile. I am well aware of being accompanied and these constant reminders are like a chocolate melting in the mouth, it is comforting! The Wolves warm my soul with infinite sweetness.”

Well said! 😀 


“I feel like it’s standby these days?”

You said it! -? 


“No matter how hard I try before I fall asleep, I don’t remember waking up. It’s not far, I know things happened, but no, black-out! It’s very frustrating…”

Astral flight is more real than reality, more true than truth, higher than altitude. That’s why it’s so hard to remember.



“Thank you for your enlightenment! As I read it I connect with some fragments scattered in my memory. I witnessed the landing of a UFO and the landing of its bellicose occupants. Memories are partial and sometimes very personal and lonely.”

Yes, to remind you of your forgotten experience. To untie all the bonds that still prevent you from climbing to the top of yourself. Threshold of awakening…


“I’ve been cracking for a few days. Today, I’m laughing, I’m tired thinking about my state of being, what a jerk… We’re never safe, actually, that little fucking me, the kinglet, what a wanker. The hardest part is letting the shadows, the anger, the resentment, and I don’t know where it comes from.”

Yeah, fucking ego! Worst of all, we can’t do without it. Put him back where he belongs, at the back of the class, by the stove, so he can fall asleep…


“The awakening was done with a small boost of energy, a good spirit. I don’t know if that’s the effect of the pack but just thank you.”

I too thank you all the time… even if I don’t know who I thank, it feels good to thank.


I didn’t have very distinct dreams last night except for this image of a large stone statue of a lion surrounded by flame. I could have started my day at 4:30, in great shape 😁

This image of a large stone lion surrounded by flames comes from the beginning, in either one… even if I have no precise memory of it. Should we conclude that part of the Global Dream is lived by a group of Wolves without me perceiving it? I now know that not all aspects of the Dream are immediately accessible to us. We can only remember those who are useful to us here and now.

The stone lion, the lioness in the heart of stone, etc. Several leonine quotes from the Wolves since the night of January 4. The same goes for dragons, and flames, fire, fire. Many of you have seen this. But never immediately! Would it be the constellations of Lion and Dragon?


I have already “seen” this or these ships, fighting against other civilizations, so this is all true? It’s mind-blowing and so much richer than this physical life that weighs so heavily on me. Is this the future of this humanity and this planet? 

Yes and no. Let’s say this gigantic ship is alive. Just as the archangels are above all machines of war, the great ships are waging titanic combat on a higher plane. Hence the feeling of this other Wolf that we were “under the great ship“…



If I had to do a count, I would say 12 Wolves, maybe 20. We are in a wild, rough and beautiful, rather mountainous setting. Nature is always beautiful in my dreams, not necessarily hospitable, it is a living entity that distrusts us as long as it has not surveyed us, I often have this feeling. So we are in this wild setting, a bit like a moor perhaps. And we enter a cave, there is a zip line at the entrance. It disappears in the darkness, we do not know where it goes and yet some know it (!!!!). Consultation. Who wants to go? No obligation to leave or stay. Always calm in the decisions of the group. I am one of the starters it is amazing.

«They» warn me that a kind of transformation will take place during the course of the zip line, that I will have to be attentive to the first moments after the finish. I’m not the first to jump, we know we’ll be separated at the finish, in different places. My turn comes. Playful descent into the bowels of caves, and arrival… in the middle of the city (but nothing known), the transformation announced was dress, to blend in with the mass. Once in the streets, huge urban spaces, I capture the atmosphere and am contacted by someone who crosses me and tells me that I am expected to speak, I must «warn». And my stupid cat jumps at me because he’s hungry. The dream ends without conclusion.

Except that I clearly identified that I had to prevent a danger, it always comes up again and again.

Thank you for your testimony. You are the only one to say that — I have been living with this pressure for thirteen years. That’s why I created Eden Saga. The danger increases, like the urgency to prevent. That’s why I continue Eden Saga. 


There are many of us waiting for something, in front of what seems to me to be a silver moon. It looks massive, but with a bright blue glow. I have the impression that this star is there to teach us something I do not remember. When I woke up, I thought of alchemical quicksilver or mercury, but maybe that’s just an interpretation on my part, because the star was alive in its own way.

Right! The great ships are as alive as the planets or the stars. Everything lives, everything vibrates, everything vivifies.


I felt an explosion of love like an orgasm. It literally woke me up. It wasn’t the first time. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what to do with that information. And I doubt it’s related to our adventures….

On the contrary! Without our solidarity, without our energy support, would you have reached the threshold of awakening? For this is what is happening to you…


I don’t know if it’s related to our astral adventures, but I’m really fishing, the little recurring problems seem to fade away. I enjoy my life very much usually but I have there, really, I have a great joy of inner life. Thank you Xavier, thank you Eden Saga.

Threshold of awakening here again. Loving helps to love oneself. Love is everywhere you look, sings Cabrel.See above






On January 16, I only received half a dozen e-mails instead of the usual 30. Last weekend, only four e-mails. We were much less numerous to evolve in astral, like a pack of responsible and courageous Wolves. Most Wolves were too busy dealing with their stubborn problems: subduing the ego, cleaning old engrams, making room in them for the wonders to come — the ones that can only be discovered after you wake up.

Sleep, I want it! It is in sleep that the Wolves awaken… On January 16, I sent this circular to the thirty-three Wolves registered for astral flight:

“Dear Wolf,
This cycle is proving to be of rare intensity. Many of you picked up this weekend and this morning I received only four emails instead of the usual thirty.
Weariness? On the contrary. This slowdown reinforces my intimate feeling that has been emerging for a week. It is essential that you have the time and leisure to digest the enormous amount of emotions and discoveries received during these astral flights.

“On the other hand, completely overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of your e-mails, I haven’t gotten my head out of the water since the beginning of this cycle. It is therefore more than wise not to extend these flights beyond what is reasonable. I intend to open a second cycle in February. I already know it will only be 12 nights, which is more than enough to give you the boost you need.

“Which one? Just the missing pichenette to achieve awakening. The first night, from January 4 to 5, was the most intense, by far. Most of you brought a suitcase of memories, sensations, emotions. Overall, you’re feeling better and better with these night flights — although you’re missing the memory!

“Over the following nights, several Wolves described their experience to me, unclassifiable to them. Obvious to me.

“At least six wolves and wolves have experienced —or found —-awakening through our astral escapades.

“I have to face the facts: awakening is the goal for all of you. Awakening! That’s it!! I am crazy with joy, I did not expect so much, not so fast, not so strong. So I have to calm down for a moment.

“The tone of dreams is very different: the exploratory, adventurous aspect that characterized previous years has disappeared completely — or almost. We have still experienced some things not possible that you will remember soon. I don’t explain any more so as not to steal your discoveries.

“It is imperative that it come from you. What falls all roasted in the beak is not worth the tripe next to what we won hard. You are warriors, warriors. On the way to overcome the little me, sticky and boring. Don’t count on me to feed him again, when it’s about starving him to let you off the hook. My strict role is to put you on the path, without cheating, without revealing details. That’s what I’ve done so far.

“This cycle will thus end with the night of 18 January, instead of 24 as announced. On the morning of the 19th, I shall draw up the rich record of the first astral session 2023. If you still have important things to live and tell others, enjoy the next two nights.

“This is just goodbye, my brothers and sisters. I don’t want a so-called dance experience to end in pudding. You have something to grind, and not just a little! Of course, you can continue to write to me, I will not leave you.

“I kiss you all,  Xavier”



“You’re right, there’s no point in forcing too much. We finish the cycle as you say and the rest will come when it comes 🙂 That’s the Way.”


I feel that my whole body is experiencing a profound change from within, a reorganization, a realignment,… and that my state of fatigue is the consequence. It’s like all my cells are agitated with new energy. As for tingling and “thrusting” along the spine and up to the skull, it’s almost permanent as soon as I land.

I wish all the wolves and wolves beautiful journeys and splendid discoveries for the nights to come.


Last minute

90% of the WOLVES are in the middle of interior cleaning, it’s fabulous. And so unexpected! I can only send you all the love, all the energy you need to cross this very important pass, prelude to awakening. I am both very happy for you, and very sorry to be an assistant to you.

If I stop, it is so that you can explore without constraint, but I am excluded. I wake up without any memory. Normal, there is no more collective dream. It’s better for you, the awakening is coming, I’m glad for all of you, but your best guide is yourself.

It’s not for me, it’s for you. I can’t tell you anything about your personal dreams, and this is all you do this year: threshold of awakening, personal cleansing like arcane 13 — but when I wake up, I know nothing, I see nothing: this is the truth.
I kiss you, sorry, helpless, attentive — you absolutely have to take this break — again in February if things get better. Registration is open for the second round. I’m going to miss you by then. Those who wish to continue to write to me can of course do so. My pleasure.



Crystal your intimate structure organizes the light. Crystal clavicle you open the memory of the world. Crystal clairvoyant you are worth a thousand times gold.
Lao Surlam