Flying Wolves Are Back


The first cycle was more than beneficial. I draw a wealth of valuable lessons from it. I have become certain that each of the lieutenants leads a group that lives its own adventures. Five groups of 8 Wolves led the way in January. Their adventures would fill a big book. They will remember it, I’m sure, as some lieutenants do. And I will? Not sure. We’ll see.


Five Inputs

There are therefore five different sources of adventure, which correspond more closely to the sensitivity of each Wolf. Five sources, five lieutenants. Look for yours. The cohesion of the pack is affected, but what does it matter? Your adventure is more intense. The years follow and are not alike. In 2023 it is written that we must live wonders. Why deny our pleasure?

The four groups are a weapon. As for me, all the Wolves see and hear me, but I am not part of any group. Thus I am able to advise, to guide, to answer questions. I make myself available for each of the Wolves. I feel like I’m in the cabin of a blind crane. Behind a counter with opaque windows, I give all the information we want without seeing the details of the site.

That’s perfect, even if it gives more weight and responsibility to the lieutenants — some of them are struggling to gather the memory of the Dream. But every night, impeccable, they are at the maneuver. Like every Wolf, they encounter memorial difficulties. They will know later, as soon as they can understand. They already have to admit this wonder: they act, they make decisions, they choose paths, they are passionate about them, they often marvel — but they have no memory of it. What they do not differ from other Wolves, nor from the ordinary man. If some remember their dreams, they have forgotten hundreds of others. We do thousands every night. Perhaps more.



Trance and Dance

All of this represents a major upheaval. No doubt it is necessary. The personal, intimate discoveries of each Wolf show enough that this is the right strategy. I hope it will continue in February. You are, I am, we are on the verge of a collective catharsis. Comparable to the trances that could be experienced by the spectators of the ancient Greek theatre — through the Orestia, Prometheus, or the other trilogy that disappeared from the great Aeschylus. Collective awakening was the sign of the end of the show — if such a ceremony can be called that.

Catharsis: In classical Greek theatre, catharsis is a process by which the spectator will externalize, reject and purge his passions during theatrical performance. His soul will thus be purified from all passion, and cleansed by the tragedy he is witnessing.
Today, it designates a therapy that allows to externalize its traumas for a physical and psychological healing. The soul is delivered from its torpor, from its sorrows and from any negative and harmful element that hinders the development of the subject on a daily basis. It is the necessary prelude to awakening.

The ceremony, orchestrated by Aeschylus and directed by a coryphea — or trance master — could last several days. The coryphea that I play in the Pack has the mission to ensure the smooth running of catharsis by avoiding uncontrolled deviations and other dangerous incursions into the extreme areas of the astral high. This dangerous area gave me a hard time last year, so I make sure I don’t go back.

Catharsis experiments during an Eschyle tragedy were attempted some thirty years ago as part of the Avignon theatre festival. The public of volunteers got laid. I was there with Devic and our benefactor, it is one of the great moments of my existence that counted many. Many spectators seem to have drawn from it the same joyful energy.

Your first experience, Wolf friends, generates that energy full of energy and joy — very recognizable. And if you do not always remember your experience in the Dream, it is because it is a cleansing of the soul, personal, even intimate. It is often overwhelming because it drains memories of forgotten, sometimes tragic, events. You must wait for awakening, enlightenment, so that everything finally becomes clear…


In Memoriam

My wolves, my wolves, we are experiencing a ceremony of the same nature. What is surprising? I myself have a very concrete experience of the ancient trances and the theatre of Aeschylus. My friend, my alter-ego, my brother Jean-Claude dit Devic was the director of a troupe of young actors, technicians, decorators and costume designers that counted up to 80 young people in 1968 and later.

He then directed the Théâtre Antique de la Sorbonne where he continued his research on the purification trance, before assuming the technical direction of several theatres, and finally of the Opéra de Paris – Bastille. The revolution seen by Mitterrand. Wandering myth. Revolutionary, antiquity was absolutely. And Devic has grasped its scope, its timeliness, its power intact beyond the centuries.



Thanks to the mastery of this ancient technique of awakening, I was able to bring you all, or almost all, to the threshold of trance. To the threshold of catharsis. On the threshold of awakening. But I didn’t know anything about it, which is even crazier. 90% of WOLVES are in the middle of interior cleaning, it’s fabulous. And so unexpected! I can only send you all the love, all the energy you need to cross this very important pass, prelude to awakening.

I am both very happy and very sorry to be an assistant. But how can I do more? Only you can do it. Conscious awakening does not deserve our effort to obtain it. You loved my articles, you followed me, here is your reward: the conquest of your total freedom. Increased consciousness, day and night. Controlled dream, 50% more life. Gift.



I stopped about a fortnight so that you could explore yourself without constraint — without me — I’m excluded from that voluntarily. And the cycle that starts again soon will not change this program. It is you who seek your light. It is you who live the adventure of your life. Why should I tell you where to go? If anyone knows, it’s your doppelganger. It comes down to you. Ask him.

I, the leader of Wolves, wake up without any memory. Normal: there is no more collective dream. Is it dangerous? Of course not. It is a question of a happy angel. The Dream will rub off on your reality. By its magic, you will blend in with your double. Your body merges with your subtle bodies and the aura penetrates you. The aura divinizes you.

Your inner God finally deserves his name: he is in you. He used to watch over you from the heart of the world — rarely incarnated. See how I speak of it in the past. By the grace of nights, awakening comes, I rejoice for you. Keep running in the pack, follow the group you choose. Your best guide is you.

If you haven’t been in the undergraduate program, ask yourself if you’re ready. If you are, go. Get on the plane. If not, go anyway. In this case, take away your rage to defeat. To defeat you. Keep your ego at a distance so that it does not frighten your double. Program yourself every night by falling asleep. Intimate yourself with the order to win. To be. And to last, divine cleansing in the white light. Who has found himself, no one can stop him. Who knows himself is reborn.



The second cycle will start on 4 February and will run for 15 days until 19 February. It is important to register as soon as possible, by sending your application by the contact form. As soon as you receive my reply, you can send me your photo taken the same day. It will not be published, its purpose is to allow me to read your aura, to ensure your physical and psychic condition. Then pay your obole — 20€ or more — through the donation form on the site. And I’ll confirm your entry into the February 2023 Flying Wolf Pack.