Two Steps Into The Other World

The Flying Astral have completed a third cycle quite different from the second. It seems that the latter marked an acceleration of awareness, with memorization of the astral experience, while the 3rd cycle marked a stage in the adventure aspect — a useful stage: participants feel better about their daily life, which is a valuable gain.

The cycles follow each other and are not alike. I bet that the 4th cycle will offer us its share of dizzying sensations, soaring memories and exhilarating thrills. It is time to register, places are counted, I do not want too great a crowd which would affect the quality of our daily exchanges by email. I attach great importance to this concrete, practical, warm follow-up that I grant to each flying astral, if he wishes.

Those who have just completed this cycle are invited to register for the next one, they form a valuable support for the fresh troops, as well as a valuable reference for all. A number of commentaries follow, which describe the nature of the cycle and its general atmosphere.

Passengers of the wind will recognize themselves in it, some can even use it to extend the list of their conscious memories. As for the newcomers, they will find a preview of what awaits them, a preview that they can supplement by reading the report of the previous cycle. But the element of surprise is still there, and fortunately, because the surprise is good.
The excitement that blocks

Two testimonials that highlight the importance of good relaxation / meditation before going to sleep:

Last night, I couldn’t fall asleep. However, I was exhausted and I thought to leave quickly. But when I got into bed, hundreds and hundreds of parasitic thoughts were spinning in my head. I couldn’t even concentrate on my breathing, my mind kept pedaling in all directions.

The night from Saturday to Sunday was not that great. It took me a long time to fall asleep. And suddenly I woke up in a sweat with my heart pounding in all directions. Without having the memory of the dream or of what happened to be in this state. It was frustrating. It took me a while to go back to sleep. Suddenly, thinking about it, I said to myself that maybe it was the feeling that one has when one returns in his body suddenly while one was in astral?

Lightness, energy

It can be frustrating that you can’t remember. But the memory will come back later. And the little frustration counts for little compared to the significant improvement in the energy rate. Three testimonials that show the daily benefit of this hair-raising practice:

Yesterday I had a great day. Very pleasant, with a feeling of lightness. And no memory of the night but with a feeling that everything is there, right there … But that I cannot bring it to the surface.

My life follows its course without major change except the energy that I feel around me during the day; it is very present, especially after lunch. Otherwise no memories of our nocturnal trips, not even a picture, it’s a shame.

I felt very serene this morning, as also a connection that has come true. A welcome peace of mind.

If I still don’t have clear or vivid memories, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know what we did last night but it brings well-being afterwards and … Thank you to you, to the group, and to us.

Even when memories are reluctant, we know that something unusual happened:

I have no memories or fleeting images. A feeling of having spent the night elsewhere, that yes.

Elsewhere, yes, radically. Three steps into the next world. Astral travel, you’ve been doing it every night forever. But this is a first contact in consciousness. So you will not be disoriented at the time of the big jump. You will remember that an old fool had set up this organized trip in pseudo-mental hyperspace … And if your memories of this trip do not come back to you before, at least they will be present at the time of the ultimate choice .


The benefit is immediate, if the memories are not. Two testimonies that attest to this:

I find myself a little bit today. Calmer, more serene. No more being tossed about by external events. The night’s sleep was restful. I also wanted to thank you for your feedback. I feel a lot of human warmth, a understanding and protective energy, which I did not necessarily feel when reading the site, but systematically when reading your answers by email. There is a reassuring and rejuvenating side.

The serenity is always there. Detachment too. That night, a dream where I tried to eliminate part of myself, or one of my reflections … Something like that …

This last testimony brings an important precision: as long as the emotional cleansing is in progress, it is difficult to remember the astral. Even impossible … But perseverance is advantageous.

The following testimony highlights this paradox: no memory, but a very revealing gain in well-being and self-confidence:

Having no memory upon awakening from astral flight I have the impression that my cleansing is not yet complete but difficult to be sure since it is new to me. One thing is certain in any case, it is that a change is taking place: I feel less negative than usual, and more peaceful too I would say.

Hazy memories

Another testimony to the blurry, evanescent side of memories of the previous night.

During the night, it seems to me that we were together and that we found something, I no longer remember if it is a person, a place or an object. I only remember the word “evidence” and “sanevec.” (or something similar).

It is an object, a carved stone to be precise. We have prowled around a gigantic temple several times, and in the holy of holies a statue of the Great Goddess sat enthroned. She was nearly 15 meters, maybe more. And then the statue started to move. The goddess herself was in front of us. She spoke to us, unable to remember, nor any of the flying astrals.

Besides, it doesn’t matter, the words of the Goddess have changed us, that’s enough. These words are addressed neither to reason nor to conscience.

Coming back to this stone that was in front of the entrance to the temple, we tested its vibrations. When you approached your hands, it was emitting very powerfully, and suddenly it stopped dead. We played that for a long time, one after the other. Without the vibes. With the vibes. And I commented as they tried: Sans!Without! Avec!With! Sans! Avec! Hence the word sanevec.without/with

A nice present

By signing up for this adventure with you, I left without any requirement for a result. I am convinced that if I cannot remember our travels, my act still sent a clear intention. For the rest, I just trust. And if we have to go through other stages, well they are welcome. I enjoy the course. If it is not this time, it will be the next one, or the one after. I am already lucky to be able to have a minimum of hindsight to realize the evolutions in progress and it is already a beautiful gift.

Yes. A gift we give to each other, and first of all to ourselves. It’s nice.

To awakening

I have identified several awakened ones during the previous cycles, and I am quite sure that this will continue. Testimony of a very advanced flying astral:

As soon as I have 5 min, I go through your texts and I read or reread them with the part of me for which they are intended. I understand much better today. I feel my chakras a lot more, they work better I feel. I can feel the energy flowing through the central channel.

I suspected that life and strength were powerful in the forest. But I didn’t know how much. Magic is everywhere in fact. Two assumptions: either the magic returns, or it’s me who feels it. Yesterday afternoon I did a meditation on a rock, I vibrated with it. My chakras are working much better than before the workshop. Then I hugged a tree and he showed me the vision from his point of view. I realized that the shoes block the connection with the planet and all living beings. Barefoot on the other hand … First feeling of the use of the tentacle: we can feel the impulse from the belly, fantastic.

To discover yourself

So many elements that I do not understand. Fortunately you help me, I never imagined behaving like this. It is fascinating to discover the astral. I read your pages which help me a lot and I see a long road of evolution, in the opening of the heart. And in a group that has been practicing for a long time, which makes me feel secure. I hope to change and become more positive.

Everything looks so different from up there! It is a drastic questioning for some. Would it be only to accept this other reality, to reconnect to this other aspect of ourselves, that we call it

Personal memories

I dreamed of a mouse, she’s in a cage but she can get away when she wants, she seems smart and resourceful. I feed her several times trying to give her good things to eat …. It is not the first time that I see her …. I wonder if it is not me this little mouse ? !!!

Sometimes you have dreams that you think are personal, but in fact you have shared them with the group who reacted and helped you clear up your inner twists and turns. This is the whole point of group flight. One for all, all for one in love giving.



I felt that I was flying over the ocean, it was magic. I said to myself: “Where would you like to go?” And the answer that came up was, excuse me for the bit: “I would like to go see the sun”. And I found myself facing the sun and it was awesome.

Several of you asked me this during the flight. Go see the sun in the face. OK here we go. And when we got there, there was this feeling of dazzling, strong light, and then a real explosion of white flames and the feeling of going through a furnace without feeling the heat of it. In group formation, we literally walked through the sun. I knew it was possible to have experienced it under the guidance of my benefactor, but I had never experienced it since, not even so fully, serenely. For the whole group, the wonder was total.


After I left on my trip again, I said to myself let’s be crazy, let’s go and recharge our batteries at the source! I enter the white haze spangled with multicolored, I feel good inside, then I smell an unknown smell, I hear someone calling me in the source, then suddenly I find myself outside, I say to myself too bad I didn’t stay long enough.

It is also a request of the group to which I subscribed. But I will refrain from describing to you what we experienced there. This belongs to each of the participants, conscious or not, so that they keep it in the secret of their heart.

Free will comes from ignorance of the real causes that make us act.