Remember yourself

Remembering yourself is your earthly adventure my friend. The most unfathomable mystery is also the most ignored. What is it? Yourself. Some people know you better than you do. Let yourself drift. Let the memories come back. Remember before, remember elsewhere, before this life, another place, remember yourself. You were already there.

Eternal witness

It all starts with a certainty: I have already lived this moment, I have already been in this situation, I know this person perfectly but I cannot remember where or when. An impression of déjà vu, déjà-vu, already lived. If you dig, you can unearth your vipers or your nuggets. You can see memories of your other self emerging from a silent past.

There are many shards of yourself scattered in all directions from a usurped center: your brain. Your awareness of yourself. Come on, push a little, things move. Nothing is made to last, not even our illusions. A little more effort. You’re almost there. Look, you can fly!

If you dig further, you will find that you have been there for all eternity. When the Source burst forth, you were there. When the big bang blew up nothing, you were already there. When the first bacteria breathed life into inert matter, you were there too. When God laid eyes on Earth, you were there, behind him, you saw everything. You have known everything, read everything, known everything. You’ve been there forever.

Lucky You

Only you don’t remember any more. That’s why I offered you this exploratory astral journey. You expect at the end of the journey. You will meet other faces of you, other doubles, other pale, yellowed, forgotten copies. To see them reappear, the buried memory will come back to you. The past will emerge and your prison will escape. On the other side of the worst, you’ll laugh. You will say: I want it. Lucky you, when from three you make two. (Gospel of Thomas)

You, the eternal witness of an unfinished world, I suggest that you finish the painting tonight. To add some yellowed photos. From you, from time gone by, those you loved. They will be there in the photo, gently, like a smile, looking at you for a long time. Your memory to keep.

Astral Shelter

Astral flight does not require a pilot’s license, especially in a group flight. Rather, it requires great self-control. For now, I provide the energy for your flight, and I give a direction. When you acquire enough personal power to face astral flight alone, no worries, you know how to fly. The only thing is to keep in heightened consciousness, and to remain in the greatest vigilance.

Guts needed. The powerful belly will help. An ignored tentacle which originates 2cm below the navel. Made of subtle material, this tentacle is tactile, ductile, retractile. It allows you to connect directly to this or that chakra of this or that person. It allows you to act on others without their knowledge. Evil and Devil use it. The lovers, the sick, the prisoners use it. Healers use it. Wizards use it. Some to serve, others to enslave.

True self-control is directing this subtle beam, using this very powerful tentacle. I got there after a long apprenticeship. Temperance is the narrow gate. Remember this during the day: avoid smoking, avoid alcohol, all abuse. Eat light. Go to bed early. In bed, on your back, begins with a meditation that ends with the opening of the heart. The message you send to your subconscious is “ready to take off, I’m ready, I’m not afraid, I’m flying in consciousness, I’ll remember everything”.

After which you empty your head, you open your heart wide. And you let yourself drift. As a warrior.

Time will seek you, you will accompany it on the paved roads, the icy nightmares, the importunate hunted, the past truths. Nothing more to rehash, go hunt, lose your place and see who replaces you. This is how we grow. In this unpublished text beautiful secrets are told.


Particularly moving for me, this testimony of a traveler of the astral, after her first night in conscious astral.
“Suddenly I feel myself arriving in the middle of a group of people, I feel greeted with great enthusiasm and joy. I also perceive your presence. I see the people in the form of luminous figures, you too, but probably because that I know you, I perceive the features of your face.
I have a feeling of high speed, and a feeling of “dizzying” and “exhilarating”. A moment later I arrive in a very bright space. Sensations come to me in my body, first in the entire left upper limb from the shoulder to the hand. It’s not at all unpleasant, and I see a healing work going on — in fact for a few months now i have been feeling blockages in my left shoulder and arm and for a few weeks now i have pain in my wrist as if something was torn.”

This start is perfect, the quick result is amazing in my opinion, even though this astral traveler had already gone through a full first cycle, devoted to her own emotional cleansing. In her testimony, there is no dressing of perceptions, she recounts her experience as she has just lived it. The key to all spiritual progress is honesty. This is how I can recognize true astral control and easily differentiate it from imagination and / or imaginary reconstruction upon awakening. This person joined the astral group in clear consciousness, she was welcomed, she felt the joy and love that characterizes the ruffles. The experience was so strong that waking up the next day didn’t erase anything — as it happens frequently.

On the other hand, she lost all the rest of the astral adventure which lasted the whole night. It doesn’t matter. Her unconscious will return its prey. Soon the memory will come back to her.

Beyond Death

But what really upset me was the innocuous little word she added: “Then I see a blue light and I hear the word“ ocean.

Why does it touch me so much? Nothing innocuous. A wink from beyond the grave. According to my benefactor and friend Jean-Claude Flornoy, deceased 2011, there is a place of consciousness, a vast area of ​​the inner universe or Akashic records that radiate an infinite soft blue light. Flornoy called this place the Blue Ocean of Possible Worlds.

Mysterious refrain that came up often in his stories. He never went into detail. He felt that these places were worth a visit, but that we must withhold any comments from those who have not been there. He never spoke to me about it, he did better: he took me there. This place is unlike any other, strange as it was. But it is not futile. I won’t tell you about it, but I can do better: take you there. Astral flight is made for that.

The fact that our astral traveler heard the word “ocean” clearly identifies whoever spoke. It can only be Flornoy himself. And I am moved by it. That it manifests itself during a group experience that I lead is a kind of blessing that he gives me beyond death.

– Keep it up, he said. You are bringing entire groups to the white light of awakening, the clear light that lies beyond the blue ocean. Nice work.

Thank you Jean-Claude. Which proves at least that ten years after your death you still exist somewhere from where you can see and hear us. Comforting prospect …

I imagine you came to life in one of your possible worlds. Why not ?

Funny thing. I am acting like Castaneda returning to sit on the bench in Oaxaca Square, in front of the church, on this bench where so many times he had found Don Juan forever gone. Carlos came to sit on the bench anyway, in the impossible hope of still seeing Don Juan’s trembling silhouette in the mist, an image that vacillates for a few moments before disappearing in turn.

We deserve all our meetings. They are attuned to our destiny and have a meaning that it is up to everyone to discover.
François Mauriac