Beyond Reality

At the frontiers of reality, and well beyond. Cross the ice. See your double in the face. You take it in the face. The Astral Volants are about to take off. This rare event occurs for the fourth time. Tonight a new team sets off to conquer oneself, to the confines of reality, into meta-reality where we spend our nights forgetting everything when we wake up …

The Scalar Practice Workshop Squadron

This evening begins the 4th cycle of the Flying Astral. Here is a final word to prepare for your trip. The Scalar Practice Workshop Squadron is going to take  you away… Going to take you away, take you today. (listen)

From new moon to full moon,
from March 13 to 28, 2021

The Scalar Practice Workshop Squadron always take off in impeccable formation, I can tell you, it always is. No matter what time you fall asleep, you will be there in your astral body, ready to take off for a night of adventure.

Truer Than Life

The tricky part of this exercise is remembering it when you wake up. This is why I ask you to write down, as soon as you wake up, the bits of memories you have left, or the complete sequences – if luckily you have any. Then, the same morning, send me this report, I will answer you as soon as possible to clarify your questions or clarify my feelings.

Do not forget that I accompany the flight of the group and the wanderings of each throughout the flight. I can therefore serve as a reference and an impartial witness … or who strives to be so.

Remember that my mouth is closed. I don’t want to spoil your adventure. What you tell me, I will tell you about it. The rest that you do not know, you will have to wait to find yourselves. Memory comes back when you’re ready, not before. But we have plenty of time.

Also, don’t forget that we are entering a marathon. Sixteen nights of controlled dreaming, sixteen nights where you will consciously live your dreams, where you can go as you please, choose with the group what the night’s program is going to be, make the astral encounters that have been important to you for a long time, and so on… and so what? You’re happy.

The sword in hand, the shield in the other arm, vigilant and tenacious you are going to pierce space, O celestial knight!

Daring Grace

Access to the other world, that of the almighty dream, is an overwhelming experience. After several nights, you will find that it is not a discovery. You have already experienced it a thousand times. We have always been flying astral every night. It was still necessary to find this feeling to recover the incredible chain of your lost memories.

Memories across the way … Follow you in the trail … In the night that passes … To break the ice … And you drink the cup … With good grace … You stalk, you hunt … Like a purebred dog … Fast and voracious … Through space … Electron you trace … Your road with class … And when the night passes … You hold on in your trap … A pure square of aces!

That’s all I have to tell you today. Have a good flight my friends. Stress free and worry free. I sit here when I follow you too.

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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
Nikola Tesla