First Flight of the Wolves


A quick note to thank you for your many returns. The very first flight went very well. Many of you have had some very relevant insights. A newcomer, in particular, has completely astounded me. Some have no memory : be patient, it will come soon.



My first thought is for the first-time flyers. Don’t forget to write down your dreams every time you wake up at night. Our dreams fade away very quickly, especially those collective dreams that are unusual and that the brain refuses as much as it can. So don’t trust your brain-driven memory. Upon awakening, the body’s memory is much more faithful, especially during night awakenings.

And the next morning, quickly, a little email to Xavier who can guide you day by day for greater efficiency and a better flying experience.



I woke up several times during the flight, and each time I joined you. I came back with a good impression, it was like a reunion, rather friendly and joyful.
This feeling will be shared by many ancient Flying Wolves. I prepare a detailed analysis of it, to be posted on January 10th.

Right. This joyful feeling is proof that group flying is a reality. Sweet memories. You only met in astral last year, and for some the year before, in 2021. I feel it very strongly and it upsets me soooo. I am preparing a report on it, to be published on January 10th. I love you all, my Wolves!


The Transparent Rectangle

A Wolf experienced this first flight with intensity. His memories, barely distorted, coincide with my memory of that night. He will recognize himself.

There is a group but I can’t distinguish anyone, except that I don’t fly alone. A kind of sheet, a flexible and transparent rectangle, serves not as a support but as a limit. Other travelers are in kind of bark eggs.See further Vehicles of the Wolves?

He goes on to say, “I’m told to stay within the bounds of this noise-free plan. This is not an order, just an opinion so that I am not in danger. Speed is important, no engine, the movement is natural. Several other «capsules» are not at the same altitude, but they remain between the four corners of the floating sheet, on which nothing rests, each being self-worn.


Congratulations to him. He fully understood the flight’s implementation by the flight chief and the four lieutenants who form the four corners of the immaterial rectangle he is talking about. The bark eggs are a representation of the other Wolves; the aura is not bright in grouped flight, hence the impression of bark. Let’s bet that next time he can see the beings in the aura-eggs.

Other Wolves were struck by this transparent rectangle: we were with you in a room, around several tables adjoined for one, for another: I was with several people in a cabinet with several offices…  When they woke up their brains did a dressing with more everyday elements, desks, tables. It’s his fucking job. That’s why I suggest they write in the middle of the night, so that the memory of the body supplants the dressing of the brain…


Intention Our Guide

It seems to me that we have explained the bases of flight and how to move with intent.

True, you’re fully right old chap ! Without intention, no such thing could be possible.



Through A Star

For this first flight, many are those who remember only personal dreams, without interest in our search for grouped astral flight. In these personal dreams, there is sometimes a glimmer of authentic vision: a flock of birds that had built their nest. The birds make several nests. If there is only one, they are not birds, but Flying Wolves.

Those who saw nothing, or very little, were still struck by a sense of clarity as if I was there — or by a bright brightness, but again, the dressing of the brain when you wake up: a text that you had to highlight with fluorescent yellow — 

In fact, we crossed a star (sun?) hence this note of a wolf: it is very sunny and hot.


Lively Discussions

Three of you have a strange, somewhat unpleasant memory. Although I don’t have it, I have to publish these reactions. No censorship in the Saga of Eden!

“We were talking, but I can’t remember what the conversation was.”

— a long dream of mountain meetings (at altitude?): assignment of tasks, sharing of resources, bitter discussions and headaches

— a paradise environment on a tropical island and an atmosphere of conflict

Three out of 30 is not huge, but 10% is. If you too have had this sense of conflict, let me know. It may only express your own anguish/reluctance/hesitation. After all, what we do here is not really trivial…



On a distant planet: deformed but funny humanoid giants are captive, studied in hyper modern labs. Extraction mission and chase through the corridors. We’re bringing these giants back to the ship.

I remind you that there is no ship, but a simple transparent rectangle, the ultimate protection of all Wolves.

I also note the description of their underground habitat that we actually visited: explorations of round galleries of 10m in diameter in the middle of rock that extend over kms. You’re leading this Hollow Earth mission.



I saw pterodactyls ??? and later, I flew with other people on huge “birds” or dragons in fairly tight formation… I saw landscapes that resemble those of the earth, but quite lush. Maybe landscapes from another era, with bigger plants.

We actually went to a prehistoric planet — I don’t know if it’s the past of Earth or another planet? We didn’t ride huge birds — or did I forget? But the pretty tight formation is characteristic of our flight. Anyway, congratulations, you’re the only one who’s seen this so far.




There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophy.
William Shakespeare