Wisdom of Wolves


Hello wolves. The first flights brought their share of wonders. Already many recognized themselves with joy. Yes, it works. And I, the never-blasé old man, am bursting at your astral flight with the atmosphere of “Christmas gifts unpacked at the foot of the tree.” Reunion. Wonder. This part of childhood intact, still alive despite the nasty blows, the galleys and the grief.

Old acquaintances

Very old acquaintances, I tell you. Long before this life. We all know each other for ages. Eons. Forever. At the dawn of the world, when the great humans before had not yet conceived the plan that would lead them to create the Big Bang, we already knew each other. At the dawn of time, in this uncertain period when the frantic particles collided in the hope of sticking together to enjoy forever, we recognized ourselves. We already loved each other. Through the innumerable adventures of history and of all the stories, we found each other, recognized, loved again.

There is no chance, my dear Wolves. Stand by it. Repeat. Sung on all tones, in all harmonies. Chance is gone. Osiris wanted it that way.


Folly of the wise

I admire this intelligence that you show to associate yourself, to recognize you as very old acquaintances… Yet you only met in astral, yes, only in your dreams! If you think about it with the logical brain, it is impossible.

Intelligence is produced by the brain, no one will contradict me on that. Out of the body, you don’t have the use of your brain. But then, when we are out of the body, in astral or on standby, our physical intelligence is inaccessible! But as you have already noted, we have clearer ideas, we are more quick-witted, in a word, more intelligent when we dream.

When our brain and its programs don’t get in the way.

The wise don’t use logical intelligence — that’s the sign of all wisdom. Will they say they’re crazy? Would there be a higher form of intelligence, free of any connection with the brain, more powerful and more immediate than standard intelligence, that of neurons and synapses? Wi-Fi intelligence, bluetooth, or whatever we want to call it?


Wisdom of the Foolish

Yes, instinct. Animal intelligence, more lively and fascinating, rarely caught in error. You might wonder if it comes from the brain, or if they just follow instinct — accomplished form of intelligence.

Our brain is a mainframe full of programs, some of which are reductive. Castrators. Inhibitors. Lao-Tzu said, we must find the way. And Didi found it: just cut off his head. Didi, you know, the poor fool of the Blue Lotus. Signed Rémi Georges, dit Hergé. Brilliant find of an author who accumulated them, the madness of Didi refers to that of the initiates. Folly of the wise, wisdom of the foolish. And I, said Kervor, am as mad as a wolf. To put on the account of a clan atavism. 

The intelligence of the heart? We don’t have a heart in astral either. Why bother with a pump since we don’t have blood? Still, the heart of love, we feel it very well in astral. Better than everything else, in fact… So, yes, we can talk about the intelligence of the heart.



Blue race

Let’s hear it from the wolves. I must say that after a first night rich in relevant descriptions, the Wolves accuse a lack of dreamlike memory. no chance: everything has a meaning that it is up to us to discover. 

The city is corrupt, the rotten political class erects a huge blue palace, the people are in misery. The coup is being organized.” 

I don’t remember that scene. First of all, I saw a mental dressing — a political-social couplet from everyday concerns. Now I have a doubt. Is this a real scene from the Dream?

It’s the blue palace that reminds me of that. The ruling class of the Former Gods was reptilian, a blue race. They lived in blue palaces. The richly decorated facades were carved in a synthetic crystal reminiscent of lapis lazuli. There is nothing left of them today. Have they won everything with them, including the facades of their homes? Or did our ancestors reuse this unknown matter that they considered precious? In this case, there would be traces of it… Unless these traces are precisely the lapis lazuli…

We read above: “Under a sky covered with red clouds, a twilight world with huge purple crystals and dark beings.” Under the light of dusk and red clouds, the Reptilians are these dark beings. As for the purple crystals, they are of this material close to the lapis lazuli. The red light of the sunset makes them pass from blue to violet. If it is really the lapis lazuli, we will one day find huge blocks in the depths of the Earth. Or on another planet?

The presence of the Reptilians is confirmed by this other memory of the Collective Dream: “…a blue aura around a person I was observing.” Or this one, “of the ancient peoples found“. A little short, young man!

Implement the Intent

It is by intention that you can find the memory of the Collective Dream. Many of you are still unable to do so, hold on, and above all trust in the Intention.

Testimony of one of your lieutenants: I seem to have met a non-physical guide who explained to me how to purify certain place here below. He needs humans for this work that non-incarnate beings cannot do. He showed me the very powerful work with Intent. He said, Trust me, it’s done all by itself.

It is true that a quote on the importance of intention in astral was recently posted. It may have influenced.


The bottom of the story

As always, one of the Wolves clearly remembers the Global Dream. He didn’t see everything, but his description is accurate. Here is the beginning of our astral journey, night of January 7 to 8:

The atmosphere was in the knight style of the zodiac/Final Fantasy. We are in front of a gigantic hologram of a purple gobbler’s blinking eye. There aren’t many wolves, but you’re here and so is Noémie and others. I don’t really know if it’s about you, but I need to connect with you. It’s kind of fuzzy, but you look like you. You radiate a strong electric blue. Noémie wears a kind of armor with bright green and pink fluorescent colors. I’m a knight of Final Fantasy.

I carry a big sword, I want to show my courage. I penetrate the eye through a small passage. Creepy. In the eye is nothing. I go in, I float in the dark and the void. You hold me back with an energy connection. I’m going a little further, you’re telling me not to push, I’m coming back. I’m having trouble keeping up. You’re giving me energy. I really have to go home. A big, dark sun comes up, and some big ships move….

I come back to me. I look at my phone, we are not in the time slot, it was in extra time, it is 7:56.

Realize that time slots are bogus. There is no time in astral. All our nighttime adventures happen the time of an ordinary dream, that is a few seconds/ minutes. Hardly more. Upon awakening, our brain reintroduces the missing time and space that is also missing in astral. So what you live in a dream is only understandable in a dream. As soon as you get out, it looks like nothing.


Bottomless story

So here I am on my ass. The next post to be published in three days, Friday, January 13, 2023, tells the Big Bang and the different stages of creation. This huge subject is one of my obsessions. You have to believe that it is transmitted. Here are two Wolves circling around the same pot. A big pot of grandma’s best jam.

I am with other people and we are talking with an “elder” in a cave/cavity in a mountain (?). This “ancient” gives us something, a kind of “power” that I can’t explain to myself.

This cave is an amphitheatre and the mountain is the big mother ship where elders show us the creation, the Big Bang etc. Each of us goes there every night to receive instructions and information. I’ve talked about this before.

The former is a reptilian who gives us a position of the assembly point: the ability to read beyond words. I received it as a child and asked this old reptilian (he’s over 3,000 years old) to help you do it. Another:

This comes to me when I wake up. We are stopped/still/static to receive/download a teaching on the contemplation of creation. If that turns out to be true, it’s beautiful …



Waking well-being

Many of you remember nothing. The full moon is probably responsible. But you have all seen the benefits of this not ordinary dream:

This usual feeling of warmth and benevolence but no memories…” Or: “This morning, I was in great shape but at 3am!! Ready to get up! And full of great energy, but no memories.” Or this: “No memories of dreams, but I woke up with the image of a huge sun in front of my eyes. Since yesterday morning, I feel like I am in a sun, which protects me and envelops me with its gentle warmth. I am very good and I radiate peace and joy, it’s wonderful.

Would I tell you what lies behind this great and sweet sun? Itself. Or rather the systematic crossing of one or the other star. We made this hole every night, by popular demand. This is what you like most about the Dream! You have understood that it is safe for the astral body. No burns, but a well-being and serenity that accompany you during the day.

Yet some are reluctant to dive in, as here: “The population is in danger, threatened by a fire (…) This fire that threatens could be a drug, a disease.” I see the fear of burning in the star, fire = danger.

Or this, where I was able to recognize my sensations as we crossed the stars of fire and magma: “Flight of the wolves in a blanket of white fog, a diffuse light, I float surrounded by pale sparks that sizzle, vibrate from top to bottom slightly.”  A vision confirmed by another Wolf that evokes a “spiral of fire”.

Generally speaking, the Wolves who have few or no memories of the Global Dream all mention a well-being on waking, quite lasting. Sensation of having a restful sleep, of being in good shape, but no memory for them.

As here: “When I woke up, I felt a joy rise in me, which remained part of the day“.


Astral benefit

We have to face the facts. The goal of these astral flights is not the feat, the unprecedented, the thrilling adventure that we unfortunately do not always remember. It is not just a memory, but first of all to receive this beautiful positive energy in our daily lives. “I have the impression that with a mastery of the astral, one can achieve prowess in this physical world,” concludes one of you.

You are right, dear lieutenant. Everything comes from the astral, the whole reality takes birth in the collective dream of humanity. Participating in this Global Dream is a blessing, even if the memory is faint. Its daily benefits are real. And the proof that you were there…

Those who go there every night are more resistant, less susceptible to disease, protected from pandemic viruses, optimistic, tonic, good living, winners, they drew from the immense collective resources of the Global Dream the vital supplement that gives them this power… This is what we do in conscience, if not in memory. May the Wolves fly up to the heart!

Free will comes from ignorance of the real causes that make us act. (Democritus)


The art of dreaming

The practice of dreaming is one of the working units of the Juan Matus system, nagual and benefactor of Castaneda. It involves the exercise of a particular control over one’s own dreams to such an extent that the experiences experienced in the dream or waking state have exactly the same importance. Sorcerers claim that under the impact of the Dream, the ordinary criteria for differentiating the dream from reality become inoperative. (source)Stories of Power, by Carlos Castaneda

The borders are falling. Dream and reality mix so well that the warrior despite all his good will can not help but take his feet in the carpet. Is the carpet real or lurking in the Dream? Very clever who will say it. Smarter than me when I write these lines.

“Every warrior has his own way of Dreaming. Every way is different. The only thing we all have in common is that we trick ourselves into giving up the quest. To counter this trend, we must persevere despite all barriers and disappointments.



I see you all flying around me. There are thirty-one of you registered — and a good sixty stowaways. In all not far from a hundred passengers of the wind …

My 6-year-old son told me this morning that he had traveled from Mercury to Earth!” writes a Wolf who remembers nothing! I love you all, my flying wolves. The wonder is you.



History is an agreed fable.
Napoleon Bonaparte