Takeoff Wolf!!


The countdown has begun. For the fourth year in a row, the great astral circus is taking place. Only a few hours left before the first take-off of the pack! On the coming night, the Wolves will take their flight for a twenty-night astral journey. While they sleep, the Dream takes the Wolves away. Upon awakening, memories will emerge, hardly believable. And yet duly verified by the testimonies of the participants…


Howl with the Wolves

The take-off takes place in velvet. The landing is also less grouped than the take-off. In fact, the flight takes place in a pack, except the landing. Wolves and wolves separate one after the other when each and everyone feels it. They then join their personal dreams. Moreover, they often mingle. During the revival, the personal dream mingle with the collective dream.

This makes it more difficult to decipher the latter. This is where I can help. Give me your memories, we will decode them together. A dazzling clarity will be made in you. The great magic of the astral is all in there. The personal, the intimate, blends harmoniously with the dream of the group, which itself feeds very largely on personal dreams.

A dreaming Pack

The pack allows each cub to scream with the wolves and fly near them. If you want to grow up, use the astral springboard to open yourself to the collective dream. It is the best way to find your companions on the other side. Chance is only a vain word without reality, as everyone knows. It turns out that will be brought together in conscience and according to their will a good dozen people who have known each other forever. From other lives, other dates in a forgotten past, in another galaxy, or in an inaccessible future.



These friends of the astral will merge with you in a very invigorating love burst. Will come for some fusion without confusion. The gift that takes in a toning exchange. The presumed source of your worries empties and dries up. The protection of your astral supports becomes more real by becoming conscious. You know a little better who you are, what you do, where you go.


Astral Express

The success of this new edition is confirmed every day. I did not have the heart to refuse too many candidates. Some of them eliminated themselves. Others did not have the required qualities: it will be for another time. As for those who are preparing for the big take-off scheduled in ten days, for the night of January 4 to 5, it is to keep you ready. In the starting blocks, as they used to say.

I had foreseen this influx, and wanting to guarantee optimal security to all astral travelers, I surrounded myself with experienced lieutenants, quite capable of leading the pack alone in the unlikely event that I could not do it myself. Very unlikely indeed! I want to fly with you to the thousand destinations where the pack will choose to go. The adventure is too exciting for me to accept to lose even a crumb.

We’re all going to get into the Astral Express. It goes off in the middle of the night, but it can go off in the sun. There is no time in astral. So we have plenty of time to do whatever we want. No weather, no cold, no heat. Nothing looks like anything but yourself. You will recognize yourself immediately, even if you have never seen yourself in that environment. The word is bold: there is no space in astral. Then you will have all the space to do whatever you want. Meet yourself, for example. Discover you. And joy will make you scream with the Wolves.



Lieu TenantTaking place

See how beautiful they are, your friends up there! Left : Daniel and Quentin. Right : Kevin, Noémie, Xavier, Aymeric.  The five lieutenants are ready for the astral adventure. They have already experienced it last year, they will relive it with you very soon. We will fly together.

Each lieu-tenant taking place of nanny, shield, guide, flight companion, safety, that must reassure you if ever the slightest fear prevented you from participating in it.

We have made several preparatory flights together. Since the lieutenants have let go, for them astral flight has already begun. They keep me informed of their nighttime adventures. The dreams they make are enticing, I suspect that the pack will draw from it what to dream solid, durable and efficient!

Immerse yourself in their image, so you can recognize them in the Dream. Fasten your belts, close your eyelids, lie down, sleep! I want it! I’m laughing, not an ounce of hypnosis in there, just the pleasure of learning the controlled dream.

The truth is not in some distant place, it is in the act of looking that is. Seeing oneself as one is – in this lucidity which enters no option – is the beginning and the end of all research. (Jiddu Krishnamurti)


Register Now

So this time promises to be the one. Not that the previous ones were not, but I must say that astral flight had never known such a craze! If you haven’t already, it’s time to register. Treat yourself to an unforgettable Christmas gift for a few euros. After the glorious third star on Les Bleus’ jersey and their brilliant victory, which finished 2022 in triumph, it is impossible to miss what promises to be the big event of this beginning of 2023. Even if it concerns fewer people, it will transport all participants.

Practical information in the article Flying Wolves 2023. All you need is a photo and 20€ to win your place in the flying pack. Twenty €uros for twenty nights. Certainly, we can give more: it will be appreciated. Everything increases, except the astral flight of the Flying Wolves. Same price for four years.




Either appear as you are, or be as you appear.