Dinosaurs And Humans


Today no one can say that the man did not know dinosaurs. Too much evidence points to the fact that man has known. How else could he draw them or copy them?

Today, thanks to the study of skeletons and fossils, we could reconstruct the appearance of these huge beasts. Without these study, how did the ancient sculptor carve the image below? This relief comes from the Hindu-Buddhist temple of Ta Prohm near Angkor, Cambodia. This temple was built in the 14th century. How could the sculptor have represented a perfect stegosaurus? Answer: he had one under the eyes. Alive and well, or an image. One or the other proves that human knew the dinos.




Our species has a length which western anthropologists have no idea. But for a Chinese or Korean anthropologist, for example, such a long length is correct. For them, the fact that our ancestors were able to see the giant reptiles would be therefore no surprise. Once again, the human sciences change their discourses according to the latitudes. Is it a scientific attitude?

On dozens of engraved stones of Peru, said Ica stones, one can see various scenes with humans in the company of dinosaurs. These stones have been strong suspicions on the part of the scientic community, the discoverer, Dr. Cabrera confessed to all etched itself. If he had said otherwise, he would have been convicted for illegal sale of antiques. Of course, it is Wikipedia vs Cabrera, because Wikipedia by avowed vocation, is always on the side of the matrix. (source) 

That’s what makes this interesting site quite unreliable on anything related to paranormal activity, new archaelogy, new paradigm or simply on what comes out of the mainstream line. False or not, the reader will judge. Whether our ancestors have known dinos, no doubt. We own terracotta dated 2500 BCE, as in this image. Now the dinos were supposed to have been extinct for tens of millions of years, according to paleo-stuff. I think they are wrong, the evidence.



Clay Figurines

In 1945, German archaeologist Waldemar Julsrud discovered in Mexico some small clay statues, buried at the foot of Mount El Toro, near Acambaro, Guanajuato. Approximately 33,000 small figurines were found close to other similar artifacts that are dated around 800 to 200 BCE. These figurines are 28 centuries old only and they represent dinosaurs supposedly disappeared 65 million years ago. They were carved long before the so-called modern discoveries … further proof of confiscation and falsification of our history?


Fossilized Footprints

These fossilized footprints are even more convincing: one sees a man’s almost a no stegosaurus, the two tracks have been dated from the same period. One can only bow one day, long time ago, a stranger crossed the great reptilian, and their traces have remained engraved in the rock for millennia. Today we have them in front, but no scientist seems to move …


Civilization Traces

The antiquity of our species is simply staggering. Too many artifacts dated hundreds of millions of years already show, and even more troubling new ones are added every year -every month now – to already long list. The latest artifact has been found in a piece of coal : a metal rod manufactured or machined at the time of the dinosaurs.  “A notched metal rod pressed into coal, was found by a resident of Vladivostok, while he was trying to light a fire in the fireplace. He showed his amazing discovery scientists from Primorye (whose capital is Vladivostok). They concluded, after careful analysis, that the objet was 300 million years old and had been made by a human being. They did not, however, able to determine exactly who made it.” (source)The Voice of Russia, January 23, 2013 The strange artefact in coal is far from unique.



The first object of this type, a vase, was discovered in 1851 in Massachusetts, USA during careers explosions. This vase of silver and zinc in coal was dated back to the Cambrian period, begun 500 million years ago.  The Lanzhou screw is another mysterious object discovered in recent years that seems to challenge mainstream archaeology and history. It was discovered in 2002, and has since then generated great amount of attention among collectors and researchers alike. The most mysterious part of this finding is that, within a piece of rock, a metal screw was discovered. The mysterious pear-shaped stone is about 6×8 cm and weighs 466 grams. But it is not a common rock and the metal shaped screw just adds to the mystery of a rock, that according to researchers is around 300 million years old.

In 1912, Oklahoma, a small pot of 312 million years has been, too, found in coal. In 1974, an unknown aluminum object was discovered in sandstone from a quarry in Romania. The part looks like a hammer or a support leg of a landing gear like the Apollo Lunar Module.“It could not be crafted by a human being, because it goes back to the Jurassic,” confessed naive scientists. For them, everything that does not fit their sacred creed is not scientific. We would laugh if it was not so tragic for the future of knowledge. The next post will give the reader a number of these out of age artifacts, for the most challenged by oxydentalmisspelling is voluntary scientists. 

It is understood that all these puzzling findings make scientists voiceless, as they undermine all the bases of modern science of Man. But it is hampered by bad faith prefering ignorance to this exciting challenge.

In this context, the Vladivostok artifact hardly bothered scientists. Coal in which this object was found has been dated to 300 million years, thus they have quietly concluded that the metal should be the same age. It’s my turn to be surprised! There was no man, according to science, three hundred million years ago. Accurate, they reply, this metal piece has not been made by man. It is true that Russian scientists are showing a breezy open-mindedness and they have been practicing for years: in the case of nano-objects in the Urals, they issued seriously the hypothesis that these tiny objects could come from a UFO crash. For Russians, the extraterrestrial hypothesis is not extravagant. And once again, they use the same explanation.



“When scientists gently broken coal, they discovered a light and flexible object with a length of 7 cm, composed of 98% aluminum and 2% magnesium. Rarely can meet in pure aluminum nature, so researchers have assumed that the part was manufactured artificially. On the other hand, this alloy unusual helped them understand how the object may remain in such a state of preservation after all this time . In its pure form, aluminum is coated with a solid layer of oxides, which allows it to resist corrosion. example, the aluminum alloy of 98% supports high temperatures and aggressive environment.

Scientists wonder if this is aluminum space. Through the study of meteorites, science has learned of the existence of extraterrestrial aluminum 26 which decays to magnesium 26. 2% of magnesium in the alloy prove precisely the space origin of the object. However, more research is needed to prove this hypothesis … The last thing that surprised scientists was the uncanny resemblance of this piece with a rack. 

It is difficult to imagine that nature could create an object with six notches showing perfect intervals and the same distance between them. In addition, the space between each notch was strangely wide notches compared to themselves. It is possible that this rack was part of a complex mechanism. This kind of parts is used in modern microscopes and other devices. Question: how a complex piece could have been designed by a human being several million years ago? “ (source)The Voice of Russia, January 23, 2013 

The article adds: “When the news of this discovery spread, some have speculated that the rack belonged to UFOs. Nevertheless, Russian scientists prefer not to jump to conclusions and make further studies.” (source)The Voice of Russia, January 23, 2013 The article is dated 2013, I’m still awaiting the outcome. My gut tells me we can wait long if not longer and this obtrusive rack end up in a cardboard box at the bottom of the storage room among the archives and broken furniture. 

Science is a serious thing. Even in Russia.


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Carl Gustav Jung