The Assyrian Clay Tablets


The Assyrian Encyclopedia: a heap of clay tablets covered with cuneiform writing, gathering all the knowledge of ancient Babylon. This major archaeological discovery opened Pandora’s box

The excavations of the palace of the assyrian King Senacherib(-704 to -681) led by Austen Layard in Nineveh in 1849 revealed “two large rooms where were piled on one foot or more in thickness, clay tablets with cuneiform inscriptions.” Very close from there, the palace of Ashurbanipal(-668 to -627) grand son of Senacherib, gave a rich library of some 25,000 clay tablets that were sent to the British Museum. Very smart indeed! Be sure that if Layard had been French, he would have sent them all to the Louvre.

The Assyrian kings had raked through their empire in search of ancient inscriptions, odd legends and old myths, that they engraved on this tablets either in Akkadian, the language of the time, either in their original language. There you can find the epic of Gilgamesh, with many stories of all origins, quotations, recipes, various handbooks, and last not least: you can find how some gods and goddesses shaped the human being by mixing their blood with the blood of the earth, ie clay … Did the clay facilitated the genetic manipulation that gave birth to the first Adam?

Thus, through the clay, we would be genuine sons of the earth. But also sons of heaven, thanks to the DNA of the Elohim. In the event that they were really aliens, which is doubtful … There is particularly something not very likely. According to the Assyrian tablets,And other later texts man was created only a few millennia ago. How to reconcile such a recent creation with the “real” age of Homo Sapiens, which is 150,000 years for paleo-anthropologists, or billions of years for some authors?




The creation of man with clay would be a re-creation, or even a recreation. Modern man is the work of playful gods. To believe Rudolf Steiner, clay is to earth what plasma is to our bodies: a vital fluid of a very special essence.

Austrian thinker, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) founded the Anthroposophical Society, which goes beyond the purely technical, materialistic and destructive side of modern science, and aims to educate and heal the man, to harmonize in him the physical being and the spiritual being, by developing the “gift of the heart,” only force capable of balancing the opposites.

It is true that clay, in horticulture, is used exactly as the terrestrial plasma. Horticulturists use clay as an anti-rejection paste to make a plant graft or transplant, as well as a catalyst for rooting a cutting. Besides clay has other qualities to convey information …

Clay tablets from Senacherib and Ashurbanipal for instance. Another example, quite different, would be the flood clay layer that extended beneath the ruins of Ur when Wooley made his excavations … 

And that is either clay or the gods that shaped man. And from the clay catalyst in plant transplant to clay catalyst in in vitro fertilization, or genetic manipulation, there is only a step. 

A big step indeed, but people have already taken the plunge… Anyway, clay has supplied us an invaluable information on the very ancient habits and knowledge. These tablets represent the most ancient encyclopedic library discovered to date. Through them, we have access to the knowledge not only of the first millennium BC, but through the transcripts, to former knowledge and myths, coming from Sumer or from forgotten civilizations, like the mythical Atlantis.

While so many ancient libraries were burnt or destroyed, while so many knowledge were lost, the library of clay represents a world heritage of great value.

It contains, among other rarities, the original version of the biblical genesis. The Hebrews would have learned these legends during their captivity in Babylon …




This also casts doubt on the authenticity of the facts narrated by the Bible, or at least as to their reliability. Indeed for who reads the original version, engraved in cuneiform characters on thousands of clay tablets, the Bible appears like the U.S. remake of a French film. The adapters don’t understand anything, they interpret through their stupid prejudices, and the result is just a pity.

Even if there are generations that men have blindly worshipped this book, THE book – remember that byblos means “book” in Ancient Greek – they did not really raise the question of its origins!Because of religion, the Bible is taboo…

To think that the Bible is still the bestselling book in the world! Let’s study it in detail in an appropriate manner. Why should we believe it blindly without comparing it with other sources, Assyrian, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Mesoamerican, Andean, Asian? … All sources are equal in the eyes of the researcher, even if not to those of the believer. But some sources were more deteriorated than others, and the Bible is no doubt part of them.

The Bible is not a reliable source for the reasons I mentioned above, but also because many of the articles it contains are sacred to three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam: what did not prevent men from changing its content, quite the contrary.

Over the centuries, according to the religions, the Bible has become an unappetizing hodgepodge, largely contradictory and frankly, except for a few gems like the Song of Songs, mostly boring…

This is what happens to any religion when it loses a living sense of interiority, what happens to them all … sooner or later.


Oh Lord have mercy! Free us from all of the religions! (Guy Bedos)




To think that there are generations that blindly revere this book, THE book – remember that byblos means “book” in ancient Greek – without ever really having raised the question of its origins! Without ever really having submitted it to the necessary checks! To think that there still are naive Christians to believe every single word of this book! Beyond the shadow of a doubt, they believe it harder than iron ! … which suits well this book of war, fire and blood.
“There is a time to get comfortable and a time to forget comfort.”