Astral Wolves



This night, about thirty Wolves will take off for an initiatory journey of 15 nights, until January 19 included. I am thinking of the unfortunate ones who did not register, and I am very open to them. You can still join us. At my side to guide you, five trained and sharp lieutenants will be present and active, tireless patrollers of the astral. And I will personally supervise the various patrols of explorers of the unknown.


The other side

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see who you really are, discovering what you do every night since birth. And even before… When I started this adventure in astral, several years ago, I had no idea how it would turn out. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even sure that the passengers on the astral bus were going to bring back any memories.

We all go to astral every night. The dream is essential to the psycho-physical balance. Better yet, the dream is one of the best weapons of the light warrior. In your quest for the mysteries that have made you this strange stranger, Dream is more than a weapon: an ally. Without the Dream, life would have no meaning. The countless who do not remember their dreams are the most unfortunate men and the sadest women.

You have no enemies other than those you have put yourself in your path. (Lao Surlam)


Without fail

In short, don’t be afraid of failure. Never. Because failure is the best teacher. And besides, in terms of astral, grouped flight, conscious dream, controlled dream, what is failure? Who can say that it has failed? He who says it is wrong. He will understand later, when the memory comes back to him. Even stronger, who dares to say that he succeeded? Let me tell you something: I wake up empty-headed, like most of you.

It’s when a wolf — or a wolf — tells me their memories that I know they’re true. My gut tells me. I tremble with joy, and then, only then, I remember what happened next. Honestly, it wasn’t like that in previous years. My memories were clear, precise, detailed — dare I say complete? So, you might say, what has changed this year? Everything.



Pure sleep

Let us recap. For several years now, I have been offering my readers the possibility of grouped astral flight. The idea came to me for having practiced it assiduously thirty years ago, at the domain of Rochefort sur Mayenne, with Devic, Flornoy and a few others. We compared our dreams every morning: it soon became clear that we were doing the same. Better yet, we were all part of a unique dream — most likely by late Jean-Claude Flornoy, my benefactor. Was he not the most powerful among us? Yes. By far!

Through our shared dreams, we have discovered the controlled dream. We go astral as in ordinary life. It’s exhilarating. One summer, we were about fifteen dreamers. What a summer! We lived our nights more intensely than our days, that we spent to sleep on the banks of the Mayenne waiting for night, pure sleep and its wonders.


Clandestine : danger

So I tried again with readers from all over France, and even from Germany, Great Britain, Quebec and Australia. The time difference does not play: in astral, we are out of time. It was a pure joy to find together the path of the schoolchildren, the treasures of our childhood dreams, rich and colorful, safe from nightmares by the strength of the group. Discoveries followed, the joy of living such an adventure quickly transformed into the joy of living at all.

The flavor of your conscious dreams makes your daily happiness. All Wolves will tell you. The Dream is to life what the fruit is to the flower. There are Wolves everywhere, travelling with us. Of the few we are, duly registered, we must add the clandestine passengers. A nebulous and fuzzy escort that follows us to the limit of our perception. Shy, undecided, disbelieving? Whatever the reason, they’re interested, but not to the point of declaring themselves.

They are difficult to perceive, but I have felt them unambiguously throughout the previous cycle. I even think that it is their weight that has destabilized this January 2023 cycle, to the point of forcing me to interrupt everything quickly. I ask them not to stay away, but to have the courage to join the pack. Like the passengers in good standing, choose a lieutenant and accompany him on the initiatory journey he proposes.



To registrants

Astral Wolf friends who are regularly registered, I invite you to write to me to share your dreams — or bits of dreams — as far as you can remember. Anything you can do to blend in can only help you. Don’t run away from the protection provided by the group. It will give you the energy and memory you lack.

Astral Wolf friends who respect the rule, also respect the stowaways. Your lieutenants will show you the example. Coherence, consciousness, competence, lieutenants are a precious help. See below Kevin, myself, Daniel, Noémie, Aymeric and Virginie. Which one do you feel closest to? Choose with the heart — You’ll get me no matter what.

The diversity of viewpoints they offer on astral travel, the security of the surveillance I exercise over the five groups, the constant contact and exchange that we pursue day after day between us, all form a armour, a solid and reliable protection. This world is full of dangers, the other world holds even more.


Memory feedback

Last week I had a lot of late dreams… One night I remember being with other people in a city under water. We were literally walking under water! We were in the hallways of a museum or something like that. I find myself thinking, “but how do I breathe in the water?” I catch up with the group. And then I come into a room with a mirror. I see my reflection in it and then I say “look at the palms of your hands”. I turn my hands to see my palms. And my left palm was a little white glow. And I’m like, “There. There I dream well and I am well aware to walk where I want in my dream!” 😆
I don’t remember what happened next…

The next night I dream that there were many of us climbing the floors of a large stone tower. By the sea. Running. In Ring Community mode that has to hurry. At some point you stop at a floor. There is a kind of table with benches or stools and some sit there. I see that everyone is tired and has joint pain. Including wrists (Why also wrists, when it’s just stairs?). And then I say to the group “we’re not going to have a gout crisis at 32!”. It made a 50-60-year-old guy laugh, with white hair and a beard, looking like an ice-cream cabinet (in the dream I seemed to know him but in fact I don’t see who it could be 🤔). And everybody laughed too.

In the same night I also remember being in a group, in a glass cabin of a ship in the open sea. And in the middle of a storm!
The sky was dark and the sea agitated! And suddenly, an immense scoundrel wave sucking our boat on its heights. When you see the woodpecker crashing on the ship, you look yourself in the eye knowing that it’s the end. We do end up underwater, upside down… And then I wake up and scream out of surprise 😂 Maybe there were survivors?

That’s it for now. I hope that helps you cross-reference with other wolf stories.


My comment

Sure that will help! Your first dream was mentioned by two other people. I too had it on my mind. Like you did, Noémie perceived on her left palm an identical oddity. She was awake, out of her body. A track to dig — really exciting. Thank you a lot, dear friend lieutenant!

The stone tower by the sea reminds me of the Genoese towers that dot the Corsican coast. These are not dreams, but time trips. You write: in the dream I seemed to know him. Yes, you knew him at the time in question, during the construction of the Genoese towers.

The end of the third dream is to be placed before the first: We actually find ourselves underwater, upside down. And then I wake up… …with other people, in a city under water. We made progress by walking under water without equipment!



Final brief

Tonight we will take off in a pack for an astral journey of fifteen nights. It is possible that this trip, second of its kind, will be shortened as the first. Despite all precautions taken before and during take-off, any grouped astral flight can become a target for the inhabitants of the astral. They’re at home, not us. They know how to defend themselves and sometimes they choose aggression. They will see us as intruders at once; whereas for us they are the ones who abuse.

To protect yourself is to follow the pack as closely as possible, at the heart of the group. Any foray into the periphery will make you vulnerable. Try to listen to your lieutenants, who will guide you without incident. Finally, if any memory comes back to you when you wake up, do not fail to transmit it to me without waiting: this kind of memory disappears if it is not noted immediately. When you wake up at night, register on your phone, it’s faster than taking notes.

To all, thank you for your confidence and good flights!


The Druids were the most learned men of the world.