Meister Eckhart

“Some freethinkers hit where the spirit opens beyond its own limitations, where everything calms down and communicates in a living breath. Among those, the mind is as sharp as sword, either it burst forth in a few words or it grows, its brevity makes the cutting edge, it reveals the false. It goes beyond the conditioning, the very one which we can not pretend to escape, to cross over … “ Eckhart said.

Incredible, it dates back to the Middle Ages and yet crazily it sounds so modern. A large forgotten thinker that we must discover in absolute emergency. “The spiritual teachings of Meister Eckhart is formulated with an invitation to the posting of” anything that is not God, “a phrase he often used. This renunciation of possession is required for union to God and to receive God in the heart of the disciple the reception of God in the believer’s soul. – liberated soul, recessed while even the image of God himself, joined the classic patristic theme named ” indwelling Trinity “Trinity descends into the depths of the soul (which the intellect plays a big part) with all its properties thus rendered similar again to God, the man knows a deification, called theosis in tradition. Greek.”  (source)

Meister Eckhart, a whole program, philosophers call him mystical, mystics call him philosopher. By Jove and many other gods!! He was preaching enlightenment, illumination, transformation of man into god, like all mystics who preceded him, even in the most hidden, the most distant civilizations.

Like the great old, like the gods before, Eckhart wants to exalt the divine spark in everyone of us. That’s a pretty mystical enlightenment, a great follower of the Old Religion, a druid or I am much mistaken!


It is in any case as I’ve seen when I discovered this sage a life ago.


Such mystics as Eckhart were not studied at the university of Nanterre in 68. But I was an off-track freak in the company of extracurricular authors. I got lost and I had some Eck-hard treks, I swear. I have been cramming, weighing, even relishing. Other times, other customs, they say. Off topic. The question is: who is Meister Eckhart? If you want the official version -liar as everyone knows- just call for we keep aid ya:

Eckhart von Hochheim, Eckhart said, (c 1260 -.. C 1328) is a Dominican theologian and philosopher, the first Rhineland mystics. He studied theology in Erfurt and Cologne and Paris. He taught in Paris, preached at Cologne and Strasbourg, and administered the Dominican province of Teutonia from Erfurt.  (source)

The Rhineland mystics, as their name suggests, attended the Rhine Valley. Or the Rhineland. Mystics, okay, then?

Rhineland Mysticism is a Catholic spiritual current of great magnitude, which extended roughly from Flanders to the Rhineland, between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.  (source)

Lying History

Catholic mystics, says the false history. This must be read mystics of the Roman worship, namely Sol Invictus, the old religion of enlightenment, which initiates wore the title Son of the Sun. Apart Eckhart, include that in the Rhineland mystics? Hildegard von Bingen, for example. Just that.

I have reason to believe that the Catholic religion is a late invention, after at least to the so-called Church Fathers and Fathers of the Desert. These mystics have nothing to do with the sacred history of the Gospels, fabric fake pearls, borrowed from many traditions, sometimes very earlier. It named Jesus Christ was not a shred of historical existence, it’s just a fake, as they say now. But what a fake !!


Eckhart frequently cites numerous authors, Aristotle, Seneca, Dionysius, Boethius, Bernard of Clairvaux, Thomas Aquinas and Augustine (by far the author he quotes most often). (source)
The fine team. The Grand Dukes. These are the very ones that Catholicism has swallowed up, like many Irish and Breton saints, these so-called uneducated monks who preached the awakening of consciousness and the search for inner light. They are found all the sauces in the Roman sacristy. So we no longer know if they belong to the nascent Catholic religion or the last fires of the Roman official religion, this gift of awakening which dates back to Mithras and Isis. I tend to think they predate the invention of Catholicism dated 13th or 14th century. 
Back please to the prophetic text that opens this article. Eckhart evokes a straitjacket which he said “we can not escape.” This chain, this prison, he called conditioning. We call it the old paradigm, or the Matrix. At the time of Meister Eckhart, freethinkers risked the stake. Do they risk less today?
Freedom to think, to seek, to step aside, to wear new glasses, to turn around readymade ideas to criticize and cut them into parts, freedom to dig, to analyze, to compare, to think, to doubt, to qualify, to take your time to stroll the byways, freedom to question the origins, to question the texts and the thinkers, to check information, to submit each assertion in a critical and adversarial examination, freedom to be different, ie similar to our fellowmen who are all different as we are, freedom to read everything, to say and write everything, freedom to be naked in front of the dressed horror, freedom to give way to the light, are relentlessly sacrificed virgins on the rotten altar of conditioning.

nietzsche-anarchiste-commune-de-paris-688poThese unfair constraints weave the thread of our conditioning. You have to dance in chains, said Nietzsche. We must doubt everything, advises Descartes. We must laugh before the sky falls on our heads, Henri Salvador sings.
My good reader will do what he/she likes, provided he/she lives according to his/her own rules and not according to that of another, was he a prophet or God’s son. We are all, big deal!

I condemn the ignorance that prevails at the moment, so strong that it looks desired by the system.
Marguerite Yourcenar