The Lying History


True, that history is badly dressed! Her old suit cracks at the seams. We see the woof of everywhere that reveals trickery, makeup and pure invention. Wherever the eyes of the mind are, the farce jumps to the three eyes: the two and the third eye. Just see to believe it, and just as much, do not believe it.


Hypothesis of work: our universe is a pure fiction, we too. We believe ourselves true, made of flesh and bones, but our lives are wrong. Our days are rigged. Sing in chorus:

In fishing for mussels, mussels,
I do not want to go to  no more
The guys from the city, city,
Have taken my basket Mom

Here are the clever ones. I babble, I stare, I marry and I reveal. I appeal. You believe it, so much the better. You do not believe it, it’s even better. Approach gentlemen ladies! Every time we win. Nothing can remain hidden. Demand the key of secrets. Look at the other side of the coin. Choose the faith that suits you. Change your mind tomorrow. Everything changes in a changing world. Everything is mirage in a moving world.
Big sale of the past

Nothing can remain hidden. That’s why I have to talk. Too few voices rise to shout at thieves. Identity thieves, truth thieves, trusted thieves, honest thieves, thieves of life, thieves of hope, thieves of dignity, thieves of humanity, thieves of the world, thieves of the universe, thieves of knowledge, robbers of righteousness.

They are a hundred, they are a thousand. Billions of liars who think they are all honest. Fucked bicycle thieves! They did nothing but hide a detail, hide a little nothing, but all together they participated in the great game of fooled. Sinister volupes.people who trade their charms, in The cycle of Cyann by Bud and Lacroix

You know that I am not the first to investigate this trial:

“Do not listen to anyone’s advice, except to the wind that passes and tells you the story of the world” (Claude Debussy)

Let’s say the truth ever since the Lie is constantly widespread and by many: in the press and books, school and university, and everywhere it exerts its influence. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

This is truth that sets free, not the efforts made to be free. (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

 History teaches historians how to falsify it. (Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)

There are two histories: the official history, lying; then the secret history, where are the real causes of events. (Honoré de Balzac)

There is more truth in the universe than in all the books of men. (Willy Shakespeare)



When historians change their glasses, their myopia will become tolerable. (Lao Surlam)

Believing the official history is believing criminals on parole. (Simone Weil)

People do not learn much from the lessons of history, this is the most important lesson in history. (Aldous Huxley)

History is an agreed fable. (Napoleon Bonaparte)


They all said so. They proclaimed it, repeated it, rehashed it. Many wise men and great people have written it. Those who studied at the university are outraged at the priors of their teachers. These people are not like us. Crucified for their sins, they bleed on their studentsFrench: enseignant, ie “en saignant” which means bleeding who have no choice but to endure them. In the French sense of the term, I specify. To become a fan of such puppets is to give up self-esteem.

The story is a tissue of nonsense. The holy story is a tissue of holy stupidities. The history of science and a fabric of scientific nonsense. By far the funniest. Human history is inhuman, not historical, null and void.

Léo Ferré sang: You must dress your muse or leave it naked. The anti-masterAnarchist, his motto was: Neither god nor master. was right. Naked Clio! The Museum of History only amuses the pears. As much as we enjoy a nice strip tease to reveal its true nature. So many hysterical historians have decked it with so many tinsels, concealed beneath bogey curtains, a little household can not hurt. Vacuum cleaning. Naked Clio! And I’m not talking about the little Renault.




Everything Must Disappear

The woman was created before the man by developed Reptilians. The unique god is an invented myth, the former gods were counted by tens of millions. The seven days of creation are billions of years in fact. The human being was not created on the seventh day, but from the first. The Big Bang is a sight of the mind. Before the origin, the man-god was already present.

The terraforming gods created humans in their image. Our faults are also theirs. Our task is to awaken ourselves to develop in us the divine powers. Great power is love. All humans are not capable of it.

What risk for the warrior except his life or death ? (Carlos Castaneda)


Moses was not Hebrew, but Egyptian. Jesus probably did not exist. Joan of Arc neither. The pyramids of Egypt could be in cement. Prehistory has experienced a highly developed planetary civilization. The former gods were men like us and space visitors. Atlantis is not an invention of Plato, but an artificial island that flew away as it had arisen. Hyperborea is an alien mother ship.

All peoples once spoke a single language, the galactic language. It can be traced in all languages. The language of the birds works, it is constantly updated. It is a code invented by the gods to teach us the truth. Angels have existed. They were giants. The gods existed too, they were transformist supermen and could take the appearance they wanted.

Giants still live on earth, or rather in the earth. The earth is hollow, habitable, and inhabited. All planets, all moons are hollow. Most are inhabited. The extraterrestrials are among us, it is impossible to recognize them.

Time is not linear, but cyclical. We can travel in time. No need for a machine or a magic potion. Old, needle-clocks are less deceptive than digital clocks that only display numbers. These reinforce the false thesis of linear time.




Infinite space is entirely contained in a point. This point is our aura. Personal microcosm, the aura is the immortal soul, it allows to travel throughout the multiverse. Past lives are happening here and now. The past does not really exist. It is a dream. Previous lives are more like inner lives.

There is no time, there is no space. Is there even a world? As real as we think, there is little chance. the world like everything else is virtual domain. Everything is undulatory, says the physics. And we did not draw the consequences. Matter does not exist. There is so much void between the atoms that make up this so-called solid matter that one could as well speak of nothingness. A nothingness agitated with spasms, that’s what matter is, what the world is, what we are.

My difficult task is to open consciences. There is no automatic opener that does the job. Nobody knows how to do it. An American wanderer offers me paid service offers. And no peasants. This world is crazy, if it exists. Universal delirium, in any case, does exist. This is perhaps the only reality in this electronic jumble where nothing is like nothing.

There is no tutorial for that. Nobody has looked at the problem. Many sincere seekers have found tracks. They all lead to the Way. Well done for that. The job is done, the puzzle is formed piece by piece. But times are pressing. Mine, yours, ours. Times are jostling. Nobody thinks of the quickest way to awaken as many people as possible.

This is not in the habits of the initiates. So far they had been told, “Shut up, the secrets that have been passed to you must be secrets, buckle it.” The supreme truths must not fall into the hands of laymen or under the eyes of the ignorant. Then your mouths, Motus and mouth stitched. ” the initiates closed their pie box. I come to open it for dessert. It’s my role. Enchanting, these are my peers and my lineage. The Enchanting Clan of the Wolf. Even that I should not say it.



The time of secrecy is over. Too many false revelations circulate as one awakened raises a corner of Isis’ veil. My revelations are wind if they do not fly. I must do them, I have the duty to spread all and all of my discoveries, without neglecting the least. Keep reading me if you find food for the soul here. We feed the body, we feed the head, we feed the heart all right. But who is aware of feeding souls?


We are all looking for something. And madness is the quickest way to get it.
Torcuato Luca de Tena