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I was informed that this site was on the list of conspiracy sites (!) In 1000th position moreover, which weakens it in case of repression, which unfortunately seems inevitable … The awake and those who seek the light are a cumbersome burden for the material world and the rule of the mighty. Our masters prefer sleepers and zombies … and do everything to keep them idiots.


As for the others, they accept a little too passively the law of the strongest, the most selfish and the most stupid. We hardly live this end of Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, the dark era. The forces that converge towards the light encounter multiple obstacles and brakes. But we are not going to drown because we are light as champagne bubbles. The sea can not long block the cork in its ascent to the surface.

Last year, a punishment deprived me of many readers. Facebook forbids me access to my personal page. Result: impossible to post on the facebook page Eden Saga, of which I was the only administrator. It was approaching 15000 likers, exceeded 14000 subscribers … and finds itself abandoned! No reasons have been given to me. I guess I’m disturbing. Other bullying will follow, it’s in the order of things in present.

All in all, apart from the loss of distracted readers, this punishment is rather a reward. Facebook makes us cons and takes us for idiots. Better to abstract from it … and all the social sites that eat up your life and your energy.


Meetings of Erquy

Yes, we are going to conquer, not some outside enemy, but to defeat the inner enemy, the one who is the worst. The perfection that is in us is dying to express itself. Erquy’s recent meetings have provided dazzling proof. Those who had the chance to participate have lived rare, magical moments. The emotion was at the rendezvous. Unconditional love and total honesty prevailed.

Conversion, renewal, self-giving, heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul exchange, everything was given in abundance. All the participants feasted: terrestrial foods were in tune! As an organizer I am satisfied. Tired but satisfied. We laughed, we shared the bread and the consecrated wine, we stopped the world, we lived into the wild with unmixed happiness.

I wish you all to receive such a blessing that makes the joy of life and the strength to love, again, to love always. In the face of this love, few obstacles resist. I’m waiting for it to become a tidal wave, a tsunami. I wait for the love and sharing that comes from the heart to sweep away all the selfish resistance. Yes we shall overcome, yes we shall wake up, yes we shall live finally. Make our moult. Leave old Eve and old Adam behind. It’s time. The new world is waiting



Broadcasters Wanted

In the meantime, I’m counting on you. All. You have vibrated reading my articles, you are passionate about my research that I broadcast free for ten years, you have found a meaning in your life, some of you have even resumed a balance dangerously threatened. In a sacred society, or at least healthy, Eden Saga would be recognized of public utility. Now, in your turn, you can do something for me. Broadcast the echoes of the Saga. Talk about it around you. Share the links to my articles.

I formally appoint my ambassadors and delegates to various social sites. If these pages have transported you, or only if you like them, do share them. Each sharing gives others the opportunity to discover a site that does not care about their mouth. which is becoming extremely rare by the times. The lie is everywhere. The fake prophets abound. The more stupid they are, the more one finds them nice. The more false the news, the faster it spreads.

My daily acting is for all those who can still be saved, those who suffer from being isolated because of their way of being, because of their quest for truth in this ocean of falsehood. We MUST act. Before this site disappears, lack of financial means at first, and under the pressure of the big it hinders at every moment. Nobody likes when a little goblin like me walks on his flowerbeds. When I dip his nose in his poop.French: bring out his contradictions Sorry, but I love it!


Get the idea across

I speak to those who read me and write: “What else to read? Except Castaneda and you, there is not much.” Thank you dearest readers. Those who every morning before the daily job, come take a look at my homepage to see if there is not another delusion of Xavier Séguin and friends authors. So goes the Saga. Helping is easy. Share. Post links. This Saga lacks activists. I don’t mean followers, oh no, just friends to walk on my side. No fanatic, no sectarian, no addict, no obsessed in any way. Just decided activists. Fight for truth is good for you.

Those I love have the right kind of spine in the right kind of place. They have no trouble choosing. They are tall ans strong inside. They make the difference between laissez-faire and carelessness. Very often, they feel lonely. Even if they curse social sites, I am sure they will do their best to keep the Saga alive. Don’t we protect those we love?



What I love is the germ that grows in each of you. The new branch that will bloom tomorrow. Waiting for this beautiful day to come, please share, my friends. Share with a swarm, a roundup, a magic trick. It is there, see how it blooms, magic is all around you, and it’s everywhere you see. See how it climbs and revives the gray walls. Share, share, share, share more, share again, don’t stop sharing, Eden saga community is coming out of your sharing. We never know, sometimes a single word may change it all. Disturbing every plot. Straightening fake attitudes. The fragile edifice of thought collapses, everything sinks, we lose the head. The world stops. Awakening bursts out.

Think of those who suffer, in prison, in exile, in the asylum, in the hospital. Think of the innocents. To those who have pain. An image is a balm that can heal their wounds. A phrase that flies in the wind delights their ears. They wake up.

Share my pages. With heart. With rage. Courage! Awakening is safe … Help it to be.


Gift of the heart

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The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.
Alice Walker