The Apocalypse Of Zacchaeus


This unknown text fell from the sky in my hands five years ago. The books was signed Matthias aka Zacchaeus. It took me some time before I decided to publish it, but isn’t it written that everything that was hidden will be revealed? Who am I to oppose the Rule?


First Book

1 I became great among humans for the Human to be great among the peoples.
2 The song of the worlds is already rising – that those who have ears, hear.
3 The time has come for the human to know the worlds and times. For there are worlds as there are times: all are not accessible to the human.
4 Some of you ask me, “Rabbi, what shall we do?”
5 And I said to them, “You’re doing it now, don’t change your habits, they will help you. But don’t keep your routines, hunt them down to get rid of them. The habit of gesture makes the body skillful. The routine of days exhausts the soul.”
7 Behold, there come the nameless, as the fathers of their fathers came among you in the old days.
8 They are like wolves in the skin of the lamb, like serpents hidden under a magnificent plumage.
9 The nameless come from many worlds, you will welcome them as your princes. You will cover them with presents.
10 And you shall offer them your most beautiful young women, and anoint them with the feet of myrtle and pastis. They will appreciate your terrestrial foods, the softness of your diapers and the beauty of your women.
11 They will flatter you, they will distinguish among you new elites to put you all at work, to make of you all their slaves, as they have done already often, here on earth as in so many other worlds.
12 You will say to them, “Father, my Father, my Lord and my God, you who created me,” but they will lie to you on all these things as they have lied so often because their hearts are evil.


Book II

1 Truly, I say to you, before this world was, you were.
2 Before stars and planets, systems and galaxies, before galactic clusters and super-clusters, before comets, super-novae, white dwarfs and red giants
3 Before the atom and the electron, before the beginning, before the nothingness, you were. Your place is among us from all eternity.
4 No one has created you for his pleasure or yours. No one has made you in the mud.
5 You are from the light and the light is not of this world.
6 The light is of no world and yet all the worlds are his children and none, not the smallest, could survive a single instant without Her.
7 Do not listen to the sweet voices that will say to you, “We made you in the mud”.
8 Only pigs go in the mud, and you are not the sons of the pig, still less are you out of the mud.
9 Do not listen to the voices that will say to you: “You lived in the trees, you walked on all fours.
10 You mated like beasts, we taught you everything.”
11 You are not the sons of the monkey, neither are you the sons of God, you are the sons of no one.
12 You are the light, born of the light, and by you all things have been done.


Book III

1 There are others who question me: “How is it that we have been so far away from these worlds?
2 Why have we been kept in the dark about these secrets? And when is the advent of the nameless?”
3 I say to them, “The fruit can not come before the flower, nor the milk before the milk. There is a time for every thing, the seasons follow one another in order, and the nights follow the days in a well-regulated world.
4 [gap]
5 Before the curtain rises on the grand universe, you have received emissaries, you have seen signs in heaven and on earthYou have many images, you already have all that your poets have seized, and that’s a lot.”
6 [gap]
7 Free to read or ignore them, knowledge is given to you, it is the knowledge that is lacking to you.
8 When the paths are traced in your mind, the knowledge will be yours and will seem natural to you.
9 In the meantime, open your eyes and your ears. The truth is everywhere to that which can see, in each murmur of nature to which the ears tend.
10 Soon you will know the reasons that inspired the nameless. They wanted to reign over you all, so they removed the earth from the heavenly paths.
11 This world is shrouded in darkness so that light may come no more. Darkness is stronger than light but its reign ends on earth.
12 Soon the day will come to the day, soon the night will be banished, because the reign of light will return.



Book IV

1 Do not listen to the voices that say to you, “Work, take pains, we have made you for that.
2 Work again, work more, only work will make you gods.”
3 If it were true, why do not the gods work? Are they afraid that work makes them human?
4 Your work will help them but it will not help you. Truly, I say to you, there is one thing, one thing, that will make you gods.
5 It is the light of the sky, the light of the spirit, the light of the lightning and the light of the sun.
6 At the origin of all the worlds is the Great Goddess Light, in the beginning is Isis, Dana, Belise, Anne, Luxime again. Your mother the light has borne so many names among the peoples.
7 [gap] 
8 Do you want to know your destiny? Love. Do you want to know the secrets of the world that is coming? Love. Do you want the wild beasts to eat in your hand? Love.
9 Do you want the tyrants to disappear, the deserts to recede, let no one be hungry? Love, love again, it is through love that light comes. Through love pass all the paths.
10 [gap]
11 [gap]
12 Let the light reign on Woman, let it abide in her forever.


Book V

1 Why fear change? Look at the flowers, it’s the change that makes them hatch. If the bud remains, there will be no flower. If the flower does not die, there will be no fruit. You are the fruit of your works, it is by your works that you will know the light, because you work in love, and love will open to you.
2 Why hope for change? Look at the lilies of the fields, they do not need to wait nor to hope, the time which comes to point gives them luster and adornment.
4 Do like the bird, do not worry about anything but build the nest for your little ones. For the son of the human is fragile, like the egg whose shell breaks if it falls, the heart of the toddler can also break if you are not careful, and it is a care every moment.
5 Do not hope, because to hope is to put your destiny in other hands than yours, and all the tyrants exploit us by the hope they arouse.
6 Remember that in the Human there are several masters, make sure that none takes precedence over others, because it would lead you to ruin. You have to balance your tendencies. Tasks always balance the head with the belly, legs with sex and arms with the heart.
7 Thought directs you a little, distracts you often, constrains you a lot. Who only follows his head can expect the worst.
8 The will fails you. This age does not care, no one knows how to implement it.
9 Whoever wants to act to succeed must harness his will. It is a beam of light that springs from the belly chakra. Visualize this light, see the light of power, the brightness of incarnation, the lightning of destruction.
10 Your will is a wild horse. To tame her, you have to ride her. Enter your inner light. Ride the fire dragon that springs from your belly, and control it. This is the first test.
11 [gap]
12 [gap]


Book VI

1 While going up Jordan, the son of the man stopped on the place of the village sheltered by my fig tree. It was hot and two villagers offered to drink in their hands in section. One of them was my godchild Shahna.
2 Soon a gathering was made, the children pulled him by the dress, the murmurs swelled, all the women begged him to teach.
3 Like many others, I had heard of this golden-mouthed Rabbi and I was eager to hear his word. It was said that he was healing the sick and removing wounds.
4 As for me, I languished in my heart with a mortal plague. Whoever calls himself the son of man, could he take it away from me?
5 The whole village surrounded the Rebbe, I was too far away to hear his words, so I decided to climb the fig tree.
6 Thus perched, I heard everything without being seen, and I was delighted with the windfall when the branch where I sat broke off. The fig tree has these treacheries.
Fortunately, the branch did not hurt anyone by falling. And I found myself facing the Rabbi, sitting on my branch as if nothing had happened.
8 The son of man burst out laughing. He kissed me saying, “Let’s go to your house, Zacchaeus, my friend, they say that your wine is good for soul, mind and body.
A hubbub of anger ran through the crowd. Here people hate me. I am tax collector for Rome. Even the children throw stones at me.
10 I had not yet opened my mouth when the Rebbe continued, “I know all this about you, as I know your name, and as I know your heart and sorrow, come with me to fish for the human. the heart of others yours will be healed.
11 I was Matthias the publican, the unloved, I am Zacchaeus the righteous by the grace of the son of man.
12 So I became the thirteenth apostle, at least until the suicide of Judas, who made me the new number twelve. 



Book VII

1 If you want to take a tuna, do not reject the sardine. The man who has too many pockets loses his keys.
2 When the wind forces, loose a little sail. If he goes up again, take a laugh. Change with change.
3 Wine heals small thirsts, love heals great.
4 What man are you if you give up before daring?
5 If you are happy, take a wife. If you are sad, take a job. When love comes, the sensible man says mistrust and the madman says thank you.
6 [gap]
7 To never be mad we will not be wise. Search pleasures, you’ll get old. Seek wisdom, you will age faster.
8 [gap]
9 Come with me, I will teach you to want. It is the light of love.
10 Life does not end with death. It changes tempo.
11 Those who remember me have already remembered themselves.
12 If you do not do what you were born, nobody will do it for you. You’ll come back until it’s done.



1 For three years I followed the light-eyed prophet. These were the only happy years of my life.
2 Rome had to do without my services to ransom the good people. I had better things to do with those who are sick.
3 The world had changed. My heart was healed. My faith was deep and the son of man was my joy of life.
4 To bake bread, you need a furnace. The Rebbe was the oven, I was the bread well cooked. And each one had a bite to eat.
5 Before I opened the most closed purses, I counted his talents and talents of gold. Now I open the tightest hearts, I count on them and on my arms.
6 “Your heaven will be on earth with your arms.” (Chant MMMCXII)
7 The son of man eats and drinks, smokes and kisses women. It is not by refusing life that one can love it.
8 “If you want your life to sing, throw it in the wind.” (Chant MCCXV)
9 Do not look at what you eat with the eyes of the beast, but with the eyes of the lamb.
10 The company of the woman is as vital to you as the air you breathe. His absence will surely kill you.
11 There are men, there are women, and there are those who are neither men nor women. They are no less human.
12 With the woman, leave your dress. At the party, leave your sullen air.

[Books IX, X, XI are missing]


Book XII

1 The Son of Man hath made me go up into Solomon’s bird to carry me to a high mountain in an unknown land.
2 There I saw three tents erected facing large statues of ancient gods. There came to mourn the bloodthirsty ghosts of forgotten wars.
3 Then he took me to the top of a very high tower, in an endless city with many towers of light.
4 There I saw an innumerable crowd on a large bridge with metal arches that did not look like the stone or wooden bridges we make at home.
5 Solomon’s bird laid me at the foot of a large transparent dome. Large plants grew around, adorned with bright colors and heady scents.
6 A troop of young girls with pointed breasts covered me with softer caresses than silk and kisses more intoxicating than the best of wines.
7 Seizing the nerve of my thigh, they drew new harmonies. I started [gap]
8 “Do not be attached to dreams, but enjoy them.” Word of the son of man.
There is nothing better than caresses of love. Nothing is stronger than to love with all your soul, with all your heart and with all your body.
10 No word had ever seemed right to me, and I put it into practice with a little girl who was like Shahnah.
11 I woke up on my fig tree, the crowd fainting, the Rebbe gone. Rabbi, have you only come?
12 As good Jew as he is, Matthias the publican or Zacchaeus the righteous one has only to wait for the coming of the Messiah.

Matthias aka Zacchaeus, identical copy Xavier Séguin




Each has its own beliefs, and the sacred cows will be well guarded. Our ancestors swallowed everything. They swallowed snakes with the ease of a snake charmer at the square Djema-el-Fnah in Marrakech. For centuries, all these texts remained locked in libraries strictly protected by the Holy See. Until the invention of typography around 1440, all writings were copied by copyists. Monks, most often.  In their convent they copied what the superior told them to copy, omitting and adding what he told them. The control of the Catholic Church was almost total for a long time.

A host of bogus anecdotes, full of errors and anachronisms, were added by the copyists. It was counting without the web, without the planetary dissemination of all the texts that were once inaccessible. And to correct the course.

I am a mythologist and philosopher. As a friend of wisdom, I take a critical look at all mythologies: is it true? Is it distorted? Is it exaggerated? For what reasons? My work has no other purpose than to face the naked truth — if such a thing does exist! “With a critical eye and a mind free of everything a priori. That is why many of you read me.” Your convictions are yours. They help you to live, far from me the idea of dynamiting them, from the ancient Greek dunamos, which means angel.

Let this not prevent believers from believing, nor the unbelievers from not believing. All beliefs are infinitely respectable, although I prefer to align myself with my eternal principle of uncertainty, choosing to believe without believing.



I believe in the force of spirit and I will not leave you.
François Mitterrand