The Seven Degrees Of Seeing



There are a thousand and one ways of seeing. Most people are content with just one: looking. Let’s say this is the first degree to see. Or rather of degree zero.

And then there is the fetus. But yes. In the maternal womb, the fetus hears, the fetus feels, the fetus sees.


The Fetus Hears

Numerous scientific experiments have shown that the human fetus is sensitive to auditory stimuli. He recognizes the voices of his loved ones, starting with his mother’s voice, of course. Some psychotherapists have caused the patient to hear the maternal voice spread through balloons filled with water, to imitate the perception of the fetus. Fetal regressions are then systematic. So we would all have a buried memory of our mother’s voice in the fetal stage.


The Fetus Feels

Everyone knows that he perceives the blows, he can lose his life, and he receives traumas which will become engrams. These will harm the optimal development of being. The fetus also perceives the caresses that its mother gives it, and the ones it receives: it is one with it thanks to the umbilical cord. He and his mother are one body. This is why the feeling of the fetus encompasses stimuli that do not correspond to one sense, but to the sum of several senses.


The Fetus Sees

With his eyes, he sees the liquid in which he bathes. “A tinted amniotic fluid can be a sign of fetal suffering, so you have to go immediately to the emergency room to check that everything is okay, when the future mother breaks the water pocket, the liquid that comes out is normally transparent and of yellowish color.” (source) The pink-red color is characteristic of this intra-uterine vision: I specify that it is not the color of the amniotic fluid, it is the color of the inner wall of the uterus seen through the amniotic fluid .

But the fetus also has a clear vision of the external world, either through the perception of the feeling I described above, or directly through the eyes of its mother, who transmits certain images to her, especially those charged with negative emotions : fear, suffering, anguish, terror, sadness, depression, etc. These images tinged with the negative emotion of the mother are engrammed in the deep memory of the very young being. They can later be translated into unconscious negative impulses, sometimes very violent.

Some blind people, through a process of learning and compensation, gain access to this type of vision without the eyes. It is the vision that one has when one moves in his dream body. It is the astral vision, which happens with the eyes.




Claire Vision Of The Young Child

In the early years of her life, the baby has her own way of seeing the world, which owes much more to the clairvoyance of the fetus than to the passive vision of adulthood. When the adult is content to see seven colors, the little child still sees the thousand and one colors of the world. He sees the auras, and his spontaneous reactions of fear or hilarity, sometimes disconcerting, are better explained if we take them into account. The baby also sees the ghosts and all the invisible beings, which explains some abominable nightmares that tear the nights of the little ones. This rich vision, undoubtedly, will disappear with the first engram, generally towards the age of 3 years. The being will find it only at the end of a long journey until awakening. If all have had it, most will not find it.


Vision Of The Child

Welcome to the cruel world! The young child has just lost the clairvoyance and absolute clairaudience of the infant. For him begins a long tunnel descending into hell. It’s called school. He will unlearn the wonderful seeing to learn to watch, like cows, pass trains or minutes. The light will not shine at the end of this interminable journey in opaque matter until after awakening – which is not given to each.

This standard, however, has exceptions. Some sensible children, or, more properly speaking, sensitive, manage to preserve the clairvoyance of the infant, at least in part. They have an invisible companion, they have a confidant whom they alone see — these beings whom psychologists call imaginary friends. They are nothing short of imaginary. Boy for a boy, girl for a girl, these beings also bear the name of double. Children who know them have this great chance to meet their double astral elsewhere than in their dreams. They are said to be imaginative, dreamers, and they are afraid that they will be too fragile for the world. On the contrary. Who owns the keys of the other world is no longer afraid of it.


Vision Of The Gypsy

Gitane-JB-Corot-200poI wish to speak here of all those who speak of a gift of clairvoyance, and who, for the most part, strive to make it a livelihood. They are not awake, their gift has nothing to do, it’s birth, or training. The grandmothers taught their little daughter. Thus is transmitted this kind of gift. But it is not the clairvoyance of the awakened.

The gypsies proceed by flash, as they say. They have a fulgurence over such and such a person, and when they do not, they improvise. For them, real learning is street psychology, which consists in knowing how to tell clients what they want to hear.


They are useful, sometimes dangerous when they intermingle to tell the future, but do not count on them to access the vision of the awakened.


Clairvoyance, Clairaudience

Some beings possess by birth the gift of permanent clairvoyance. They are diviners, they see the invisible, they know what is hidden. In the language of Nagual, these beings know how to fix their point of assembly on the position “immediate knowledge”, which the scientists of past centuries have called infused science. The clairvoyance can be conscious and assumed by the clairvoyant – which was the case of a Pic de la Mirandole – or unconscious. It then manifests itself during sessions of trances, with oblivion when the clairvoyant returns to the ordinary consciousness. This was the case of Edgar Cayce.

But clairvoyance or double-sight is not only a gift. It is a virtuality. It is up to each one to develop it from very simple techniques. Record every detail of the environment. To develop in all circumstances his faculties of observation. Make his eyes a magnifying glass, a microscope, or an astronomical telescope, as needed.

The clairaudience or third ear is worked in the same way. Practice following several conversations in a public place. Distinguish and recognize the different instruments that intervene in a symphony, or other orchestral music. By refining the senses which nature has given us, with patience, application, length of time, opens the door of the supernatural.




Clairvoyance Of The Awakened

At the end of an initiatory journey which is also called life, some beings come to enlightenment. Awakening that the initiatory Tarot symbolizes by the arcanum 16 – The Tower.

The vision of an enlightened man is like that of the newborn. Describing this vision is a daunting task. The awake will dispense with my description. Those who are not – not yet – would gain nothing but a bland postcard, necessarily. So inevitably false. The splendor of awakening far exceeds the written words, however beautiful they may be. And I’m not Baudelaire

I will say a few words anyway. First, we must know that awakening is not a stable state, nor a step acquired once and for all. There are several stages of awakening. Seven, to be precise. Like the chakras.

It is known that awakening is caused by a rise in energy, when the kundalini coiled in the last vertebra deploys along the spine. In her ascension, she animates and turns the little mills of the chakras. The first stage of awakening sees the opening of the first chakra, the basic chakra, which controls energy renewal. There is a particular vision that corresponds to this stage of awakening, the vision of the first chakra.

Certainly the other chakras will be animated to a minimum by the kundalini, because all the stages of awakening are characterized by the bursting of the kundalini by the seventh chakra, the fontanelle.

In the second stage of awakening, it is the sexual chakra that is reactivated. Between each stage of awakening may pass a period of time more or less long, between a few months and a few years, depending on the inner progression of the subject, in the line of the famous know yourself. At the optimal opening of the sexual chakra corresponds another clairvoyance: it brings all the elements that feel and understanding the desire, the attraction of the bodies, as well as all the questions raised by sexuality.

When the grand opening of the next chakra, that of the belly, questions related to sexuality will gradually lose their interest. In the third stage of awakening, when the chakra of the abdomen opens, the monastic chastity of the great awakened beings begins. It is a sudden phenomenon, before which the initiate has no choice but to bow. His center of concern will now revolve around his belly, his intelligence and his many powers.




Thus the seventh degree of seeing, the clairvoyance of the awakened, in turn comprises seven degrees, which correspond to the seven main chakras.

It’s up to you to play now that you know the way.

I am master of myself as of the universe. I am, I want to be.
Pierre Corneille