The Seven Chakram



The science of chakram is dating back over five millenia. It comes from the Seven Rishi – wise and powerful men of ancient India. Facing such a vast subject, we will discuss only the main lines here.

 “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” and referring to our different plexus of subtle energy. In the holistic vision of the three bodies, the subtle bodyThe astral body or body of the heart forms a shell a few inches around the physical body. supports seven major chakram which act as transformers of subtle energy. The chakram are body regulators and amplifyers. They regulate the energy flow along three subtle channels called Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. Here are the place of the seven main chakram on the subtle body or body of the heart, and their Hindi and English names.

7 – Sahasrara, the crown chakra

6 – Ajna, the third eye chakra

5 – Vishuddi, the throat chakra

4 – Anahata, the heart chakra

3 – Manipura, the belly chakra

2 – Swadhistan, the sex chakra

1 – Mooladhara, the base chakra

1 The Base Chakra

Located in the perineum, the base chakra is an energy pump which feeds directly into nature. Its subtle form is that of a funnel oriented towards the Earth. If the center core does not work, the subtle body still must be feeding with energy. His subtle body will deploy its tentacles towards other people’s chakram. Yielding to infinity, these subtle fibers leave from the navel. The being has become a psychopomp or subtle vampire. His victims feel tired and somewhat depressed in his presence. The remedy is a session of subtle rebalancing, a cleaning of the tonal that allows the chakram to function again.

Gradually, the healed person will lose the habit of pumping people around him/her. To the general satisfaction, his/her demand for attention will diminish.


2 The Sex Chakra

The natural energy pumped by the base chakra is thrown through the sex chakra and turned into sexual energy. The sex chakra will open a feeling of well-being, innocence and wisdom. Sexuality is the pleasure of the gods as they say. However, if you have frequent sex, all your available energy is used at this level and can not go higher. The waste of sexual energy, common in our society, provides only a fleeting pleasure. And the more you scratch, the more it a french proverb says. In contrast, the sublimation of sexual energy enables you to reach the inner states of cosmic enjoyment.

3 The Belly Chakra 

Sexual energy is gaining the upper level, the chakra of the abdomen, the chakra of the navel, where it is converted into self-confidence, natural authority, respect for oneself and the others. Open, this chakra allows empathy and attracts sympathy. The individual beams, people say he has “the aura”.The term is not correct, for every living being get its own aura. Let us say some are shining brighter. He can become a leader, someone who galvanizes people and attracts them in his wake. In order that a chakra gives its qualities, it must be wide open, which means that all the chakram below it are also open. 

With one possible exception, a derivation of a channel that allows energy to bypass a blocked chakra. But this is an anomaly that a shaman can correct. Now see the upper chakram.


We have seen how energy, pumped by the base chakra, then passes through the lower chakram, sex and abdomen, where it receives a higher and higher vibratory rate.

4 The heart chakra

Solar energy churned by the abdomen chakra reaches the higher level, that of the heart. The heart chakra opens only at the first love, or more precisely at the first heartache. This can occur in childhood or later in life, the key is the feeling of a broken heart. That is the only way to open a young heart, which is tough and cruel until that. We all know people who have never experienced such opening of the heart. They feel neither compassion nor tenderness. In them, fear replaces love.

What a pity! They are missing the best.

5 The throat chakra

The heart energy rises the next level, the chakra of the throat. Its opening enables communication, gives power and warmth to your own voice, increases seduction and attractiveness, and leads to a right behavior.



According to the Sahaja Yoga,Indian sect headed by Sri Nirmala Devi Matadji who said she is a reincarnation of Mary Mother of Jesus. The Sahaja Yoga develops exercises and rituals of great power. But it is a cult. And that means prudence. Allah is the deity who reigns in this chakra. Therefore, to open this chakra optimally, the Sahaja Yoga recommends to recite the Islamic mantra “Allahu Akbar” several times in a loud voice, sitting straight and head back rolling from one shoulder to another. Go easy, the thing is powerful.

6 The Third Eye

Then opens the third eye, which allows perceptiveness, consciousness without thinking, the right vision. When it is wide open, the third eye makes us live in the moment and multiply the synchronicities. It is the key to clairvoyance, but also to ordinary magic. Many powers are linked to the complete opening of the third eye. Powers are not attractive for the seeker of light. They come as they go. Lamaists Buddhists say we should neither being delighted of their coming, nor being sad when they leave.

One of the ways to lose these powers is to monetize them. A donation is not for sale. Healers and shamans do not charge their services for this reason.




The ferrymen of Wolf Clan know that vanished powers are never lost. They say the powers never completely go away. If the need arises, they can re-merge, intact and effective, even years after their departure.

7 The fontanel

Finally the fontanel opens: the crown of the ego falls to the ground, the little king is dead, the being is connected to the cosmos and to Life. The opening of this chakra is the next step before the awakening. If those who reach it are more and more numerous, be careful! It can be a dangerous mirage. “Beware of Maya“, sang George Harrison. The higher you climb on the scale of the awakening, the more the energy of predominant ego strengthens, trapping the being in pride, vanity and fear.

The ego is hopeless, even capable of taking credit from your divine progress. That is why it is so difficult to reach the stage of the opening of the fontanel and stay there. In initiation tarot, it corresponds to the Tower, when the glorious body becomes channel of the Living. 

The House of GodFrench name for the Tower is the first step where the ego crown — that has capped the being since its birth — disappears. On the cards following XVI the Tower, we note that the head is not crowned anymore.

Do not listen to anyone’s advice, except that of the passing wind telling you the history of the world. (Claude Debussy)

Here is what we can say about the seven main chakras. In the reiki sessions that I give, I work on a wider range, that of the fourteen chakras. If you are interested, click on the arrow at the bottom of the page to go to the next page. 

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No one can teach you anything other than what lies half-asleep in the dawn of your knowledge.
Khalil Gibran