Edgar Cayce



Edgar Cayce, a modest farmer’s son, was still young when he discovered his super-normal talent: the gift of clairvoyance doubled the gift of healing. He left us forecast informations with amazing accuracy.

In trance, he diagnoses the disease, and prescribed treatments. This trance is a cataleptic sleep, hence his nickname of sleeping prophet. When he comes out of trance, he has no memory of the patient or the treatment prescribed. He calls these “health readings”. Providing free treatment for all patients including the terminally ill, the prophet will sleep more than 20,000 readers of health, with nearly 80% cure. Which commands respect. Yes.

He also made historical research through pure clairvoyance, always during trances. Early on, the clairvoyant began to describe in great detail the origins of man and the Atlantean civilization, the already famous Atlantis. These visions of our distant past are full of detail and very usable information for researchers. And a great amount of data that were the subject of ridicule or disbelief at his time, have since been verified by many researchers:


edgar-jacobs-balke-et-mortimer-200poImmanuel Velikovsky, René-Aor Schwaller de Lubicz, Charles Hapgood, Eric von Däniken, Thor Heyerdahl, Andrew Thomas, Louis Pauwels, Robert Charroux, Graham HancockZecharia SitchinDavid Childress, Anton Parks, Guy Mouny, E. P. JacobsHergé and others … Many authors are accustomed to consider the assertions of this great visionary as a material quality equal to the strongest mythological sources, as Hesiod, the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the manuscripts of Qumran and Nag Hammadi, the Assyrian cuneiform tablets, the Celtic and Scandinavian epics, the Pyramid texts …


… the Vedas, the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, the Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead, the Popol Wuh, the oral traditions of the Dogon and the Aborigines etc.

In this dual capacity of clairvoyant and healer Edgar Cayce deserves a special  place in the history of parapsychology. 


Le théatre était pour les Grecs de l'antiquité un lieu de célébration de la mémoireHe was reluctant to become a spiritual guide and refused to be the guru of a sect and the prophet of a new religion. Happily Cayce was quite a natural man, with simple faith and humility. He protected his wife and himself against the temptation of sectarianism, ignoring worshipers and zealots of all kinds who have not failed to manifest during his long practice.

We have seen already his descriptions of Atlantis. Now, as a sample of his accuracy, here are some excerpts of his prophecies; and please remember he did at the beginning of last century: 


“The pole shift has already happened is a natural phenomenon that already existed and will again. The great disaster that will befall the world take the form of the collapse of many powers, those count in world politics. 

So, with this collapse will come changes that alter the world map… The changeover will be gradual, over several years before it is visible when moving will start working the earth’s crust causes earthquakes and volcanoes awakening. 




These changes will lead to the flooding of some areas with flooding caused by tidal waves that will follow.” Guess that climate impostors who lead us will respond by new taxes.

All these stories that we tell our leaders about global warming seem totally false. Despite the scientific panel consulted, their conclusions are not credible. In contrast, a century ago, Cayce the U.S. clairvoyant, a simple man, uneducated, has left the forecasts that are coming true word for word.

No comparison possible with Nostradamus, who has amused the gallery for centuries with obscure and specious doggerel Cayce’s prophecies are really something to read.

“Do not think that cannot happen anymore events like those that occurred previously at the time of the flood … We are equally at risk and in those days before the end of time that could happen, it could well be exactly the same…” If he didn’t want to frighten us, please note he succeeded anyway.

Why be afraid?

 Do you really believe that the new world may be worse than the old one? Looks like our good old earth prepares for a makeover, one more time. For this brand new start, earth will turn the oceanic ridge to change the scenery, new land will come out of the water, others will disappear.

By dint of tsunamis, earthquakes and floods, volcanoes and sudden fires, land is going to play the special effects, billions of deaths, and presto! Up for the quadrille! No more electric power, no more internetLet’s make the most of it, before it stops!, no more food, no more fuel … 

Mad Max is back again.




“Earth will break up in many places. At first, there will occur a change in the physical appearance of the West Coast of America. With regard to the geography of the world, suddenly fall into place incremental changes.

Some of these processes are already underway, others are only temporary. In America, there will be geological upheavals. The biggest will affect the north side of the Atlantic. Be careful in New York, Connecticut and the rest.”

 “Los Angeles, San Francisco will be destroyed before New York. If major activities happened in the Vesuvius, Mount Etna or Mount Pelee, then the coast of Southern California and the region between Salt Lake and southern Nevada can expect earthquakes and floods three months later.” 

For skeptics, if still, note that Cayce had also provided the financial crisis, economic and social strikes us now:

“Economic history repeats and we must expect a monstrous vacuum in the future. The stock market crash in 1929 that spawned a wave of misery and suicides such as had never seen in the United States will happen again.

In 1929 the global finance is concentrated in the hands of two, three or more individuals. Two, which represented the side of Good; One, the forces of the Shadow side, that is to say the dark forces.

You have amassed wealth of the Earth and have the data to keep thugs. What was the outcome in your daily life? You’ve found empty handed! This situation will happen again …”


This guy is definitely a prophet.

He had announced the return of Atlantis in Bimini in 1968, it happened as he had said. We would be wrong to take his other prophecies lightly. Especially for us today, it is no longer science fiction.

“Great events will be accompanied by an economic depression, all the great fortunes crumble,” added Cayce for the Americans: 

 “You, American people, who have officially adopted Christianity – to the point of engraving on your currency “In God We Trust” – you should not put your trust in human power, nor in politics and economics, because in these two areas, there will be major changes ” 

Don’t get upset with catastrophism, unless you’re one of those great fortunes in question. In which case, find a way to get rid of everything superfluous. Do it right now, when it still worthy.

With big money to spend, good works are not lacking, just in disasters, Haiti, Chile, Lousianna, Vendee, and others coming soon. It is high time to get rid of your gold bars, you raptors! We can feed the entire planet, hallelluyah!




To confirm the prophecies of Edgar Cayce, we just learned that the poles had moved a few centimeters. Is this the beginning of the end?



I woke up and I saw that everyone was still asleep. So I went back to sleep.
Leonardo Da Vinci