Turtle Island


Turtle Island comes from an Amerindian history. Many tribes think that the land is carried by a turtle. Does that mean we live on the shell of a turtle? Not at all. Tribes are not idiots. They believe that a gigantic turtle has supported our planet. They believe that we are indebted to it, because without a big turtle, where would we be? What would we be? who would you be?


Face value

We always tend to take legends at face value. And we find them dumb. Legends are never dumb. The problem is the foot of the letter. We just forget to dig beyond appearances. We are so tiny. That doesn’t stop us from being so proud. We necessarily think that others are completely stupid. We do others in our own image. That gives us a chance. Fine, but a chance anyway. By forcing it, we can slip in. Play smart. Blow the show.

What else do you do with your life? Instead of dreaming. You take your whore to the movies. You go out. You show up. And you go home. We wallow, we act smart. Ninety-five percent of the time, we sit around. Instead of dreaming. We work, we scratch what we can. We have to boil the pot. We have to live well, scamming people. Instead of hovering in the astral. Instead of kissing the light. Instead of being called I Dream. I Dream and I Remember. Are you coming?

Turtle Island tells in hidden words the different story of a forgotten past. Reptilians. Nasty boost! They came to help us. They did everything to make us grow up. Instead of dreaming about their idea, they gave us The Dream. We put forgetfulness on top. Move on. Life in pink color cuddle. Be smart. Instead of dreaming about your idea. Go puking away. You’re an asshole, but I like you, you know.


Big Dipper Reptiles

The great house of turtles and lizards, snakes, crocodiles of the Nile and an island, the house of reptiles came from far to test the ground. It was a glass ball the size of a planet. The transparent shell showed between the scales four pieces of camembert, four pieces of pie. A continent cut in four. Triangular subcontinent, or almost. The small side is convex. One is called Avalon, the other three without name sleepy.

This wandering planet, this wandering globe, knows where it’s going. It came from the north of the sky. Alcor Ursa Major. Planet Our. Planet Bear. Alcor star, constellation of the Big Dipper, Ursa Major.



“Turtle Island is a way of describing the Earth in the creation stories of some of the first peoples of Canada and the United States, including the Iroquois, Lenapes, Sioux and Huron. Variants of this myth are found among many Altai, Turkish and Mongolian peoples of Central Asia, such as the Buriates, Tongouses and Kalmouks. (source)”

The Tongouses are the inventors of shamanism. This name comes from their language. I regard them as a people full of wisdom, possessing a memory of which modern countries are gravely lacking. This does not prevent the Encyclopedia Universalis from writing this on their account: “The history of the Toungouses is poorly known because, isolated from the great civilizations and deprived of writing, they have of their past only the mythical vision of their tales and legends.” (source) What complacency! The arms fall to me.



A lot of peoples

It is not only the Amer-Indians who tell this old legend. We must add the Altaic peoples. The Altai family owes its name to the Altai Mountains, a massif of four mountain ranges in Central Asia stretching from the southern borders of Russia and eastern Kazakhstan to Mongolia and China (source) Altai or Transeurasian languages are a collection of languages spoken in Eurasia, from Turkey and Moldova to East Asia, Central Asia, Siberia and the Russian Far East. (source)

A beautiful piece of territory, from Eastern Europe to Central Asia. The Turks, the Moldovans, the Mongols, the Uzbeks, the Kazakhs, the Tatars, the Yakuts, the Flip Flops, that’s a lot of people! So many archaic cultures, so many populations rooted in their traditions, who weigh their weight in the subject that concerns us, the origin of our planet through the myth of the turtle island. As a result, the Amerindian tribes of North America were relegated to the background.


The myth

“The great myth of Creation is told in fragments and there is no unified version, each clan bringing variations to which are added the personal variants invented by the narrator under the inspiration of the moment. The common elements are thus summarized by the Dictionary of Symbols: “The Grandmother of men falls from the sky to the sea; there was then no earth. The turtle collects the Grandmother on her back which the muskrat covers with mud brought from the bottom of the ocean. Thus the first island, which will become the whole earth, is gradually formed on the turtle’s back. (source)”

Storytellers are lace makers, they embroider. Sometimes off topic, they distort and chloroform the audience that sooner or later falls asleep. And all the salt is diluted. All that’s left is the wind. That’s already—


At first, it’s not yet a story. It’s a flow in the living. It comes, it moves. And we end up forgetting what we’re talking about. One takes the bladders for lanterns and by dint of confusing around, one throws the baby with the bath water. (commentaire)LOL!


Analysis of the myth

Despite these inevitable distortions, as long as nothing is written, it remains alive. And the essential elements are safeguarded.

Let us resume point by point the summary of the myth as proposed by the Dictionary of Symbols: “The Grandmother of men falls from the sky to the sea; there was then no earth. The turtle collects the Grandmother on her back which the muskrat covers with mud brought from the bottom of the ocean. So the first island, which will become the whole earth, is gradually forming on the turtle’s back.”

The Grandmother of men who falls from the sky is Ana d’Alcor, fallen from the Great Bear, this constellation that everyone can recognize in the northern sky. Alcor is not its brightest star. And yet, it is the sun of the Ouriens, the inhabitants of the planet Ur that is pronounced Our, the planet of the Bears. These Bears are reptiles, Reptilians as they say with a ridiculous and primal contempt. If the reptilian disgusts, then what about the cervical nucleus, the most archaic part of the brain, the reptilian brain?

It falls on the sea because there was no land yet. No land, but the Earth. Otherwise, what would the sea have rested on? Like the Grandmother, the turtle is a reptile. Beneath its transparent shell, it is a refuge and means of transport. It is a mother ship. It is Hyperborea. Its size approaches that of a planet. On its four continents, the Giant Turtle is home to 30 million supermen: the former gods. All reptilians.

What does the muskrat have to do with this? Oh it’s very simple. The first mammal that appeared on Earth during the time of the great dinosaurs is him. The muskrat. He must have been lonely in the middle of all these reptiles… In China the fossils of the very first ancestors of mammals were discovered. They lived in the time of the dinosaurs, they rubbed shoulders with diplodocus and tyrannosaurs, 160 to 165 million years ago, in the middle of the Jurassic. And their distant descendants survived them. The last discovered was named Rugosodon eurasiaticus. It measures 17 cm from the snout to the tip of the tail for a weight of about 80 g, and it looks like a rat. (source)



The first humans, a cross between reptile and mammal, already knew all this. It is written in black and white in the legend that these very distant ancestors passed on to us. What a science that is! Should we still believe in the myth of progress? These “cavemen” as some still call them, were they so ignorant that it was long believed? Can you figure out that many graduate morons still believe it? Poor things …

Let us not laugh at legends that we do not understand. He who drapes himself in his ignorance by decreeing these tales without tail or head, it is he who has no head. Legends are never lacking. You still have to understand them. Legenda, in Latin, means “that deserves to be read”. And I will add: that deserves to be understood.



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