Alcor, Ursa Major



“They came from the planet Ur, which is pronounced Our or Or …” If you read Alain Aillet’s The Golden Tongue and his exciting considerations, you learned a few bits of this original language that we have transmitted the former gods, who are also called the ancient astronauts.


Planet Ur

The ancient astronauts came from the planet Or, also pronounced Our, Ur. In their language, which they formerly taught us, the syllables UR, OR, OUR designate the ORine, the ORea, the age of OR / GOLD. I think I found the name of their star. Because it has one.

I have already identified their original constellation, Ursa Major, the Great (She)Bear. Come on?! It turns out that this constellation has more than one hundred stars, not all of them visible to the naked eye, but it makes many possible origins for the ancient gods.

A friend researcher gave me this precious information : “In the Native America Indigenous teachings the Turtle Mountain Chippewa teach that they came from a star in the center of Ursa Major which is not visible to eye.” (source)Julie Ryder I discovered the same fact, using another approach. Anyway, let’s focus on the invisible stars …


Alcor Star

Two stars of the Big Dipper caught my attention for purely intuitive reasons. They are very close, each is double, even triple. The Arabs have named them ALCOR and MIRZA since ancient times. Mizar is located 78 light-years from us, and Alcor 3 light-years further.

Zeta Ursae Majoris (ζ UMa / ζ Ursae Majoris, Zeta Ursae Majoris) is a star in the Constellation of the Great Bear and is the second star from the end of the Chariot. Its traditional name Mizar or Mirza comes from the Arabic ميزر mi’zar, meaning belt. It has an apparent magnitude of +2.27 and is of type A1 V.

With a good view, one can see a weak companion just to the east, called Alcor or 80 Ursae Majoris. Alcor has a magnitude of + 3.99 and a spectral type A5 V. Both are often called the horse and the rider, and the ability to see the second is a traditional test of visual acuity. The two stars are distant by more than a quarter of a light-year and although their own movements show that they move together, it is still not known whether they form a real binary system, and not an optical binary as one thinks now.

Other components were discovered with the appearance of the telescope and spectroscopy. The entire five star system is located about 78 light-years from Earth. The components are all members of the current of stars of the Great Bear or Chariot, a group of strongly scattered stars sharing a common origin, as shown by their own movement. The other stars of the Chariot, with the exception of Dubhe and Alkaïd, also belonging to this group.




What Bear?

This article calls for many comments. First the name, Ursa Major / Great (She)Bear, attributed to a constellation whose shape evokes a pan seen in profile, possibly a guitar or some music instrument. What bear? No astronomer, no astrologer will tell you, because there is no visible link between name and form.

The name “Bear” is Homeric, and apparently native to Greece, while the “Wain” tradition is Mesopotamian. Book XVIII of Homer’s Iliad mentions it as “the Bear, which men also call the Wain” Wikipedia says.

The truth is elsewhere, once again. This is not an invention of Homer the clown, nor is it a Greek origin.

Homer deserved to be driven from the contests with a stick, and similarly Archilochus. (Heraclitus)


Ursa Major

The Latin name, URSA MAJOR, contains in my opinion the key to the enigma. When it is written thus, UR SAMAJ OR, one sees twice the phoneme OUR / OR / UR, once at the beginning, once at the end. In the center, the word SAMAJ remains. I question Google Trad which tells me the language and the meaning: SAMAJ comes from Belarusian самай, and means PLUS, MORE. And OR means GOLD in French.

So we could translate: GOLD, MORE GOLD. The planet of origin of the astronauts terraformurs, which intersects all our legends which affirm how the former gods were fond of gold. Some authors imagined that all this gold served them on their distant planet. Possible. After all, gold is perhaps the main currency of galactic exchange, if not universal. This metal which possesses such a quantity of valuable qualities is necessarily considered precious on other planets.

From there to imagine that the terraformer gods came here to steal our gold, there is only one step that some of you will cross. As has been shown, OR, UR, signifies the origin: UR, city of Chaldea, fatherland of Abraham, reputed oldest city of men. Or URUK, capital of the giant Gilgamesh, first king of men.

One finds this phoneme in many words which express a beginning: origin, oration, aurora, orient, urgency, morning, urge, urdeutsch, as well as in many words related to space : Meteor, meteorite, orbit, and others related to the former gods: ordalie, oraison, organize, order, storm, hurricane, form, terraform, transform.


A life after the death

But there is something else: just type Alcor on your search engine. You will find a beautiful Spanish city with this star name: Villalba del Alcor is a Spanish municipality in the province of Huelva, Andalusia.” (source)




You will also find many companies with this name. Associations, organizations. The most famous has existed since the 70s. And its activity stunned me: cryogenics. It freezes the dead to resurrect them when medical technology permits. Oh my, it reminds me the methods of the former gods! You better see:


The Alcor Life Extension Foundation is the world leader in cryonics, cryonics research, and cryonics technology. Cryonics is the science of using ultra-cold temperature to preserve human life with the intent of restoring good health when technology becomes available to do so. Alcor is a non-profit organization located in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded in 1972.

I can not but find it singular that this association, which a priori has nothing to do with a star of Ursa Major, has chosen this particular name. The setting in abyss is fascinating. Who’s in charge of who?

Experiencing kind of vertigo. I mean, those who can. Talking about the others, closed minds and square heads, I hope they won’t come and tell me about coincidence, especially not. They are the last to believe it. No random, no coincidence. Never. Everything happens on purpose.


Total Code

Alain Aillet, my linguistic tennis partner, is not convinced by this article. He does not believe that the original star of the ancient astronauts is Alcor. But I am thoroughly convinced of it, and whatever my esteem for his intuitions, on this occasion, I prefer mine. And I stand: Elle, Elijah or Allah came from there. The former gods came from a star named Alcor, in Ursa Major.

The case was forgotten, if not classified. You remember the AHN phoneme, Alain Aillet has spoken in more than one article. Ahn in German means the ANcestor, we find this sound in several words of the same meaning: ANcient, ANtique, DanaANN, KukulkAN, TeotihuacAN, ANN, RahAN, the Chinese dynasty HAN … “The Chinese are indebted to the Han of theirs unity and almost everything that makes up their national identity, so much so that they have borrowed their name from them and call themselves Han.” (source)

And this morning,02/19/2018 a lightning crossed me. I was immersed in reading the Quran, it happens to me, a researcher respects all sources. I no longer thought about Alcor and Misar, who comes from the Arabic mirza. But by the way, the Koran? How do you say in Arabic? Al Quran. Yes, the code is everywhere. No, there is no random. It shone in my head in a letter of fire:



Nice sky, true sky, look at me changing
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