Second Wolf Wake


After a rich first night, like the first time, we observe a slowdown over the next two nights. I continue to quote you widely, with a brief comment. The important thing is the Dream that you will restore thanks to the memories of the other Wolves. The word is yours.

In two dreams, I take a shower. First, I went to your house with two chicks. You weren’t there but the door was open so we went in. There were books everywhere, even on the ground. It’s not the first time I’ve dreamed of being in your house, but it’s never your current home and never twice the same place. I remember going to see you; you had a beautiful, big, old house in a beautiful park. The living room was obviously full of books and a whole section of glass wall overlooking the park. Really great.

Back to the meteoric Avebury power plants. Like the other day, time is going backwards and we see them working, it’s magical. Then we visited the great hall under the sphinx, with all the arsenal of the gods that no longer works for the moment. Headdress, ankh, kind of copper plate, sticks that aren’t made of wood. It seems to me that we also crossed the sun again or is it Aldebaran of the Centaur. I often think of Aldebaran.

It was a fight to the death for survival. It was a seaside town. Everyone had to take shelter from a nuclear attack. I ran in all directions to survive. In the distance on the water, I saw the shape of an atomic mushroom. It was only a matter of hours before the radiation spread.  —-  I found myself in a singular fight, and the other survivor slipped over the railing of a building.” During my crazy run in the middle of town, I met a survivor with whom we went for shelter.  — A lady of color gives me a little blue ball to swallow. I’m starting to feel radiation-induced skin reactions. I’m blindfolded. The three of us sat down to meditate. We know the end is near.

I was in the middle of a big room with people and we were talking. There was a conflict over an old story. I managed to defuse it and calm things down. Everyone is happy and keeps talking.
 A meeting of the Twenty Wolves took place, stormy, chaotic. Someone went off the road. The astral equivalent of seizures. He or she left the Dream. The meeting resumed quietly.



In a hostel, I have an appointment with a person without knowing who it is. Two individuals caught my attention: a man at the table and a woman withdrawing. Something intrigues me on the table where the man is sitting: a snake motif that appears and disappears. —- I’m outside. The woman is at a certain distance. Vehicles are speeding through, I lose sight of her. I feel a danger. “— A departure is organized by several people, children, I take part in this organization, a little hasty, a vehicle on the runway.”  “Two men. The older one advises me to go, to enter the vehicle, to take control. I ask a friend to accompany me.” It is as if I was slipping into a car chair without a car. Without noise, I rise quickly, but it remains motionless.
The Atlantean spaceships make no noise. High-speed vehicles. The runway. You are in the time of the gods before, Eden, the time when the gods walked among men.

With two colleagues near a car, we wait for the driver. He arrives, we stick a huge black cushion in the trunk. There’s always a corner that sticks out. The driver has been drinking, you can tell. He doesn’t say where he’s taking us. He has to maneuver very tightly to get out of the parking lot, he manages like a chef. —- We talk in the car. Another colleague drives. I’m still at the front. I hear her talking about a Julia (pronounced Djoulia) that I don’t know. —- We’re coming to a big room. People talk and play. Two kids finish a chess game. They’re strong. I’m looking for a place to sit, to supervise. There are more and more people. Someone is talking to me, it’s important. Too much noise is deafening me. I can’t distinguish words.
Two or three Wolves are waiting for their lieutenant who is not in his right mind. Chaotic flight, the lieutenant leaves. That’s the story. This incident happened.

At the bottom of a cave, we came looking for something primordial. Something like “here took place a beginning of importance…”  Posted there, we participate in the sacred silence that this place imposes. Recollection. And this has remained in consciousness all this day… But what was it? —- Yes… We’ve changed octave since then. In those days the cave was very different. Translucent. This was the end of a cycle. We fixed a timeline for a brighter future, and we shaped a renewal in the next cycle. Ours?  “There are Atlantean priests, the last connoisseurs of advanced science capable of countering a planned capsizing.”  “We went to experience this new flow of time. And… we were naked.”

For the moment, no dream memory, just the feeling of having very active, intense, not very relaxing nights😑 The first night, I had the feeling of having gone very, very far…



For the first time, I dreamed of a place that was not on earth. Well, slim then! I see a very large open platform. The floor is made of dark glass. It must be a landing base for ships. My mind has begun to take over. Where am I? What is this place? I woke up while other images were coming in. And everything got lost!
For the first time, the dress spared your memories. You admit that you were not on earth

I was not alone. Between a white cat and a black cat, lice and ticks turn into bigger insects and become visible on the ground. Vacuum cleaners that I broke trying to clean. Some pretty special wounds, one of which goes away during a astral shower. “Is it going to last a long time? I feel like I’m making my way alone. Is that normal and wanted?” I really don’t understand anything anymore. Should I stop everything or should I redouble my efforts? When I feel like I’ve taken a step forward, I immediately step back.

The endless wait for the bill in a stale restaurant where everything indicates fraud, bullshit and neighborhood scam. The boss closes his number with a burlesque effect before threatening us with an antique rifle. Feeling of weariness and annoyance at the end of the bad cabaret.
The age of the rifle can give the real era: you were back in 1870, during the Paris Commune.

For this night, I have no memories, just a feeling of well-being, very bright. Blue, purple, yellow. Unlike some times, I am not at all frustrated, I am at peace.
The colors blue, purple, yellow are the ones you see when you descend into the emotional zone, then energetic. This is the exact process of the ancient arcane 13, the deep trance.

This morning a mill wheel … a wheel of plenty.



Last night, struggling to go to bed, I found excuses to hang out. Yet I was rather tired after 6 hours of driving. So, lying down after midnight, waking up without memory and headache for 30 minutes. I say this to take note of the external circumstances that can influence the memory of the dream upon awakening.
First cause of blackouts: if the dream is too hard to swallow, your brain erases it, you don’t remember.

I woke up from a dream where I was in a car with a man who showed me how the universe worked before violently pushing me into another reality. Once the panic is over, I stabilize. A mini reptilian vessel comes in front of me and patiently waits for me to board. When I woke up, my back was on fire. When you say our nights are more exciting than our days.

Small vision — always black and white or rather bluish grey — a man sitting with his knees up to his head! I think he’s tall, very tall, a giant! Was he telling us something? Maybe, surely — or am I too influenced by your readings and experiences?

Strange dream. I was not alone, there were at least eight of us. What marked me were the tattoos of some. One had a tattoo on her head, one had a long tattoo on her arm. We were on one side of the fence. We were on the other side of the house. Someone was watching us sitting on steps. A wolf went to his side. I’m going there too. The guy dives on the wolf. I do two judo shots to block it. My body has spoken.
See above. A meeting of the Twenty Wolves took place, stormy, chaotic…

In the evening, before going to bed, I look at the moon and I feel the connection with the pack… a lot of love, the energy that emanates is very powerful but sweet at the same time.  —- Last night I had a lot of dreams, but I don’t remember the content. Just a few faces in my mind. A feeling of well-being with the band. I feel like we did something super important, but what?
See above. A meeting of the Twenty Wolves…

I just read the “Wolf Vigil” article, awesome! I hope this will help me get in because I don’t feel like I’m hanging the cars right now. —- Another funny dream tonight. The four of us in a ruined car made the journey to your home in Brittany. You welcome us by giving “job interviews” to young apprentices. We write a few articles together, including one called “souvenirs de vaxx” reminding us that a year ago we could not have a coffee on the terrace or visit a heritage place.  “— Everything is in complete disarray, but everything runs smoothly.”  “—- On the way home, we block the guy who steals a musical instrument. He says he steals to give to those who need it.” We laugh and give him other instruments.
You think you didn’t hang the wagons? Your group of four Wolves came to me that night. The incidents you describe are a transposition of what we experienced in the Dream.



Bits of dreams —- I’m with a woman in the form of an interview in a cramped place, an image appears where she used to be another character with blue.  —- with another woman in a place of transition, organizing a family, apparently something urgent.

I’m with a woman in a futuristic high-tech city. This city is not real. We’re in front of a big square and she’s telling me to look ahead. She chatters on a kind of tablet (and yes, again), and two huge towers appear – World Trade Center, higher and more futuristic. We got into one of them. To save time we look at a tablet (again!) we find ourselves at the top, in front of a large bay window, at night. While it was still daylight when we were down… —- The big square and the tower looked a lot like the place I dreamed of over a year ago. When I was also with a woman at the foot of the same tower from which we had just left, on the same big square. And that we had been arrested by a militia of guards in futuristic high tech armor. Exactly the same place! Surely my dream of that night is happening shortly before last year’s?

I dreamed of a football game. I play in the centre, in front of the goalie, to lead and place my team. The team on the other side is at a higher level, but doing pretty well. When I have the ball, I’m calm, calm, even in the dry cleaners. —-  I plan the movements of others, I see the angles of the pass open and close. I move to create a pass —- A young player catches my attention, it’s not clear who she’s playing for. I hesitate to pass the ball. —- When others have the ball, I know where to go. A high ball drops in front of me, I have time to evaluate where to put myself to catch it.  — Every multiple attack across the way, I intercept the ball. —- In the dressing room, I talk to the leader of the opposing team. They were surprised by our level, higher than expected. I am congratulated for the quality of my game, technique and vision. One or two players are more frustrated. Almost bad losers, denigrating and sulking. Yet they won.
Rivalry between two teams of four Wolves. A young wolf hesitates to choose her side. Everything is true.

I look at a developing fetus in an isolated place. There are a few of us watching it. It is the culmination of a stage and the stage is in another time. Is it the time of the giants?…

I was not well awake, images appeared. A galaxy. A whole city, in white and bluish tones, with a thin, slender tower, which exceeds the whole city. An alien that looks like gray: same head, big black eyes, very thin body — impossible to tell if he’s benevolent.

You were right to share the memories of the other wolves. I was starting to demotivate… —- I too dreamed of swamps where I was driving a vehicle that was getting bogged down.  “— One of my dreams is like the sadhu naked among the rabbits. After sitting on the terrace next to the young woman with a different eye, I found myself shirtless sitting on the ground in the middle of a group. I stripped myself completely and shaved into a suit. And it has to do with rabbits changing. It’s the same dream from the same perspective.
We are all interdependent because we are connected to the Dream. We all dream together but remember only a small part. Together they overlap and complement each other. The reconquest is on the way.

When I woke up, a few images followed. The first, in blue and black tones, was the Wolves, a Wolf… We were watching.  “Then we flew. Seen from above, a tropical landscape, very old, as in my first dream.” I saw the same city as yesterday, closer, more realistic. The tapered tower was there.

Memories of a train running away in the cold night. A few friends in the almost empty car, we greet each other. I go down alone to a station in the middle of the forest and continue on foot. At the crossroads, I cross Beattlejuice with 3 dogs on a leash. He tries to deviate me by inviting me to his home, but his big smiles ring false. I leave the forest.

Vague memory of a fleet of nuclear power plants, many of which were at the end of construction.

In the savannah with some trees, a giraffe and other animals. “We’re sitting in a circle around a fire, Noémie is sitting in a suit, debriefing after our travels.”  “I am part of Noémie’s group. When I was full of doubt about my presence in this cycle, she came to me.”
Okay. I think so. Noémie agrees with that.





Don’t believe anything, and certainly not what I just said.