Wolf Wake


I’m not going to tell you about The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. I’m going to talk about the Flying Wolves. Or rather, let’s listen to them. Their words are fragments of the great mirror, a part of the Global Dream, a bit of meaning to meditate on, a lot of enigmas and blank tracks. Let us listen to their echoes. Let us follow them as closely as possible. In the hope of recovering our memory …

Who knows? The story of one can bring back the memories of another. Little by little, the brilliant fragments reconstitute the lost puzzle. May the Great Mirror reflect us all, my friends. United in unity.


Before the pack flies

Between awakening and falling asleep, some sensations of conscious astral flight. Several very thin, very smooth sculpted faces gravitate around me. A seaside cliff from which a sun emerges. It has the shape of a crescent moon but shines like a sun. Static flyby of a multitude of green islets in the sea. Visions are longer than usual, and in my dream I think: “I’m dreaming.” It’s all very nice!
Two precious stones. Conscious dream.

I found myself in a crowd that met the “gods”. A huge ship appeared. There were so many of us, human beings looking for answers. I felt a relief. Their appearance erases doubt and lifts the veil on these things that are beyond us. Some of us have gone to visit the cargo hold of the ship. It was great. I mediated between men who doubted what they saw. Appeasement came. Great adventure. I can’t wait for the next session of flying wolves to start.
Here we are. it’s sweet.



There are many people on tablets. Youtube-style platform: you have to choose sections and programs. We form a rebel militia. One country in the East attacked by another? Ukraine? … —- We joined a headquarters. Relief. The side of the mountain very close is bombed. Explosion, persistent flames. In a bunker, we discuss the action plan.   — Again the tablet, talking to other people. It’s the same dream, where the tablet takes us to the East at war… And by disconnecting, we find ourselves in front of the tablets. Teleportation or avatar?
Probably both of them.


I’m getting the connections, for sure! In these phases between awakening and sleep, in the early morning, I have visions of face, of moving lights. I had a sense of flight, but I didn’t see anything. Just the memory of saying to myself: “Well, that’s what it’s like to fly!”
Conscious dream. Soon controlled dream.


Inside voice: time is cyclical. No more doubt. End of kaliyuga. What scenario is desirable? The return to the absolute, the golden age, an invasion AND…? Knowing our origins to build our future. It’s all about doors. I look at an element, the image passes. It fades away as in a dream, everything is delivered at once. We just have to make ourselves available. And have as much fun as a child. — Importing into matter, the magic of the dream. “It is palpable, just there… the increasingly thin veil will disappear.” Ready for the great passage, return to Brittany for the ultimate initiation. Return of memories, understand the game… Awakening is no longer a choice, it is a necessity. The logical next step.  “Last night, I feel drawn to a brighter star, you gave us an appointment up there.” This morning, we were close to this star, with the lieutenants.
Some precious nuggets. Again!


4 Feb 2023

An accompanying man approaches me and my group. He is not threatening but I consider him an intruder. My verbal warning is in vain, I must act physically. I decide to grab her lip with teeth firmly as a warning. He retains the same attitude. I grabbed his nose with my teeth and squeezed. A drop of pearl blood. He understood and calmly receded. Fine.
Wolf among wolves, you protect your pack.



Meeting with “strangers I know” and some of these people walk, but others float, unclear. They come out of the fog to talk to me, a very white fog. We talk without seeing each other. At least two approach me to show me what worries them: their skin. It is diaphanous, almost translucent. They have goitre on their necks. But it’s their skin that worries them. I have to be a doctor or a healer because they ask me for my opinion. They tell me I have to find out.
Birth of a healer? Or confirmation??

With a group, we take a course on false light. One person explains the difference between false light and black light. Some have fine black magic wands in their hands. I’m at a restaurant with my parents, my family, there are people… A recorded voice speaks of your life: you would have spent more than 10 years living among rabbits. I have this image of you, dressed like a saddhu, that is, almost nothing, crouching among the rabbits. Stop laughing, because rabbits turn into funny bugs, rather big, dark, weird…
Brrr! Naked, really? Really weird…


I am in a car on the heights of a city in front of the porch of the entrance of a hotel where the receptionist calls me to settle the requirements of a client a little difficult. Mr. Péc+ is known for his antics. I solve the problem. The entire staff is extremely grateful.  —- The rather female staff are sitting at a terrace and commenting on Mr. Péc+’s manias. I’m standing next to a young woman who has a very different eye.
One eye, but which one? A maniac has the evil eye?


Two in town, parked in a sports car. Mysterious mission. A stranger arrives, young, tall, athletic. Broad forehead, brown, slightly curly, small leather motorcycle jacket. If it’s one of the lieutenants, it would be Daniel. Let’s get started. When you want to get out of the city, you find a dead end. You find a secret HQ. There’s an all-hazards team.  “— Three-man mission to the forest, with Daniel’s copy and the stranger climbing in the back.” When Daniel arrived in the forest, he had to fly huge machines to exploit the wood. We left him.  “—- In a bright, summer village, I work on a local heritage show.
Who was driving? Lieutenant Daniel? And then what? You?

I wake up with the word catacombs. Visit underground along great corridors. —- Underground city. First we see ruins. And by magic, time passes backwards… and we visit this intact city, when it was inhabited. There were lights everywhere, with what source of energy in this remote past? And yet very modern.  “— That night, Noémie told us how to fly. We flew at four, looking at our feet as she asked. And not the top of our hands! —- Flying over a volcanic island. —- Waking up is always very pleasant and light.
A promising start. Three jewels raised from the depths.

I am in a line of red monks wearing white. It is not a hat, their heads are oblong. Native Americans? In the distance, two pyramids. Red desert, ochre, saffron. We are sitting to smoke, an individual appears against day. I think I see a crayfish but it’s two big horns on her head. Another always appears against day, he wears a mask with eagle head.  “At night I am a group in a very cold, mountainous region, on a path in the middle of conifers.”

Beyond a ridge one sees a village made of wooden huts. The following picture we are inside one of these huts, very many to party. The inhabitants look like vikings, tall, blond, bearded, bawling. Then I’m on a boat, obviously a drakkar. At the front a strange individual is leaning on something bright. When he gets up I see that he has the same face as the dragon that adorns the bow. “— In the streets of a medieval town, individuals in armour with animal heads wander about. The impression is unhealthy. I decide not to stay and wake up.
Three beautiful bursts of the Great Dream. Do you see him drawing?



Many scattered people look/wait around a pink translucent column/ray that rises to what appears to be an infinity. I understand that this is a signal, an expected beacon. We are on a transformed planet. There is suspense in this vision…
Yes, it is openness. Time suspended. Stop the world.


That night I woke up for the first time with a beast half cow half feline, which had all the red back with three big stripes. The beast chases me, it can climb trees. I’m too scared of what she might do to me, I wake up —- a festival in a place I don’t know, swamp, coast? And I tell my dream of the red tiger cow.
Dream cow! Tiger dream. Lightning in the calm sky.

On some kind of train, I do something important, I have to meet a guy. I find him dead in the middle of a car exploded. The dead man holds a message in his hand. I remember reading it, it was very important. Then someone helps me escape to convey that message. I’m going through a long tunnel. A coachman puts me on a horse. It’s a desert—Perhaps the same as my dream where an ancient city stood on the ruins of a much older city?
You’re protected. Remember that. Go ahead. Go ahead.


At 4 or 5 in a jeep, you drive on an infinite road. A prehistoric forest with huge trees and strange vegetation. There is a swamp around the road. Away from animals and… Dinosaurs, T-Rex!! Jurassic Park! There’s even the jeep! We miss the predators, they don’t reach us. Then the road goes up in the air, strangely. We continue. At a certain height, we’re in cloud, no visibility. I think we hit a T-Rex, it shakes the vehicle well, but we keep going… — I’ve done or seen a lot of other stuff but which ones?  I see us again on our shelves…

Scratches behind the mental wrap… Looks behind the scratch wrap.

Flip, a rectangle in 3 dimensions, not big and nothing worrying, but I’m scared and I wake up.  — Five soldiers in a tent, jihadists armed on the unleashed trailer of a truck —– Next night I want to fly with my astral companions.
You did it, be quiet. Remember yourself.



History doesn’t repeat itself, it stutters.
Karl Marx