Third Wolf Wake


Let’s cross-reference. Let’s do cognitions. Let’s do comparisons. Reading the dreams of other Wolves, you end up flashing on a detail where you hang your cars. The astral is very much like the normal world, except for this: more direct, more true, the astral imposes itself. Its kingdom arrives. The normal world is a fiction that the Dreamer unmasks.


The normal world

There was a ground on the roundabout. My sister made a motif with flowers on it. Her mother told me I had to do it again so it would look better. I disliked a hydrangea growing in a window to move it in the entrance. Not easy!  “The store owners arrive, a young couple with three children.” I saluted the woman fist to fist and it made a vibratory wave when our fists touched. One of the kids went into the office to get some candy and gave me one. I look at this candy in the palm of my hand, its more or less cylindrical shape and its black and white stripes along the length.

Last night I flew, finally! So loud it woke me. — Meeting in a tiny dark hallway, whispering but serious. It is about delicate and subtle scents. A beautiful young white woman from head to toe, hair included, gently leads me to a hidden door. We arrive in cluttered and dark wings, a real maze. I follow her, her pumps leave a phosphorescent trace. She opens a hatch, I rush in. Long black tunnel leading to a flying plate. High-tech lighting. 4 areas share the plate: the King, the Air, the Elevator, and the 4th where I am? “— Two technicians squabbling over the power of their respective tools, futuristic screwdrivers, drills and disassemblers.


A third happens, his tool is incredible: a spray he sprays and the tool forms, weaves, mixes multicolored printed circuits. Bim! I take a hit that kicks me off the platform. The fall is long, head first, I see scrolling colorful patterns that weave like the tool, soothing. And then my body starts waving very pleasantly. That’s where I fly, I look in a mirror. The reflection is me, in my pajamas. Waking up. — This whole lieutenant rivalry thing is also really intriguing.

Bim!! Falling and the undulating body are pure symptoms of awakening. Free flight is another…


Is a fiction

“It is intriguing to recognize passages in the dreams of others, but I feel as though I am one night late from your visit to Brittany with this account.” In two dreams, I take a shower. First, I went to your house with two chicks. You weren’t there but the door was open. There were books everywhere, even on the ground. It’s not the first time I’ve dreamed of being in your house, but it’s not your current home and never twice the same place. I remember going to see you in a very beautiful and large old house in a beautiful park. The living room was obviously full of books and a whole section of glass wall overlooking the park. Really great.

“Another funny dream tonight. Four of us in a carriage made the journey to your home in Brittany.” You welcome us by giving “job interviews” to three young apprentices. We write a few articles together, one of which is called “vaxx souvenirs” reminding us that a year ago we could not have a coffee on the terrace or visit a heritage place. – Everything is in complete disarray but everything is going smoothly.


I remember fighting this morning… It’s intense, the fighting has started. But I feel like we’re training for a future battle. As if we were in a simulator… —- It’s good to remember by the feedback of the wolves you publish. It helps to remember the pack and the group work we do every night. I feel good about the four separate adventures that are intertwined. It’s amazing this adventure anyway. I can’t wait to remember the whole story of flying wolves.
There are five lieutenants, so five separate adventures. To experience four is already a prowess of the astral warrior.



That the Dreamer

Thanks for the rather enlightening wolf stories. We expect astral travel to have some form, so we put our dreams aside, but maybe it’s a mistake —– I also had a dream of tension and spat in a group with uneasiness when I woke up — I thought, no connection with the Wolves! And yet!  “— A wolf says I learned to fly, too, at the beginning of the cycle I learned to fly over the ruins of a very old city where there was a gigantic book.” I also played with another person on an old dusty piano —- I join the wolf who talks about “intense, active, not very relaxing night”. It’s different from the undergraduate energy level where I was feeling euphoric and bubbling with energy, and now I’m more tired.

The story of the wolf meeting speaks to me. In my dream, I was with lots of people around a wooden table, cottage style, welcoming, warm place. The sentence I have left: “we want to share”


-Message from the protector of the clan: “You must strengthen your body so that your soul may be incarnated. Free of all your dross. No, it’s no longer an exercise, you’re going through crazy astral stuff, which has a physical impact. Basically, you’re changing the world from the inside out… for the current metaphor, you can say you’re fixing bugs in the software, in the matrix. You must learn to let go and not understand everything with your mind, let all your deaths and sufferings rise. It no longer belongs to you, you have to wake up to take the path.” … Or is it yours, Xavier? 
-Yes, it is from me! I thought I had lost this e-mail, and I wrote another one to you. So you received it? I sent it to you at least three days ago!!!
-I received this telepathically, not by email.
Are you kidding? That’s the text of an email I sent you, word for word. I may have sent it to you in a dream, since I can’t find any trace of it in my “real” emails.  Now here I am communicating a text by the scalar way!! More and more serious… I have to tell this, it’s great.
-Yes, it is great, my Xavier. I received this during a meditation. It is mind-boggling.
-To believe without believing. One cannot but believe. And one has difficulty believing.
-Yes, no doubt. Like this message. Whatever happens, I had to receive it.



Believe without believing

It starts in a rather banal way, I’m with a group of friends, in a house, we divided the beds but the arrival of a reality TV starlet known for its crises makes the box. She moves people’s business, starts arguments, fights in short creates division, it goes into a general fight until a woman decides to raise her hand to heaven (she holds something) to ask for help. Some decide to do like her, suddenly what looks like a bomb falls from the sky, it immediately calms the surrounding chaos, then a second, she tells us that there will be 10. We start running around. I do not know how but a good part of them are found in the underground, a canoe sailing on the water leads the ruling family to its demise. They beg us but it must be done for a new world. A new underground life begins, quite technological. But what was only temporary dragged on, the population wants to come to the surface.


Golden wolf

A beautiful golden wolf passed in front of me and looked at me as I woke up this morning. Nice picture to start the day:)


Sea sports

I’m on a sports holiday. Initially, it’s like an entanglement. If one makes a move, it causes an opposite force to the other. There is a training. It’s up to everyone to choose their own pair of shoes. The sport, the playground, everything will depend on the chosen shoes. When changing shoes, I don’t opt for a pair of flip-flops, like the person in front of me, but for a big pair of hard shoes, style ski shoes, that clip on a big float: a futuristic water-ski. Despite the difficulty in maneuvering, I get there, I’m in the ocean. —- I have to go back to the hotel, it’s dark. Police control people coming out of the water. I must be one of the people who is missing something, because they point to a space further down the beach.

I place my water-board in one of the bins, like tables aligned on the sand. A police officer explains to me that I have to take a course to get it back. I ask if it is possible to do that right now, because I am flying home the next day. She smiles boldly. There is good contact. She understands me, talks about waves and ressacs. It is impossible to do the course right away. So I ask to get my high-tech board back. I feel like it will.



In a futuristic city, we find ourselves to finalize the installation of an object, a luminous ball that rotates continuously, part of a larger machine. It seems to be used to purify the atmosphere, to sort of clean up. It could solve the nuclear energy problems.  —  We went to a very powerful place under the Pacific Ocean. Like an underwater city protected by a glass bell. We met with its inhabitants, they say they have been there for a very long time and they have developed other technologies that we do not yet master on the surface, they told us that we will soon meet.




It is a force called weakness by the strong ones who have not, it’s a wisdom called madness by the sages who have not, it’s a light called darkness by the blind ones who have not.
Lanza del Vasto