The Hoard Report


There is a hoard of agile wolves born for astral flight and powerful wolves cut for racing. The dream hoard is divided into five packs, each under the wind of a lieutenant. Thus divided into fast units, the hoard reacts quickly and acts everywhere. It sweeps wide. Deep is its search for the astral nuggets. Whatever the adventures of a pack, the Wolves of other packs know it right away … but they might forget!


The experience undertaken by the horde is quite exciting. Our astral adventures are so exciting that they put the worries and troubles of daily life on the back burner. This is one of the lessons of the Wolf Clan. Astral is truer than the normal world, which does not exist. Virtual total. Fake. Can, as the smartest ones have already understood. Fools who deny it should be despised. They think they are the last sages. For the ultimate bulwark of mankind against barbaric dissidents. You and I.

The quest is exciting, but dangerous. By the nature of the revelations it will make about yourself. These hidden things will emerge, disturbing. You will have to live with them. Accept them. Change glasses. See another world hidden under the old. Since a nagual is a door, I am  one. Since it is wide open, you should go in.

The Wolves remember the Dream. They tell.


The animal is happy

I’m in the mountains with my parents, we drive to the top. —- I like to get a little bit of speed on the descent. The way down is not the same as the way up. You go through a village. —- A presentation made by a former football player. At the end, we leave to eat. Difficult to find places to park the car. The scene repeats itself and each time, in the same place, a place becomes available for me. When parking, the seats on the left and right become free too. I leave space on both sides. —-  I have a friend following me. He’s approaching the entrance to a restaurant, but it’s not the right one. We have to go to the basement a little further.  “Knowledge to be recovered from a man and wolf in a house filled with piles of cardboard.” We read cards that bring this knowledge back to consciousness. But this experience blinded man and wolf. The next day, another search in the boxes. We find something that makes them see. The animal is happy.
And the man? Is he happy?




In the jungle between Africa and South America. Drug stories, prison and rap music. We run away from something, kids accompany us.

Two wolves are fighting guards. —- I’m in the maze, my prison. A door opens on a room with several doors. I open one. I am teleported to a known place. A blurred presence. —- I make the opposite path to find myself in this labyrinth.   



In a bus, alone in the front with the driver, sacred descents, the worst roller coasters! I saw only the descents, never the climbs.  “— Wartime. It’s snowing and cold, outside and inside. Everything is idle. Only the English can save us.” Sending a coded SMS to an English emissary —- Outside, always at war, everything is white. There are many at the table. A large vehicle passes.

An eastern country during the Russian revolution. A large sloping square, we are rebels, repression threatens. Some mujiks have metal diffusers all around the square. They’ll probably gas us. We’re down there, they’re walking on us. We hear Russian songs. I walk straight ahead on them. At load! I cross the 1st line. The crowd follows me. We pierce them. They’re coming up the square.  

A huge industrial site by the sea with Aymeric and 3 other friends. I have travelled through secret passages in metal structures above the water. Angry workers are going to strike. We don’t know what the plant produces, but it’s dangerous, bacteriological or nuclear… We’re looking for information only from humans, workers. But the surveillance video system and drones are everywhere. All of a sudden, the atmosphere goes bad. Robot cleaners maim humanoids in blue suits. They sink them alive in a glowing pink and smoking mud. Very ugly! Workers as surprised and helpless as we are.


Astral Sex?

In a very chic waiting room, I come to see my osteo sitting on a chair. I approach him, take him by the neck and kiss him passionately for a long time! It left the poor man in tatters.

In a shop, I line up like everyone else. When I get there, the salesman ignores me. I don’t understand. I argue with the guy. I get my hands on it. I end up playing soccer. I go to a building. A girl hides me under her bed. The salesman shows up. I’ll give him two tickets. 

I changed sex: I was a wolf with two or three wolves. We replace three missing wolves. Is it possible to change sex into astral?



We still find ourselves in this city to continue the mission. But I also have images of pyramids. A lot of sensations but not a lot of real memories —- what’s for sure is that we flew together. Sensation of warmth as with loved ones.

Tonight, I feel like I’ve been in several places at the same time. Visions of pyramids, Egypt but also on the other side of the Atlantic, Maya and Aztecs. Impression of very fast flights in the cosmos. Vision of the Earth but also of the solar system in its entirety. It is surprising this impression… I feel the connection with the lieutenants and with you too, we communicate telepathically.



The choice of lieutenants

This whole lieutenant rivalry thing is really quite intriguing.

A man. I am. I don’t understand what he’s doing, dance, writing. He’s writing a learning guide. He’s done. I float in the air and make movements. — Two men on the ground unconscious, a third helps a woman give birth. The baby so small lying between the mother’s breasts. Each of the two men has a hand on a woman’s leg. One of them wakes up.

Thanks for the stories transcribed by the wolves:-) After reading, I feel like the one who is undecided in the choice of lieutenants…



During the vision, I was conscious of my body in my bed and at the same time in the dream, it is excellent as a sensation.

Transparent time bubbles programmable at will, invisible, we use them in a thousand ways, and especially to stretch time. Spend 24h outside our time line and come back at the same time. Fantastic.

That night we were 4, a wolf, a wolf and me. Long walk approach. At night we break into a villa. We find a lab where everything is blue lacquered lapis-lazuli. We look for something but we are disturbed. We are chased into the house, no chance of getting out. Waking up. —- A dream on the water, a stage and lodges float on a lake. Little space, everything is crowded. To move, we have to jostle everyone.  


First assessment

As a preliminary assessment, I want to point out three constants —– First: fights, war, conflicts, singular fights, etc. —- Second: nuclear, power plants, explosions, contamination, pollution, fumes, etc. —- Third: underground, catacombs, buried cities, basements, etc. 

The current wars are skirmishes over the upcoming atomic war. We are in a dress rehearsal. This Third World War will end with a new nuclear winter, contamination of soil and surface water, the need to bury to survive, and why not, if time is cyclical, a new era of a hundred thousand years underground. Mole Men 2, a come back.

This is the message that has been conveyed to us during our astral adventures. Not cheerful, but realistic. And it hasn’t been a revelation in a while. This message may be generated by the noxious atmosphere on Earth. However, we must act.

The novelty is this possibility of new action, on the astral plane, by grouped flight. It seems that this action had a first perceptible echo in some dreams. I bet that the next cyclevoir at the end of the article will bring us concrete solutions and their implementation.

This is the wish that I form and that we all form.


Hollow earth

Underground, in the hollow earth. We are at the table. Around it is mineral with lush green vegetation. I am shown unknown fruits. They have red flesh. A very tall woman gives me these fruits that are delicious.

Underwater, in a technology subsea station. We have to come up. With our oxygen masks, we follow a kind of black metal tube that is part of a futuristic vessel.

We were several groups, Noémie, Kevin and I Aymeric, in a gigantic ship, among hundreds or thousands of humans. There was a glass wall with a cone of pink violet light descending on Earth. “We send Love” said a telepathic voice.  All are actors and direct our intention on our planet. We fly over eastern Europe.

Discovery of a giant underground platform. An empty, austere and grey structure, remnant of another age that still works. It waits to be activated. Depending on the level of consciousness, depending on the development of the DNA, the structure will respond.  “— Much will be revealed… There are not many of us in this place, which is not the only one of its kind. There are others on Earth and elsewhere in our universe. —- It’s time to act.



To act together in astral, to live these nights in a far-off but so close world, to evolve in consciousness in this other world, to obtain information from alien sources, to act as a pack at a level where few groups reach, and to openly share our experiences, That is what we are doing. This is what we offer in a gift package to the right and honest truth seekers community without apriori. The rahtscwa, as they say colloquially. You and I, basically.

The adventure continues. A third session will begin in early March. Register now. You will have your place in the flying pack. 

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