The Nuke Bomb of Yahweh



Serious evidences suggested that the former gods mastered nuclear fission. They had nuclear weapon and they used it. If the Bible hardly evoke it with caution, the Mahabharata is much more explicit.

The Bible mentions the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha, destroyed by a divine punishment. On the site of these two cities, the Dead Sea could well reflect a radioactive destruction. Effectively, the very high salt content of this fossil sea could be the consequence of a nuclear explosion. In the Bible, we remember that Loth had escaped the destruction of Sodom. Yahveh had commanded him to flee without turning back. But when the explosion occured, his wife looked back and was changed into a statue of salt.

What the Bible does not tell, is that the inland sea that adjoined Sodom and Gomorrha, has also been transformed into salt. Literally deprived of any aquatic life by the nuclear explosion, its salt content was more than tenfold. Since then, it is a dead sea, hence its name. In addition, we can measure there a high rate of ‘natural radioactivity’.

“It is on the shores of the Dead Sea that were found tektites, harboring radioactive isotopes of aluminum and beryllium. These mysterious tektites could have formed only under conditions of extremely high temperature and nuclear radiation no less powerful. In other words, conditions similar to those prevailing in a thermonuclear explosion and it is conceived then that the ancients were able to say that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire from heaven!” (source)Jimmy Guieu 

Of course, none of these clues can be considered as a true evidence. However, these phenomena could be the real consequences of a nuclear explosion …


The pseudo-gods had a  quite terrifying arsenal.

Some distinguished scholars as Otto Hahn and Oppenheimer had the same stupid idea, making an atomic bomb. Oppenheimer was the father of the US nuclear program. After the successful explosion of the first nuke bomb, Oppenheimer gave a lecture at the University of Rochester. During the discussions, a cautious student wanted to know if this bomb was really the first one ever. “Yes, said Oppenheimer. The first in modern times.”  He was fond of Vedic culture …





“Ancient cities of India and Asia were literally vitrified, there are also traces of this kind in Britanny, Ireland, Scotland and Turkey. It does not seem to be any other explanation that a nuclear disaster. In the desert of Lop Nor in eastern China, according to “World’s Strange Phenomena” by Charles Berlitz, archaeologists have also found different layers of traces of ancient civilizations.

Archaeologists had to stop digging when they came to a hard layer of vitrified sand. Over large areas of the Gobi desert, you can find vitrifications of the ground similar to those left by atomic explosions.”  (source)

True. Besides Dead Sea itself, we have Great Salk Lake in Utah, Tuz Gölü in Turkey, Uyuni Salar in Bolivia, Chott el Djerid in Tunisia, Natron Lake in Tanzania, and so many others. Only archaeologists could ignore them.

If a civilization comparable to ours has managed once this planet, I bet that it ended up destroying itself …

 I don’t know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.


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