Angelology is the study and attendance of Angels. Some practitioners consider the Angels as organic beings, certainly more powerful than we are, but mortal same. Tradition rather sees angels as energy rays or levels of awareness.

Here is a Quebec vision of this spiritual discipline. Please do not share all of its claims without steady judgment and careful doubt. This approach has the merit to exist and you are free to pick up or leave. 

“Traditional Study of Angels comes from the Kabbalah, an ancient initiatory science that was orally transmitted by the Judeo-Christian tradition. Kabbalah means”Hidden Wisdom” or the “Words received” – ie transmitted by word of mouth. The Traditional Study of Angels is the practical or applied Kabbalah. It defines God as a complete unit that is manifested through 72 fields of consciousness called angels, each representing the different qualities, virtues and powers. The purpose of the human being – even the very reason for his incarnation on Earth – is to reactivate these fields of consciousness within his being so he can express in all of its manifestations.

Fields Of Consciousness

The Angel is a field of consciousness that dwells in our mind as divine potential and is a seventy-second of the great living computer is God. One of the images that we always used to represent an angel is that of a small child with wings. This image expresses that happens in our being when these celestial essences are reactivated: we find our heart and lightness of a child, as well as the knowledge that allows us to travel freely and without limitations in parallel dimensions of the Universe.

Fields of Angelic consciousness are part of our being, because at the base or basically our nature is Divine. We are created in God’s image, the Cosmic Intelligence. Now these Angelic Energies are clouded, reduced or limited by the myriad negative memories – missteps and not just intentions – that we have accumulated over our lives and that are present in our unconscious. These negative memories are what is called distortion. Amid the positive memories that have been recorded, they form blockages or parasites that prevent us from expressing our divine potential.

Although our physical body lives only a few decades, our mind it is eternal. During our many incarnations, our being acted on the basis of false concepts, distorsionnés concepts.

angelot-berne-amour-lz-200poHowever, when a concept is false, the resulting actions are also distorsionnées. This leads to all kinds of missteps and intentions that are outside of a just and altruistic attitude. Until, through conscious work of inner transformation, we get to completely purify our subconscious memories of these distorsionnées, our being is more or less limited in the expression of his creative power and he is not able to fully express his divine potential. By working with the Angelic Energies, it is purified of these old ways of doing things, to love and think, and gradually, we charge our divine nature then the no limits and for the good of the whole Universe.

Guardian Angels

We sometimes hear people use the term my guardian angel when they want to refer to the guidance they feel in their life. Guardian Angels are actually three personnelsqui Angels Represented qualities, virtues and powers that we must develop and distortions that must transcend in this lifetime to achieve our mission in life. In fact, our Guardian Angels represent the potential both positive and negative created in our previous lives.

The first concerns Guardian Angel physically; It guides our actions.
The second Guardian Angel concerns the world of our emotions and feelings; identity information on the potential and virtues that we must work emotionally. The third concerns the Guardian Angel intellect and he touches the world of our thoughts.

We identify our Guardian Angels to the means of Angelic Calendars, using our data as date and time of our birth.

It is important to know that we must not only work with our Guardian Angels; 72 Angels are part of our being, and they form the Universal Consciousness. (Source)

Careful With That Axe Eugene

Note that the term “my guardian angel” can also refer to the etheric double. These concepts are ambiguous because according to the discipline that studies the responses, classifications and names differ. Also I suggest starting with Buddha always your reality. The facts that you have experienced yourself, dreams that you yourself have done this alone hold it to be true and do not believe anyone other than your own sensations.


Our senses deceive usDescartes seems to find out with a heavy naivety. What have you smoked you fake candid in your Dutch stove? If our senses deceive us, my good Rene, what about our teachers, our leaders, our employers, our judges, our advisors, our tormentors, our mechanics and our plumbers? Not to mention our women and our mistresses? All misleading, deceitful all, crazy world, fucking fake. These zebras are but a happy band of walking nothingness.

The angels designed as field of consciousness is certainly an interesting trail. Quite rabbilike. These scholars love to rationalize and prophesy to no end of unanswered questions. As all lovers of questions, the rabbis hate answers. Too bad, I still give my own, which is worth, no less than their own.

Angels are not only aware of the field, vibration energy or whatever ethereal and subtle. The angels are as real as you and me. Especially me, for you may be a virtual robot. The worldwide web is their favourite place.

In French, an-geangel is ge-antgiant upside down. Angels and giants are the same, my dear friends. The same. Seen by different traditions.

Please do not forget to read this article, your mental health depends on it.


But as for you, initiated into the sacred mysteries, take confidence because divine is of origin the race of the mortals and with those who know how to awaken in their soul the divine which slumbers there, nature reveals all things.