Eternal Man


Since the dawn of time, human beings have been born, live and die on this beautiful blue planet. Many disasters have brought many civilizations to an end. Scientists are sure that the only advanced civilization is ours. Don’t they understand that this civilization is uncivilized? Our species is extremely old, the wall of memory is the impassable screen beyond which our past becomes opaque. 


Rongo Rongo

Traces of these pre-ancient civilizations exist all around the world, which scientists will never study. The writing Rongo Rongo engraved on wood on Easter Island has still not been deciphered. These glyphs have been formally identified as a language, no doubt about it. The current Pascuans know nothing about this, repeating that these are very old stones, which were already on the island when their ancestors arrived there. Just like mohais, giant statues.

The Eden Saga solution: to put all these glyphs on computer, to compare with the glyphs of the five continents, and to discover with astonishment (the researchers are often amazed, if not stupid) that it is a single language, extremely ancient, of the time when humans, much bigger than us, rode dinosaurs. Like these humans on the previous bas-relief, perched on horses with too long legs to be honest. Equidae that have been missing for millions of years.

It’s not just that. There’s a lot of evidence out there that scientists neglect, bury, or challenge. We remember the ultimate scene of Indiana Jones, when an employee descends the precious lost ark into a vast basement where thousands of objects, carefully nailed in crates, wait a less incredulous time to be examined without a-priori. In such a shed, no doubt, the found ark is lost for good.



Piska Nagri

A village in central India has fuelled many discussions on social networks for the discovery of a mysterious set of «footprints» in the rock next to representations of a flying object.

The village in question is called Piska Nagri, and it is located on the outskirts of the town of Ranchi in the state of Jharkahnd.  This is where geologist Nitish Priyadarshi studied these mysterious traces.  According to his estimates, the age of the rock is estimated at 200 million years. Wow!! This is long before the appearance of the human species… Or is this last date bogus?

These footprints look like modern soles, without heels, to evolve in unstable soils. Like the boots of astronauts? In accordance with local legend, they could attest to the presence of gods who landed from the sky in the distant past. One is 28 centimetres long and 11 centimetres wide. The faithful believe that the princes-gods of Hindu mythology, Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana spent time here when they were looking for Sita, Rama’s wife, kidnapped by a giant demon.


Forbidden Archaeology

But this is not the case for specialists. As usual, science rejects them. For archaeologists it is a singularity without consequence or meaning, but not for Michael Cremo, the redresser of wrongs. It has gathered all the archaeological singularities in a large volume of 850 pages.

You’ll find giant and dwarf skulls, terrifying hominid skeletons, nails and screws hundreds of thousands or millions of years old, alien nano-technologies or not, flying machines in prehistoric times. (Michael Cremo, Forbidden Archaelogy) Such a number of singularities is singular. The science of the past lies and we lie, that’s his business.

Each of us is free to to ask: when did human history really begin? Will the archaeological singularities move our origin further and further back in time, to touch its limits, those of matter? From there to affirm that the current man does not come down either from the monkey or from any known hominid, the step has already been taken.



Darwin v Darloose

Ah Darwin, Darwin! What an idea you had to listen to your followers! Why did you not deny your theory, as you were about to do, by seeing the growing number of exceptions that invalidate it? But your entourage of fans, with “Master! Divine Genius! Superman of all talents!” begged you not to do anything and your ego triumphed. So much for us.

Okay, but Darwin couldn’t be wrong everywhere, nor his paleo-anthropologist emulations for 150 years. The dates of appearance of other hominids may be correct. In which case, neither Homo erectus nor Homo faber would be our ancestors, those are distinct species that appeared much later than us. Was it at a time of highly developed science? It could well be.

Whether we like it or not, these spaceboot soles are enough to destroy all our prehistoric images. There seems to have been, in ancient times, civilizations like ours. Nations developed enough for their geneticists to create sub-beings that would work for them. Don’t laugh, the Assyrian encyclopedia says that this scenario has already happened: gods have made a variety of beings at their service. And we are the servants of the gods.

Hence the danger of taking for granted the theories and beliefs of science. In each scientific discipline, the weight of honest people seems insufficient compared to that of caciques. But these bewildering remains raise a host of other unheard-of questions, the most pressing of which concerns our age as a species. Science keeps a deafening silence, entangled in its contradictions and creed.

Frankly, this shortsightedness becomes annoying. It shows a refusal to face the evidence. This is no better than creationist blinders. Will paleoanthropology experience its quantum revolution? Joining metaphysics through field theory, will it dare to venture into increasingly blurred, ontological confines?



A hammer 400-million-years old!

Famous Scottish physicist, founder of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Brewster has made important discoveries in the field of optics. He is a sharp scientist, a credible man. David Brewster investigated this issue, which was outside his area of expertise.

“Dr A. W. Medd of the British Geological Research Service informed us in a letter dated 1985 that this rock is part of a formation of “old lower red sandstone” dating from 360 to 408 million years ago.” (Cremo and Thompson, The Secret History of the Human Species) Note that the date chosen for the Devonian sandstone, therefore the hammer, puts us right in the middle of the period when dinosaurs reigned supreme on Earth. Was it one of them who lost him by fixing up his house?

For all I know, thinking I’m galloping, I’m just pointing out a fact. Many legends from world mythologies suggest that we are descended from reptilians, that is to say dinosaurs… To think that these big animals, during their very long reign, had time to develop an intelligent species, there is only one step that I hasten to take. Yes, scientists, if this hammer didn’t belong to a human being, then it was the property of a humanoid dinosaur.

What is this noise behind the scenes? Ah, the scientists have just vanished? May they rest in peace.


The Dawn of the World

In these improbable times when time was not, at the dawn of the world when the spirit incarnated, drunk with a power that it discovers by confronting matter, did the humanoid take on forms that we attribute today to the animal? The creative mind has taken on all kinds of physical bodies, mixing man and animal, using disproportionate sizes. But who is the creative spirit? A being in our image. A superman in us. Or better said, a superwoman.

The virgin mother, creator of all that lives on this planet and on a thousand others. The Goddess who gave us her light and her peace.

Even if we often forget, we are beings of light, and this light is not in the realm of science. Edgar Cayce evokes these times before Adam’s arrival on earth, when men were projections of thoughts, when the body, less material than the present body, had both sexes. It dates this first incarnation of ten million five hundred thousand years. 



Eternity, our origin

So where do these 200 million year old footprints come from? Where does this 400 million year old hammer come from? But first, can we be sure of these dates? Has time always been what it has become? Have the geological and cosmotelluric conditions not changed? Countless questions remain unanswered. But that raise many others…

In the face of such spaces of eternity, rational reason is probably not the proper tool of investigation. Neither the scientific approach, nor any dogmatism. “To discover something about man, you have to go to the mythologist, a quiet collector of cosmic fiction, which has not been taken very seriously so far. He alone will give us the true meaning of the stories that have been transmitted to us from time immemorial.” (source)Bellamy, Moon, Myth and Man 

I am a mythologist, and I thank Bellamy who wrote these lines in 1938. They remain prophetic. Since then, the status of the mythologist, alas, has not improved. Worse: the all-powerful neo-Darwinians devote us to moaning. Fantasy and bias would be our dogmas. Assured of being more scientific than these new priests, mythologists will stick to their specialty.

Pass for an idiot in the eyes of a fool is a gourmet delight. (Georges Courteline)


I wrote a little while ago a nice delirium that came to mind: my version of the Big Bang. Well, believe me, the Big Bang is human work. But yes, it was humans like us, in their lab of sorcerer’s apprentices, who had this funny idea: if we invented a new universe? Laugh all you want, they did. The proof? It’s us.



You should always be drunk.  So as not to feel Time’s horrible burden which breaks your shoulders and bows you down, you must get drunk without cease. With wine, poetry, or virtue as you choose. But get drunk.
Charles Baudelaire