Eternal Man



Not only did Darwin make a mistake on our origins, which are much older than he thought, but his Theory of Evolution happens to be wrong too, since our evolution was certainly not what he said.

Reinforced by concordant myths from many cultures, tradition gives us the answers that a misinformed science still challenges.

Our species is extremely ancient, the memory wall is impenetrable screen beyond which our opaque past becomes invisible.

Rongo Rongo writing engraved on stones of Easter Island has not yet been deciphered. These glyphs have been formally identified as a language, no doubt about it. Current islanders know nothing about it, repeating that these ancient stones were already on the island when their long gone ancestors arrived. Just as mohaïs, the famous giant statues.

The Eden Saga solution: put all these glyphs on computer, compare the glyphs from everywhere, and discover with amazement (researchers are often amazed, ie lost in a maze) it is one and the same language, very old, from the time when humans were twice bigger than us and rode dinosaurs.

This is not an image, although many images exist to attest, as on top. Many evidence is there that neglect science, bury or challenge.  

Several human footprints were embedded in rock in Central India. They could be evidence of ancient astronauts. A village in central India has fueled discussions on numerous social networks about the discovery of a mysterious set of “footprints” embedded in rock next to depictions of a flying object.

The village in question is called Piska Nagri, and it is located in the outskirts of the city of Ranchi in the State of Jharkahnd. This is where geologist Nitish Priyadarshi has been studying mysterious and striking footsteps, which according to local legend, could prove to be evidence pointing towards the presence of sky gods who landed at the region in the remote past.

The footprints are located on rock and look as if they were made with wooden sandals commonly used for thousands of years by the inhabitants of the region. One of the tracks is 28 centimeters long and 11 centimeters wide. It is believed that the god-kings of Hindu mythology, Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana, spent time in this area while searching of Rama’s wife, Sita. (source)

While science rejects them, for there is no scientific explanation to them, so they are considered scientific nonsense and called singularities. 




Vindicator Michael Cremo doesn’t agree. Exploring dusty basements of museums and universities, he gathered all the archaeological “singularities” he could find in a heavy 850 pages book. An edifying reading indeed.

There are skulls of giants and dwarfs, staggering hominid skeletons, old nails and screws dated hundreds of thousands or millions of years, aliens or not nano-technology, flying machines in prehistory, you better read this: (source)Michael Cremo, Forbidden Archaelogy Such number of singularities, that’s singular. Ment and science is lying to us, that’s his business. 

So when did history really start? Will science move our origins back in time more and more, until reaching its limits, those of matter? I feel certain than man comes neither from ape, nor from any known Hominidae, what has already been said. Darwin couldn’t be totally wrong, neither could his paleo-anthropologist fans for 150 years now. Dates of other Hominidae’s apparition may be right. In which case, neither Homo erectus nor Homo faber would be our ancestors, those are distinct species that appeared much later than us. Was it at a time of highly developed science

Time to review the old clichés about prehistory.




How old are we, anyhow?

Long time ago, a very developed worldwide civilization asked brilliant geneticists to create intelligent beings. They needed hard workers in fields and mines, says the Sumerian genesis. The gods created a variety of lower beings to serve them. According to Sumer’s tradition, we are those flunkeys. 

If there is a real danger in taking for granted theories and beliefs of science, the danger is bigger to follow any myth literally.

The understanding of any particular myth supposes a vast experience and a real knowledge of hundreds of extremely ancient -and odd- mythologies.

These amazing stories question us concerning our origin, the presence of giant hominidae, and of course the real age of man. Of course science remains totally silent on these topics, because the only valid theory, i.e. Darwin’s evolution, grew with many contradictions and creeds, in a similar and equally ridiculous process as creationnist’s theories. Both are wrong and none will admit.


 God In You

Will paleo-anthropology perform its quantum revolution some day? Soon or later, will it join metaphysics through the quantic field theory? Will it dare to venture further through always more vanishing ages, through always more ontological times?

Long time ago when time didn’t exist, at the dawn of the world when spirit was first embodied, feeling dizzy with the new powers given by matter. The creating spirit took different physical bodies, sometimes mixing man with animal, and often using huge sizes. And you are, I am, we all are part of the creating spirit.


There is no difference in kind between the human and the divine. Just a difference of degree. (Lao Surlam)


Remember you are god, you are the same nature as gods, and by you everything was created. Even if we often forget it, we are made of light, and this light is not known to science. Edgar Cayce evokes these times on Earth before Adam, when men were spirit projections, when the body, less material than the present one, had both sexes inside.




He gave a date of ten million five hundred thousands years to this first incarnation. So where do these 200 million years old footsteps come from? How could we trust these dates? There is no way to be sure of any scientific dating

Be patient, answers will come soon. From yourself. Facing such gaps of eternity, no doubt that reasoning reason is not the best investigation tool. Neither is scientific process, nor any dogmatism. 

 But another method has been existing for millenia. “To discover something about man, we must not go to the geologist, who can only show us a couple of jaws and an empty brainpan or two, reliquiae of unlucky wretches who perished in the last stages of the cataclysm, the Great Flood or Deluge. We must rather go to the mythologist, the quiet collector of ‘cosmic fiction’, who has not been taken seriously up till now, for the true meaning of the reports that have been handed down to us for time immemorial.” (source)Bellamy, Moon, Myth and Man 

Bellamy wrote these lines in 1938. They remain prophetic. Since then,  alas, the status of the mythologist has not improved. Worse, the all-powerful neo-Darwinians violently criticize mythologists. Fantasy and bias would be mythologists’ dogmas, they say.

Sure to be more scientific than these new priests of a deadly religion, mythologists will therefore stick to their specialty.


Pass for an idiot in the eyes of a fool is a gourmet delight. (Georges Courteline)


Life is random opposed to destinies.
Serge Gainsbourg