Crystal Channeling


Star Johnsen Moser is a psychic clairvoyant who had a breathtaking experience of channeling with a crystal skull named Max – or Malek as Max himself suggested to her. She was kind enough to write to me the detail of these close encounters. 

 “I first met a crystal skull called MAX in 1987. I felt so much emotion that it was like being introduced to a long lost friend. I rocked him like a baby, the tears rolling down my cheeks! How surprised I was to be experiencing such feelings, for I had never before heard of crystal skulls. After that I had various experiences with MAX in meditations. During a session, a brilliant pink light began radiating through MAX. I found myself being lifted into another dimension wherein I observed a group of Beings.

They were sending light through their crystal skull up to mine. I felt an intense connection with “home” I could remain forever in that exquisite, loving energy. One day, while giving a healing session, I felt a huge power emerge from my heart and move up into my throat and suddenly a very strange language burst forth from out of my mouth! Totally overpowered by this force, I kept speaking I noticed that the energies of the person on whom I was working seemed to respond to and understand this language.

I received the guidance that MAX the crystal skull would understand this language too! So I flew to Houston and my friend Mae Malone (who had also begun speaking in the same strange language as myself!) and I went to pay MAX a visit. As we both allowed ourselves to speak, we noticed that there was some movement in the energies of the skull. As we spoke and spoke the energies began to quicken enormously and we saw little wheels of light… kind of chakras begin to whirl within the crystal.

All of a sudden, a presence came flying out of the skull with such force that Mae was literally thrown across the room.

I was frozen to the spot in amazement, the energy was so intense, so was the emotion. Suddenly a laser of light shot from out of the heart center of this being and shot into my heart, and I thought that my life was suddenly coming to a close, that I was about to literally burst into flames. When I could handle no more, this energy grounded into the earth through my body, and from that moment on I found myself to be in telepathic communion with this presence… whom I call “TAK”.”




Star was guided by the book “The Keys of Enoch” by J.J. Hurtak, and was stunned to find out that TAK means the constellation of Orion in the Tibetan language. Hurtak writes about “The civilization of ‘TAK’, which evolved 36,000 years ago and reached over a vast area to what man has called South America. Great city areas were built and seeded with a great technology of the gods.” Allright this is not new. What else? Star wrote, “We found ourselves on top of a pyramid engaged in a Mayan fire ceremony.

It felt so real that our eyes burned from the smoke and we could feel the heat from the fire. Suddenly we were transported totally off the planet and went flying through space…” This looks a lot like a quest of vision thanks to ayahuasca or an abduction by aliens. Jesus‘ Ascension or Enoch‘s travels were also abductions of the same type. Like this one: “I found myself at the sacred site of Uxmal…literally. I was drawn into a little room behind the pyramid of the Magician, and I began to go into a deep trance. I had found home…or home had found me…for the first time since my birth on this planet.”

Very interesting. The small room under the pyramid must be the “room of awakening” which was linked up with lightning pyramids in all very ancient civilisations. The very deep trance of Star could be the living memory of a baptism by the fire from above, the awakening by lightning that she would have received under this pyramid of Uxmal, a long time ago. She added: “The best known Mayan crystal skull is the Mitchell-Hedges skull. I had the opportunity to work with this sacred skull for an afternoon. “Malek, Malek, Malek” I shouted. “Malek… MALDEK”!!! And instantly my cosmic memory awakened about the planet Maldek that had once been a planet in our solar system.”

This planet was located between Mars and Jupiter where a belt of asteroids marks the spot. “I remembered that this planet had been destroyed by abuse of the power of the word… It is now nothing more than the asteroid belt. I understood that when Maldek blew up, this created a dangerous void place in the circuitry of our solar system, causing us on Earth to be disconnected from the higher dimensions. For me, the name of this skull will always be MALEK.”

Malek ? Or balek ? Balek is the Arabic word for danger, caution. We may admit – as the sound is very similar – that the word she heard was not malek but balek. So the message could have been: “Danger ! Don’t destroy your planet as we did long ago”
This is all very nice and we can admit that Star was deeply moved by living such things. But the content of the message is very thin. In particular, there is no available advice in this warning.

My dear reader must think “All this noise for so little. A more useful advice would have been: by what means can we prevent it? What can we do to help in such case?” Nothing but pray I suppose. If it doesn’t help it won’t harm.

Is there anything more accurate? Any message we can use?

The point is not to believe or not believe. What matters is to ask many questions as possible. (Bernard Werber)


 Carole Wilson is a famous Canadian clairvoyant. She wrote, “You want to know the origins of this receptacle that you call the crystal skull. I will tell you that it was shaped are many thousands of years by beings of superior intelligence … It was formed by a civilization that preceded those you call “the Mayas.” (source)Chris Morton, Mystery of the Crystal Skulls So this mysterious civilization would be the Olmecs, or the unknown people that preceded them.




Why not Atlantis?

Since this fabulous origin is admitted by all the Indian tribes of the Americas, the rest of the world including us can just take it for granted. But let Carole Wilson continue his presentation. “In many ways, our standard of civilization was, at the time as you say, well ahead of the one you have today. This receptacle was crystallized because you, in the third dimension, need to see, hear and touch… The earthly life of this receptacle is 17,000 years. It was passed down from generation to generation. It was polished with sand and hair … and no harm will come of it.”

Carole Wilson gives us a date, so let’s be cautious: you know what I think of any date or datation. She said that the skull dates from 15,000 or 17,000 BP. Before the flood, then, since dating about 12.000 BP. What sticks with the usually accepted chronology. Its makers may well be the Atlanteans; ie the former gods, as I called our creators who belonged to a previous mankind. Carole Wilson goes on with her revelations:

“There, close to the surface of your land, and close to be discovered, there are remains of our civilization. These findings will cause a lot of disagreement, but they are required to reduce the spirit of separation. You have a desire to separate that will lead to your own destruction. We can already feel the influence of this separation in the form of violence. There are a lot of violence on your planet. Violence against men, violence against nature, violence against the Earth (source)Chris Morton, Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

Carole Wilson’s speach is a slap and a flower. The slap is the moody feeling of the present days. Flower is in our hands. New discoveries emerge every month. World ancient history is to rewrite each year. Soon, the remains of buried or immersed civilizations will be so numerous that doubt will vanish. There are already many evidences of high grade technology of those very ancient peoples.

Sooner or later, we must admit that we are not the first. Nor the last, I suppose.

This is to charm the poets, artists and crazy ramblers who for so many years tried to unveil Isis desperately. “Soon Atlantis will emerge from the ocean and show the eyes of men in all its splendor,” prophecied Edgar Cayce in the last century. This man gave us a good habit: using our third eye and subtle feelings. Would he be right again? If Atlantis rises from the depths of the ocean, it may have lost some of its former splendor. Unless the ancient civilization lies under the Antarctic ice?


If I trust Edgar Jacobs,in The Great Pyramlid Mystery” Don’t laugh, all the world’s knowledge is in the comics balek means “danger” in modern Arabic, the one who is spoken in Egypt for example. Links between ancient Egypt and South America are numerous enough to compare the vocabulary of both countries. We can easily imagine that since these two countries were able to share the pyramids they were able to share this word. I am intimately persuaded that these skulls of crystal are cautions. Max came to us to deliver a message, to vanish fear, and to unify all of us. We all agreed. Time has come.




Here are the words that Star perceived in the crystal skull. I numbered the sentences for a reason that will appear further on.

I – I come to you openly, in Mind and in Heart.
II – I come to you through the Corridors of Time.
III – I come to restore your Gifts, long forgotten.
IIII – I come in Remembering, and I come in Truth.
V – I come in Oneness, and I come in Gladness.
VI – I come with the Blessings of Infinite Love.

VII – Oh turn not away in fear or limitation
VIII – Turn not away in distain or despair.
VIIII – I come with the flame of Freedom Everlasting.
X – Let us soar through Illusion to the Heart of the Dove.

XI – I hold the Secrets, the Keys to the Mysteries.
XII – I hold the Pattern, and I hold the Plan.
XIII – I hold open the Doorways to illumine the Chambers.
XIIII – Open your Heart and let Me come in.

XV – Open your Mind and enter the Doorway.
XVI – Cast off all Entanglements of Time.
XVII – Open your Body to the Light of the Heavens.
XVIII – Open your Pathways to the Light of the Stars.

XVIIII – Open your Gifts to share with each other.
XX – Open your Senses to the Sound and the Light
XXI – Open your Being to the Unified Presence.
Reach out to each other, Divine Reflection, Divine Love.

This crystal skull asks us for a complete confidence in him and in those whom he represents. Who are they? Only a technological civilisation would be capable of making this crystal gadget and of programming to transmit a message, to show coloured lights, sounds, and to give emotions. This messenger of “unified presence” asks us to be wide open, is it necessary to obey? To let enter in yourself an unknown mind, this is called a possession. And it means balek. Danger.

Don’t ever let yourself pervade by any psychical entity, ghost, spirit, wandering soul, ectoplasm, ally or else: he could never give you back your body’s control. (Carlos Castaneda)


Apart from this restriction, the contents of the message is laudable in every way. The skull announces the return of our lost powers; the Light which enters the Chamber recalls enlightenment by the lightning in the Chambers of pyramids. Last but not least: the message is made of twenty-two affirmations, mostly beginning with “I”. The parallel  is impressive with the twenty-two major arcanas of tarot: the “I” also rules every arcana. Each sentence corresponds to the deep feeling of twenty-two arcanas.



 I – “I come to you openly, in Mind and in Heart” express the message of the Magician, innocent youngster who embodied with all the possibilities on the table in front of him.
VI – “I come with the Blessings of Infinite Love” describes the feeling of arcana VI The Lover, when the young heart in love opens for the very first time.
X – “Let us soar through Illusion to the Heart of the Dove” means the big illusion of The Wheel of Fortune which is spinning us to the Dove of recovered peace.

XVI – “Cast off all Entanglements of Time” is an amazing definition of The Tower, when the broken crown of the ego will allow the mother and child reunion, meeting the Whole Cosmos again.
XXI – “Open your Being to the Unified Presence” it is the androgyne of the World who reigns over the four elements
and finally the Fool – without number – is exactly in a line with the last sentence: “Reach out to each other, Divine Reflection, Divine Love.”

Every arcana, when comparing with the corresponding sentence, played in my heart a moving choir. I was really astonished by the news. Now I tell you this: those who have a tarot will line up the twenty-two major arcanas on the table and link them to each corresponding sentence. Che sera sera. Now for the internal understanding of major arcanas, the reader would like to refer to the following articles: Initiatory Tarot, Arcana XIII, The Tower, The Tarot of Awakening.

So you will be able to make your own discoveries and marvel at the unity of the messages reaching us on these holy days. For this nice reading in the crystal, we won’t forget to thank Star Johnsen-Moser.


The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.
William Butler Yeats