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The basic tenet of Darwin, natural selectionVery questioned by a growing number of scientists. Watch the video, is it really a scientific concept, or a religion’s creed? If this debatable thesis is such a success, isn’t it because it justifies the immorality of capitalism?

We just celebrated the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Darwin, and on this occasion many books are devoted to the theories of this great anthropologist. Contrary to what is often assumed, Darwin is not the father of the theory of evolution, which had already been laid before him, but the father of ‘struggle for life’, the fight for survival. Only the fittiest individuals survive and reproduce. It is natural selection, which was just an hypothesis in the beginning, but which has over time become a dogma.

Nowadays, neo- Darwinians reject the slightest questioning of their idol. They became, more or less, a sect that is scientific only by its name. The so-called natural law they advocate, the struggle for survival and the law of the strongest, is nothing other than the religion of capitalism. The vision of Man coming out of the jungle and flanking the mash at any moving being until he becomes the master of this planet, this is the original myth that underlies the capitalist ideology. This is the creed of wild capitalism, without qualm nor regulation of any kind.

In a way, the financial crisis that has just grown in the USA has no other origin that this stupid creed. For it is no natural law at all, and on this point, Darwin can see numerous rising opponents more serious than the biblical creationists, who give our species only 7,000 years of age. Scientific creationists and their pope Rael are hardly more credible. Currently, all serious scientists have abandoned the creationist thesis.

darwin-a-sept-ans-200poFor two centuries, the theory of evolution had been proven and was not being questioned any more. At least in its outline. But the eternal missing link in human ancestry constantly comes asking the vexing question: what is the true age of the called modern man? There have been reports of really old fossils of Homo sapiens sapiens. They ask the question: what if our pseudo-ancestors, Homo erectus or Homo faber, were actually posterior to man?

But this detail does not undermine the theory. If Darwin is the father of natural selection, he had arranged other tracks. Thus, he wrote in The Origin of Species « I am sure that natural selection has been the main, but not the only one, factor of modification of species. » But his extremists followers declared natural selection was the only cause of evolution. So they placed their hypothesis beyond any criticism, and without further ado, it became gospel. And science became religion.

“What is natural selection? It is ‘survival of the fittiest’. But who are the fittiest? What is aptitude? It is the ability to survive, and to produce an offspring. Thus, the key concept of the Darwinian theory, that of natural selection, becomes ‘the survival of those who survive’. It is a mere tautology!” (source)Tom Bethell, Darwin’s Mistake, 1976 “Naturally, Darwin was not that stupid. He had defined the aptitude otherwise that survival, making the analogy with the selection by farmers” corrects Jean Staune.


Darwin, Darwin ! il est temps qu'on te taille un costard !But the analogy is flawed. The farmer chooses the calf, which will become the future reproducer, according to the criteria he wishes to have in his livestock. In natural selection, which are the criteria for the breeder? For Darwinians, no creationism. So no farmer. As we can see, the concept of natural selection reaches its limits here. This highlight of Darwinism presents neither rigor nor relevance of a scientific concept. For numerous researchers, it is time to get through. To understand to whom the crime benefits. Those who treat women and men like cattle, have no interest in rejecting Darwinism. 

This new religion that consider humanity as a way of making more money on people’s suffering has a lot to do with basic darwinian principles. Struggle for life introduced wild capitalism, as theory of evolution lowered our origin. All this cattle descended from apes does not deserve any respect from the ruling elite.

If we people discover the truth about ourselves, this spoilt elite would lose everything.


We are the fallen angels.


Anything we don’t understand, we better get rid of.
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