The Age Of Man


Is Homo erectus our oldest ancestor? Science says yes, but this answer is not science: just an opinion, not quite justified indeed. Several Homo sapiens’ fossils could be much older. As an evidence, these days, paleoanthropology suddenly drives the appearance of Homo Sapiens more than a million years back. Other discoveries will bring more drastic revisions. Cartesian, materialists and chilly have to face it: we have been here for a long time.


 “How old man is – we cannot even faintly guess. One thing however is a biologically certain fact: he is by no means of recent extraction, but of extremely ancient age. Man’s descent is shrouded in mystery: it is an unbroken succession of missing links! The lateral branches of the primates were lopped off on some half a dozen occasions in the Earth’s history; and only these reveal to us their earlier forms.” (source)Bellamy, Moon, Myth and Man That is the summary of our scientific knowledge. This text was written more than seventy years ago. But in this long period of time the state of scientific knowledge about our origins has progressed little. 

Sooner or later, a theory that does not work must be abandoned. This is a scientific law as well as a bloody evidence. I mean if you care about efficiency, which does seem to be the case for followers of Darwin… who doubted the validity of his own theory!


360 Million Years Old Biped Skull

The extremely ancient descent of man, based on facts and fossils, is a cat among the pigeons for paleo-anthropologists. Some snipers, challenging Darwin and his theory of evolution, think that Hominidae are posterior to ‘modern’ man. To them, our origin is way older. We keep on going further. “Everything has been said, and we arrive too late for 7000 years that men has been existing and thinking” said La its “Characters” Two centuries later, Homo sapiens sapiens‘ age jumped from 7000 to 150,000 years.

This way, we became billion years older in three centuries.

Despite the cult of Darwin, numerous fossils of Homo sapiens have been found in geological layers aged several hundred thousands of years. But because of the cult of Darwin, as age of those fossils went against the dogma, they have been lost or given to collectors. David Childress cites fossils of modern man 300 000 years of age, 500 000 years and even one million years. Other authors as Andrew Tomas, Michael Cremo, William Corliss, Frank Edwards… talk about five million years and more.

The website Impossible Discoveries, faithful to its dedication as a pioneer, gave us this new scoop: “In 1842, a human skull, badly preserved, was found in a 15 to 50 million year old lignite. This object is part of the collection of Freiberg’s mining academy in Germany. In july 2005, M. Mohammed Zaraouit discovered in a marble quarry at Tafilalet, Morocco, in a devonian geological layer, a little fossilized crane belonging to a primate, who must be a biped and aged of 360 million years.” (source)




250 Million Years Old Modern Shoes

Magazines like Nexus or Top Secret regularly broadcast such informations. Like those 250 million years old human footprints. I talked about this fossilized sole of a modern shoe. Found in 1968 by William J. Meister in Antelope Spring, Utah. The fossil shows the imprint of modern shoe soles with the heel mark. “The footprint of a heel, about one-eighth of an inch (about 3.5 mm), was pushed deeper into the ground than the sole. Clearly, the impression was obtained from a Because the sandal was worn, typically, on the right side of the heel “. (Source)Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson, Forbidden Archeology, 1998 with torches, on page 810

We also see on the sole the fossil of a trilobite, which disappeared 250 million years ago, which allows to date the fossil of the sole with certainty. These traces are still visible on the site of Paluxy River, Glen Rose, Texas, USA. We can distinctly see the deeper mark of the heel. Those amazing imprints are still visible at Paluxy River’s site, near Glenn Rose, Texas, USA.

In 1988, Dr Hans Zillmer cites In his book “Darwin’s mistake”some disconcerting discoveries of the same type, so did Michael Cremo in his book Forbidden Archeology. Guess what anthropologists said about these books? Not a word. There are more recent discoveries of modern human footprints. They were found next to representations of UFOs. These prints are very old, in one case as in the other, they show clearly modern soles, identical to the moon-boots worn by astronauts. It is embarassing for scientists anyhow. Do they see another proof of the theory of ancient astronauts? No way. They just don’t care.

The ancients considered the time as cyclical and repetitive story. 200 million years ago, as no hiuman walk on this earth, who wore shoes like ours? Dinosaurs? Should we admit alien shoemakers making same shoes as ours? Or worse, should we conclude that these traces are those of human time travelers coming from the future … However, when facing such evidences, we all feel dizzy. And shocked. Except the first concerned, I mean the scientists who don’t care. So many machined metal objects dating from the dinosaurs have been found already, but scientists keep on calling them singularities. When singularities are more numerous than the theory predicts, they are no longer exceptions, but the rule. Then the theory has to be changed. The trouble is no other theory is avalaible but alien technology. By resorting so often to extraterrestrial, one must conclude that the Jurassic earth was covered with aliens. Aliens living on earth are no longer aliens, are they?




In latin, artifact means artificial. The word refers to objects whose origin is not natural. If the artifact is extremely old, it’s puzzling. Science can’t explain. But when an artifact is 200 million years old, we suppose it is not made by human. Unless Homo Sapiens were contemporary with dinosaurs? No way, science says. But engraved stones from Ica, Peru, show men taming numerous prehistoric animals, including dinosaurs. Some statuettes from the Andes, and some olmec statues show the same scenes, men in company with dinosaurs. There is undoubtedly a tendency to show men in company with those big beasts, which died 60 million years ago.




Fossilized Footsteps

The discovery of this 290 million years old footprint was made in New Mexico by paleontologist Jerry MacDonald in 1987. In the vicinity of this mysterious footprint there are fossilized impressions of birds and other animals. The discovery of the human impression has left MacDonald particularly puzzled and not he or anyone who has seen and studied the impression has not been able to explain how this modern footprint could have been located in the Permian strata, which according to scholars dates from 290 to 248 million years, a time period which occurred long before man or even birds and dinosaurs existed on this planet, of course, that is according to modern science creed and main stream scientific thinking. Which is not mine …

Another stunning fossil: in 1908, next to Glenn Rose, Texas, was found in a rock a fossilized human footprint near a dinosaur track, walking in opposite ways. The two contemporary footprints were estimated 120 to 130 million years old. Last but not least, this astonishing fact: the human foot is bigger than the dinosaur one. Basing on our modern standards, it would give to that superman, a great 13 feet size. A bit larger for ballet shoes. If all the wildlife was taller, why not man? On the other hand, there are many anomalies in the distant past, anomalies that no one would take to technology.


Stunning Rocks 

Yet! Do you know Waffle Rock, USA: this rock is only part of a rock now submerged by the waters of an artificial lake, Lake Jennings, West Virginia, USA. Geologists do not know how it has been formed, and why only there. They however all agree to say that it is a natural formation. I wonder why? Dated back 200 million years, it could be an artifact. Another fine work of good old dinosaurs



This photo shows a carved rock in Brehat Island, Côtes d’Armor, Britanny. Could you identify what is carved here? The giants of the past have strewed the planet with their monumental works, eroded by the eons, which our indoctrinated eyes can not even decipher anymore.

All findings are not as old anyway. In august 1870, in Illinois, J. W. Moffit found a coin 30 meters under Earth. Estimated age: 150,000 years old. Pr. Winchell studied the object made from an unknown alloy. Round, with regular edges and uniform thickness, the coin represented a crowned woman’s face, which seemed engraved with acid. In the back, an animal with long pointed ears, and a long frayed tail, was accompanied by an archaic horse. On both faces were signs from an unknown writing.


A Surprising Geode

In 1961, In Olancha, California, three prospectors found a surprising geode. Made of hardened clay, with fossil shells, a nail and a washer. That undeniable artifact, would be between 250 and 500 000 years old, long time before supposed apparition of Homo sapiens. That priceless archeological treasure was sold in 1969 for 25 000 dollars. Good riddance for science, irritated by such singularities, but isn’it a real crime against knowledge? 

Traces of industrial life, extremely old metal alloys, were recently found by miners here and there. In the 19th century, during an oil drilling, a figurine of human appearance was discovered in Idaho, USA. It’s called the Nampa doll. The depth where it stood gives it an age of more than 2 million years. According to our specialists, Homo Sapiens had not appeared yet. Our specialists mock contradictory evidence, their theory is enough for them: it is sacred to them … Since these findings have not been made by qualified archaeologists, they have been archived and classified. Cheers dominant archeology! But the question still remains: who made these mechanical parts everywhere on earth, 300 million years ago? My answer is quite easy: man did that, who else? Feel free to imagine someone else. For my part, I will attempt to demonstrate in the pages ahead.

Here’s a relief that dispels doubt. It represents a stegosaurus, and one wonders how it could decorate Buddhist temple of Angkor Wat? In Cambodia, it is called the stegosaurus Ta Prohm. Which model could use the sculptor? Any living stegosaurus? During Middle-Ages???



There are two histories: the official history, lying ; then the secret history, where are the true causes of events. (Honoré de Balzac)


If you let someone control your destiny, this is the end.
Jean-Louis Aubert