Life Comes From The Stars


Life comes from the stars. This planet has been seeded by meteorites from space containing bacteria or other micro-organisms. Long live chance! Unless some aliens did it deliberately … what all the ancient myths tell us.

In 1996, NASA announced the discovery of primitive life forms in a meteorite from Mars and discovered in April in the Antarctic. At an estimated 4.5 billion years, the meteorite was home to microfossils dating back 3.6 billion years. Since then, we know that microorganisms carrying living bacteria could have sown life on this planet. We also know that the resistance of some organisms is phenomenal. “At 3000 m depth, after 120,000 years in a Greenland glacier, a microorganism was found dormant but alive” quotes Didier Savignol. (source)Didier Savignol, L’origine de la vie, Benevento editions

This resistance could allow life to resist indefinitely the harshest conditions – those found in space for example. According to Robert Charroux, there would be on a mountain in Sweden “a metal belt, 306 m wide, inside which grows a vegetation different from any terrestrial vegetation” (source)Robert Charroux, Histoire inconnue des hommes, ed. Robert Laffont Who sowed these plants? Why are they only pushing there? Do not they have seeds? Charroux learned so much, he told so many things, he did not always take the time to develop his findings.

Francis Crick is one of two men who elucidated the double helix of DNA. According to him “our DNA was brought to earth by a spaceship, and all life on Earth is a clone derived from a single extraterrestrial organism.” (source)Francis Crick quoted by Didier Savignol, L’origine de la vie, ed. Benevento “A form of primitive life has been brought to earth by a deliberately advanced civilization,” he adds. Applause. Crick proposes two facts in favor of his theory: the genetic code is identical in all living beings; the oldest organisms appear suddenly, without the trace of simpler precursors. (source)Michel Drosnin, La Bible, le code secret II, ed. Robert Laffont

According to Erich von Däniken,Swiss researcher, pioneer of ufology, author of Chariots Of The Gods Albert Einstein would have welcomed the idea of ​​a visit of extraterrestrials on our planet, at a remote date of prehistory. He would have had this conversation with a friend too:
Einstein: Flying saucers exist, those who own them are humans who left the earth 20,000 years ago.
His friend: Why are they coming here?
Einstein: They like to come back to earth to follow the history of men. It’s a homecoming.

In this case they’re not extra-terrestrials, they are ex-terrestrials. Do they have the power to influence us? Do they use it? Some new ideas popped up recently about the world’s ultimate reality, the true nature of the universe … Are they the result of astral education? Are the ex-terrestrials the visitors who created this humanity before leaving? As can be seen, the Einstein’s hypotheses raises more questions than it gives answers. Same story with the Saga of Eden as a whole …




Global biologist Carl Sagan admits that the earth has been visited at least once by an extraterrestrial civilization. In my life, I have seen science come closer to the mythological tradition, step by step, slowly but surely. Even the secret services have opted for this hypothesis. According to Pricknett and Prince, the British and American intelligence services assume that it would be extraterrestrials who would have brought us civilization. (source)Pricknett and Prince, Stargate Why would they do that? In a totally disinterested way, as a scientific experiment? Did they have a mission, were they mandated by more powerful than them? That’s what we have to understand, a fascinating challenge that the new generations will have to face.

Edouard Schure explains that “According to the Egyptian and Indian esoteric traditions, humanity would have begun its existence on other planets where the matter is less dense than on ours.” The human body was almost vaporous. By incarnating on more and more dense planets that the man has materialized according to the doctrine of Hermes. Rudolph Steiner takes up this thesis, improving it. According to him, it is on earth that the human being has experienced increasing density and gravity. Without saying it openly, Steiner agrees with the hypothesis of successive moons, as developed by Bellamy.

I have told all this in different articles since the creation of this site in 2008 until 2014. My interests have since evolved more towards the human aspect, our aspirations, our here and now, our post-mortem future. The other history keeps on sticking to my guts, thus I never miss an opportunity to refresh its contours. There are more than 700 articles in this site. Many of which are dedicated to the great human adventure, that of our species, that of the previous humanities, of ours, of the next tro come after us. The sum of all our individual stories is building stone by stone the sky-scraping Saga of Eden. 

We are more and more numerous to dig this other History of Human, this Saga of Eden of which we are the last offspring. Fragile, idiotic and lost, as we’re all … Doing the best we can – not much indeed. So many of us seeing signs where our elites only see money. So many of us feeling different, warriors of light, eager for life, waiting to wake up. On the road. Soon enough we will be enough to raise the vibratory rate of this planet.

This beautiful planet of which we are only tenants, my dear friends. On the cosmic pay slip that we receive after life, we are not classified human being. In the function box, it is written: biological maintenance agent. Our job is first and foremost to maintain the different biotopes which we are constantly degrading; then to protect all life, which we have never begun to do; and finally to allow the development of all beings and promote their awakening, which original civilizations were still doing, but that modern times have totally neglected. Yet a compensatory mechanism has emerged …

As if by chance – you know what I think about chance – a very large number of awakened persons incarnate for ten years. It makes a raise on statistics. Your role is clear: wake up. Ring the bell. Help your loved ones to wake up. There is no other urgency more urgent than this urgent urgency. Hurry up. Move on.



“I have come not to bring peace but to bring war. I have set fire to the world, and I will stir it to flames”