The Climate War



“From Carthage to Iraq via Vietnam,
we destroy nature to annihilate the enemy.
And destroy yourself.”

“This statement by General Fabio Mini is the preamble to a long article entitled “The overall environmental war has already begun.” (source) Recall that the environmental warfare -defined as “the intentional modification of a natural ecological system in order of destruction”- is prohibited by international law since 1977, date of approval by the UN Convention against climate changes (ENMOD).

“That same year, US President Carter unveiled details of a top secret Pentagon project code -name was Noah’s Ark (Noah’s Ark)- a network of bunkers on Earth and in space to receive senior key officials in the event of nuclear war. But no need to be a biblical scholar to know that this name relates to a weather war, not atomic.

“By 1905, the great inventor Tesla had treated convenient way to control the climate by electricity; its patents for transmitting unlimited amounts of electric power anywhere on earth were used for purposes to produce hegemonic directed the weather. the system is based on TBF fields (very low frequency) high voltage in the ionosphere, the heating of the ice cap and the selective production of lightning at any place on the planet …




“By 1977, the great powers have control of the famous death ray, plasma cannon … The climate manipulation by aerial spraying (chemtrails) of aluminum and barium nanoparticles (the latter allows its properties electromagnetic conductivity to transport the low-frequency spectrum of a high frequency carrier wave) has become a matter of national security. The concept of state environmental terrorism was already in the air …

“The effects can be devastating, ie to control natural climate means to control information on the climate ; in this sense, climate information control is synonymous with climate manipulation. The United States, a propaganda was set work to make people believe that global warming is due to CO2, which can be taxed. The new clouds were the subject of a new nomenclature.

“If, like Tesla, we consider the planet as a sphere of electric fluid, one can understand how a resonant circuit using Earth as a conductor can generate very high voltages at odds of any one issuer. By example, the United States backing a powerful VLF transmitter in Australia (Pine Gap) effectively control the area that is the antithesis of the broadcast station, in this case, the Bermuda Triangle, strange phenomena theater.




“For France, the two 1999 storms could be a climate retaliation following the French opposition to GMOs and the Treaty of the MAI. A war less secret … for opening my eyes.” (Source)Irene

Open your eyes, awaken, respond, get up, I know nothing else. This text is not mine, but I fully agree, although some may blame his complotiste color. No conspiracy there, just a statement of proven facts; everyone can check. This is not new, remember what happened to Native Americans. 

“The fate of the American Indians announced the fate of all the inhabitants of the planet who watch helplessly the destruction of their environment, after the confiscation of their space and resources. The message of the Indians is also a source of wisdom, based on respect for nature and understanding of “the Spirit which is in all things”(source)

As for the proposed solution, open your eyes, it is the only viable. There is nothing more useful, nothing more effective than enlightenment, to put it in condition, and get there fast. Clairvoyance. Healing. Love. And standing together, change the world, or rather this filthy. Our number must encourage us to move.

If we move, the world changes. If the world changes, our children will not be silent machinery or consumer slaves. They can walk, slowly, to a well in the desert. Towards the green oasis that their hands and will have grown.




The climate war will bring us new taxes, since this system the only way lives. The hardest to live in this age of intolerance and withdrawal, will not be taxes or increased pollution, but the waves of climate refugees, millions of homeless, without contact, no-future that it will welcome with heart, with no grumbling, understanding that we have too much of all to keep it for us.

I tell you, we have no other choice. That is why it is so urgent to wake up, to open your eyes and heart. But first the eyes. United States Of Earth.


There’s nobody up there, pulling the strings of the puppet you are.
Friedrich Nietzsche