Barefoot On Wild Ground


“The big problem in western world, is how it cuts off men from nature. It sees the nature as inanimate, and does not see its soul. There is a loneliness that comes from the fact that we are cut off from nature, from stars, from animals, from plants, and from the joy inherent in the natural world.”

So spoke Jamie Sams, a Hopi Indian. Aborigines, Papuans or Busmen say nothing else. They see us as Mutants separated from the world. Hence the chronic breakdown consuming us. The Earth is our lifeblood, divest men from its energy is hazardous.

It means plunging them into a subtle death, a kind of energetic anemia that can cause many diseases. Land and wild nature are alive and powerful, and their pulsations are nourishing. American Indians say that the Earth is Wakan, which means sacred. Australian Aborigines see it as the gate to Dream“What makes the desert so beautiful is the well hidden inside” said St-Exupery’s Little Prince. What makes nature so powerful, are the doors hidden inside, the passages to Elsewhere Land. Earth’s chakras for geobiologists and places of power for Naguals.

Peoples with shamanic tradition kept the knowledge of subtle energies flowing the body of our Mother Earth. They know where to find the streams where the sacred energy is flowing. They know how to avoid the places where the harm outweighs. 

That’s why their culture is superior to ours. Barefoot to feel the lightest variations in subtle flow, Aborigines sang their enchanted paths. Barefoot in any season. The Native Americans’ moccasins and the monks’ sandals have a sacred reason. An energetic reason.

Unfortunately, the current planetary culture considers the shoe as a sign of development, and those who do not have are called, not without contempt, tramps. Blessed are they, those tramps: they still feel the beneficial geo-energy that rises into them from Our Lady the Earth. This energy is vital, as necessary for our survival as air or food.

Yet the current era almost totally ignores it.
This has not always been the case.

This is the perfect knowledge of these subtle energies that allowed medieval Companions to erect monuments that were blank of any harm. They had indeed found that cosmo-telluric activity generated harmful residues. Nowadays, geobiologits have rediscovered them, they call them Hartmann grids, or H grids. To get rid of them, and to create conditions conducive to spiritual growth, the cathedrals’ builders made sorts of Faraday cages, where living stones capture any harmful radiation.


In Romanesque churches, H networks are driven back into the thick walls, and so the nave is purged of them. But it often creates an area of high negative energy just outside the walls. To use this energy, romanesque companions set the cemetery around the church, and thus the negativity surrounding the church kept the ghosts outside. In Gothic cathedrals, on the other hand, the networks are sucked into the vault and dismembered by bursters: the rose stones, the capitals’ or ‘gargoyles‘ sculptures.

Nothing is purely decorative in the sacred construction, each architectural element has its geobiological function. And it does not prevent it from being beautifully carved. The naves of the sky brought the believers into the white light.

Thus the labyrinth‘s spiral that often adorns the flooring has its own energy function, felt by those who go over it. The naves of heaven outweighed the faithful in the white light. Built by inspired human beings, these machines for making gods, by what miracle did they have arisen among us?

The art of sacred building appeared suddenly in Western Europe from the 11th century, and died with the end of Order of the Temple, in the 13th century.

But where did it come from? It came from long long time ago. At least four or five milleniums ago. It came from the megaliths’ builders. Those who put up dolmens, pyramids and Cyclopean walls. The ancient gods. The Atlanteans… The Spirit blows where and when he wants to. Through what mysterious time labyrinths this knowledge, disappeared for ten or twelve milleniums, re-emerged in Europe in the 11th century?

Formerly, cosmo-telluric currents were flowing around the globe through large streams. They are corridors of power, about 30 miles wide, moving along an east-west axis, called the Sacred Streams. Mighty rivers of energy, these flows were channeled through a network of standing stones. Real needles for Earth’s acupuncure, these menhirs have unfortunately almost completely disappeared. After the flood’s Great Somersault, these flows lost a lot of intensity, but they still remain active.

In Middle Ages, the companions took these flows into account to build the cathedrals. Their towers and spires formed relays and switches for energy. Whenever it was possible, they built the crypt over a dolmen, because they had the same science of energy that the Megaliths’ builders. Nowadays, geobiologists have resurrected this old practice of diviners. From their observations, the energy that flows in sacred streams is a quite noticeable and recordable reality.

Much more frequent, and less beneficial than the sacred streams, Hartmann grids are residues of cosmo-tellurism. They form a kind of tight energy mesh, positioned south-north and west-east. The grids network covers the whole planet, seas included. Meshes are about 6.5 feet of edge in France, but their size can vary depending on their location. Another fact that may be important: every ten stiches, happens a double grid.

The intersection of two double grids is detrimental to living beings. It is a negative point, such were the Libera-Me in medieval churches, or Viviane’s Hotie in Dark Forest. So when unfortunately a double network crosses right on your bed, you may develop insomnia, headaches or more devastating damages. Please note that there are also triple networks, that are even more powerful, and therefore, in some cases, even more dangerous. Their occurrence is irregular.

But let’s look at the views of mainstream science: “Geobiology is the esoteric study of all environmental influences on living animals, including waves associated to magnetic and electric fields, underground currents, metallic networks, geological faults, etc… It clearly differs from its namesake, the scientific geobiology, side of paleontology related to natural history.” It is true that these two disciplines have only the name in common.

“Some people see geobiology as a field of irrational study, and therefore, it is often equated with a set of beliefs. It tries indeed to envisage the link between a place and life, with a different look than the hard sciences.” (source)Wikipedia Of course, the prevailing thought, resolutely right side, cannot understand this matter reserved to sensitive people; but it is ironic that the main stream science criticize alleged beliefs, when it agrees with Darwin’s deliriums without flinching!

The view of many geobiologist is close to that of Atlanteans. Young Yanomani had spontaneoussly this point of view, almost instictively. Atlanteans also had it, in a more rational way. Sacred Earth, that is the name of our mother. She watched over us for so long time, and maybe even longer, doesn’t she deserve that we watch over her a little? The light is so lovely, we might end up believing that everything can be better.

So… Walking barefoot on soft ground, walking barefoot on the stone, on the sand, on the hardened lava, on the foam, on the fresh grass, in water, in the mud… but barefoot, always, without ceasing. Splat, splat. While walking, activate your energy pump, revive an ignored vital function, eat the good vibrations of the earth. Flap-flap, suckle the source, smell, vibrate, dance in the diaphanous air, evaporate in the dew, barefoot, slowly, for a long time, until tomorrow that will come.

The earth has a skin and that skin has diseases; One of these diseases is called human. (Friedrich Nietzsche)


If a man reaches the heart of his own religion, he has reached the heart of the others, too. There is only one God, and there are many paths to him.
Mohandas Gandhi