Astarte, Aesir Of Tartessos

Red goddess of war and blood, Astarte was the patron of the ancient city of Tartessos, as Athena was that of Athens. Under multiple names, she has reigned over Europe, North Africa and Middle East since the second millennium BC. These goddesses are Aesir, space visitors responsible for managing this planet and its people.

Her archaic cult was often confused with that of the mother goddess. But Astarte is first a warrior. We find her bellicosity among Valkyries of Northern Europe, among the Amazons of Central Europe, in the Gallic goddess Belisama in western Europe, or in the Hindu goddess Kali in India.

Astarte, from the Greek Ἀστάρτη, was called “Athtart in Ugarit,  Shaushga or Shaushka in Hourrites, Astarte (‘shtrt) in Punic-Phoenician language, Ashtoreth or Ashtaroth (עשתרת) in Hebrew. She is Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar in Babylon or Inanna in Sumer. In Egypt, she is the daughter of Ra or Ptah, one of Seth wives.” (source)Wikipedia

astarte-syriaca-200poIn Egypt, it is mostly the mother goddess Isis daughter of Ra, which gives men the perfect spirit.

In Greece, the daughter of Zeus, she is the warlike Athena, one of the companions of Epimetheus.

In Sumer, she is Inanna, but Ninhursag, the head nurse in charge of incubators. Ninhursag becomes Tanit in Carthage. “Tanit is a Canaanite fertility goddess, presiding over the birth and growth. Tutelary goddess of Sarepta, his cult grew louder in Carthage where she was Umm.” (source)Wikipedia

Oum as the singer Oum Khalthoum. Oum as the Hindu Om, Om Mani Padme Aum, Om beloved daughter of Aom, ie Ram.

In Etruria, she is warrior goddess Turan, linking two generations of the Aesir, the former Thor of Taurus era, and the new Ram of Aries era: Thor-Ram ie Turan. In Rome, she is Minerva, goddess of war, armed by his father Zeus-Jupiter, the big boss of the aliens. But she is also found in Venus, goddess of love and seduction.

Kabbalistic sources present Astarte as a devil, and not the least: red goddess who presides over the pleasures of love, Astarte was the wife of Astaroth and the mistress of Satan. Thus she was consequently the demoness of prostitution.

Unlike other demons, she wears a horn-shaped crescent. These are signs that do not lie, Velikowski would say: Astarte is linked to the disastrous incursion of Venus in the solar system. 

I am careful to follow on this point. I exposed Velikowski thesis, since it deserves interest, but I do not share. Why was honored the goddess for so many centuries and in so many countries under so many names? 




I believe that Venus is both an artificial star named Asgaard, and the goddess who lives there. This artificial star is the mother ship of the gods Ases, its brightness is such that it will be called the Sun. Venus is the daughter of the Sun, like all Ases. It is on this Sun that the former gods have arrived above the North Pole. It is given a lot of names, Nibiru, Eden, Paradise, Sidh, Celestial Venice – even if I mostly use its Latin name, Hyperborea.

Astarte belongs to the divine race of the Aesir in the far north, as Wotan and Thor. She is not a Nordic goddess, nor a Boreal but Hyperboreal goddess. She comes from elsewhere, and lives in the floating paradise called Asgaard, Sidhe, Eden or Nibiru : a huge mother ship which remained stationary orbit above the North Pole for several millennia. Hyperboreans are these aliens Aesir who claimed to have created us.

ishtar-astarte-200poKabbalah gives another trait of her character: Astarte deploys all her charms to seduce men and oppresses those who refuse her advances. (source)Sepher-Ha-Zohar  Any goddess she is, never the beautiful Astarte neglects the delights of love with young men of her choice. For such is Gods’ pleasure.  We recognize here, not Minerva-Athena, but rather Venus-Aphrodite, goddess of love. Venus-Aphrodite behaves in the same caricatural way with respect to human males who owe her blind obedience and in whom she knows how to arouse the craziest desire. Here is recognized not Athena-Minerva, but Venus-Aphrodite, goddess of love. Aphrodite behaves the same caricature way. 

“Tell me Venus, what pleasure do you get to make the virtue cascading as you do?” Pâris sings in a famous French operette. (source)La Belle Hélène Astarte is a warrior, everything is a weapon for her, including her seduction.

She is also known as Agrat-bat-mahlaht, Athar, and Jezebeth or Jesubel. She is the sister of Baal and Anath, but she is much more: seductress Astarte uses her charms to circumvent human males. Here we recongnize Lilith, Adam’s first wife. She takes from Lilith her sulfur charm, her moral freedom which immediately places her beyond Good and Evil, all qualities that have attracted Nietzsche, if he attended this voluptuous goddess.

She is the only female demon wearing horned crescent on her helmet. Sometimes it is the horns of the ram, to show that it belongs to the era of Aries, and that she also belongs to Ram himself, the great Ram of Hyperborea. But more often, the horns of Astarte are in the shape of a cradle crescent moon, the symbol adorning the domes of mosques.

Shocking! How come this pagan symbol on top of Allah homes? The answer is historical. Astarte was worshiped in Arabic and oriental earth 2500 years before Muhammad. Small wonder that we find elements of the ancient cult in the architecture of the new? 

The medieval cathedrals also are full of monsters and demons that come straight from the Old Religion. By visiting the temples of the world, I am convinced that it is always so. The Astarte papyrus – unfortunately fragmentary – suggests Astarte is the one who counteracts the exorbitant demands of tribute that the king of the Aesir, Yao or Yam or Ahu asked other gods.

YAM is Yahweh or Ram for he wore both names and many others. He is (Y)ahu Ram Azie Ase meaning Aesir in French Da, ie master of the Aesir, Ahura Mazda who came from far away and which spaceship was squatting the north pole sucking heat energy of our beautiful planet. “When the Aesir will come down here in their huge spaceship, a terrible winter will descend on the planet. As long as spaceship Asgard will stay over the North pole, this terrible winter will not end.” Thus spoke Ahura Mazda to chthonic giant Yima, protected by the Aesir.



That’s it. You know everything. Now you have all the elements to understand what were the Aesir and how they established their empire over the world. In every important city, all around the world, gods and goddesses came to settle. A single Aesir reigned over a vast province, as Astarte gives us an idea. They served as a model for the human kings who came later.

For the Aesir, this practice was an integral part of the terraforming protocol. It was to have the closest possible control of human populations. Later, the various human monarchs reproduced this pattern for the same reasons. These monarchs that we say “divine right”. They descend, not from the gods, but from the first extraterrestrial invaders that were the Aesir, on their artificial planet Asgard, which the Romans call Hyperborea. Asgard, the Ases station. Or keep it, as they say, “God keep us.” Or as the ranger watches over his galley slaves. As the supervisor mate his detainees.

We do not know what we say. And that’s a shame. All the wisdom of the ancients is contained in usual words. Our languages ​​are the conservatories. They contain the forgotten adventure of our species. If we meditated every word we use, every usual expression used by us would speak of the time when the Aesir reigned over men.



 History teaches historians how to falsify it.
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec