Vimanas And Antigravity


The ancient texts, being sacred in different planetary religions, often described a terrestrial sky full of planes, rockets and UFOs. Sometimes the descriptions of these modern devices is veiled, hidden by circumlocutions. But the sacred texts of India, for instance, do not hide anything.

The Ramayana, one of the holiest books of Hinduism, describes in detail the Homeric battles which opposed the Rama’s avengers versus New Atlantis. Ramayana call them Asvins, my gut tells me it is the same people. The brave warriors of Rama have defended their empire with terrible weapons, of incredible destructive power. But they fell under the attack of Atlantean vailixis.

That was a Dantesque scene, naval and air battle, the spindle-shaped vailixis gushing out of the water to rip the sky with their destructive bursts, vimanas exploding in full flight, the walls basking under the bombs, doesn’t it look like a new episode of Star Wars or a page of EP Jacobs?

When he designed his spindle-shaped Swordfish, also flying and submersible, Jacobs perhaps got inspiration from the Atlantean vailixis, encountered in his Akashic dreams. For all the Atlantean gears were not made of bark and wicker.

Some of them, like the vimanas, were even very contemporary. Manufactured from steel or other metals -some of which are lost as orichalcum- these UFOs were equipped with subsonic or supersonic engines. Peering some passages from these texts, I even had the feeling that sublight engines were known to these very remote times.

Michel Padrines found carved stones representing heads with white faces of bearded gods with curly hair, maybe of European type. On their dresses, engraved designs have a deep resemblance to the celestial objects that have haunted our skies for over sixty years. (source)Wikipedia 




Numerous representations of UFOs are visible on old photographs, illuminated manuscripts, frescoes, engravings, stained glass, paintings. It seems that the appearances of flying machines date back to ancient times. Even more surprisingly, it seems that these UFOs have always had the same look, the one we know today.

The question that tickles me is this: how the Atlanteans have acquired such knowledge and mastered a technology that is still inaccessible to us?

In physics, as elsewhere, to understand the Atlanteans, you have to change of light, change of paradigm. It could be that the key was in the pocket of the physicists themselves.


antigravite-PeterZG-688po“Physicists have found the keys to the 5th dimension?, was the title of a French magazineSciences et Avenir, February 2001. Here is in short their enormous discovery. Our universe, with its four dimensionsthe three space dimensions plus time would be like a folding accordion. Shortcuts get through the accordion without following all the zigzag path. These shortcuts are called wormholes, kind of tunnelsconnecting one fold to another. A single class of particles can get through them: gravitons. All other particles, including electrons and photons, are confined to the four space-time dimensions.


So to move almost instantaneously over huge distances, you just have to use the wavelength of the gravitons.” (Source)Sciences et Avenir, February 2001 

What the Atlanteans did. This illustrates their mastery of antigravity. They were experts in this science we barely know, gravitology. As strange as it may seem, the key of gravitology is a sound. Like the sound that starts the polymetallic engines, the Ancients’ antigravity is a sound frequency. How can a sound make fly heavy objects, or make them go faster than light? The graviton is not going faster than light, it takes a different path. It passes through the wormholes, which are the “paths of the insider” described by the ancient Egyptians, and which memory goes back to Atlantis.



Sound vibrations are a complex language that speaks, not to our reason, but to the other hemisphere of our brain, that of unlimited creativity. When we tune with certain sounds, we can reach fabulous areas of consciousness.

If music be the food of love, play on. (Will Shakespeare)


I wish the earth stops to go down.
Serge Gainsbourg