Vimana, ancient UFO?

Vimanas are often mentioned in the sacred texts of ancient India. They are architectural elements, built in my opinion in memory of prodigious ancient machines. Most Indian scholars today admit that originally they were flying machines …

My point is taken, having read in countless ancient texts, including in the Bible, that flying machines existed a long time ago. They were numerous, and differed according to their function and the time. The American researcher Richard Thompson makes a fundamental distinction between two kinds of vimanas, which correspond to two different technological approaches, two different epochs too.

Two Types Of Vimanas

temple-vimana-inde-200po“The Vimanas fall into two categories: (1) some gears made by man, flying with wings as birds, and (2) non-profiled structures that fly in a mysterious manner and are generally not made by human beings. The machines in category (1) are described mainly in medieval Sanskrit texts that speak of architecture, automata, war machines and other mechanical devices. They are made of wood, and fly thanks to wings like our modern aircrafts.

Although these ancient vehicles are also called vimanas, most vimanas does not resemble planes at all. Those in category (2) date back to ancient times. Mentioned in ancient Sanskrit literature they have much in common with UFOs, and the pilot who flew them had the same powers as the pilots of UFOs. The flying machine of Salva, a former Indian king, is an interesting example of Vimana. He had acquired it by Maya Davana, coming from a planetary system called Taltal.” (source)Richard L. Thompson, Alien Identities

Air Combat

He throw rockets, missiles, sabers, swords, battle axes, spears with three blades, flamethrowers, continuously … The sky seemed to have hundred suns, a hundred moons and one hundred myriads of stars. The Mahabharata gives us the following of this story through the mouth of its hero Krishna: “The cruel Salva arrived on the flying chariot Saubha that could go everywhere, up which he killed many young Vrishni and devastated fiercely all city parks.”

And while Krishna was leaping into the sky in pursuit of Salva: “His Saubha hung in the sky with a good head start. There was no more day, no more night, and compass did not work anymore. The aircraft of Salva was very mysterious, said Krishna. It was so extraordinary that sometimes it seemed to multiply in all parts of the sky, and other times it was nowhere.” 

Engineering Feats

A kind of MHD, an interplan? I feel that this machine can dematerialize – materialize elsewhere almost instantly, which gives it a considerable advantage over Krishna’s more conventional machine. Which would explain the illusion of Krishna seeing the Salva machine in twenty different places at the same time. Time and space are relative and not absolute notions. Acquiring mastery of these two dimensions is certainly an accomplishment worthy of an extraterrestrial science …

We can also think that the Saubha of the cruel Salva manages to change plans, to move into a parallel universe at will, and very quickly. Hence his sudden disappearance. I can’t help but draw parallels with some of the achievements of nagual wizards, such as bilocation, multilocation, teleportation, instant disappearance, etc.

But instead of these accomplishments coming from a magical practice, they are here linked to a technological development, as shown by the warrior arsenal on board the Salva machine.


The aircraft was sometimes visible and sometimes invisible, and the warriors of the Yadu dynasty were taken aback at the performance of this unit. Sometimes they saw the plane on the ground, sometimes in the sky, sometimes placed on top of a hill and sometimes floating on the water. The wonderful plane was flying in the sky like fireworks – it could not stand still for any moment.” (source)Mahabharata, Bhaktivedanta

Those who have seen UFOs describe them the same way. An amazing consistency! Should we conclude that the current UFOs are piloted by the same supermen as those of the Mahabharata? Gods, demigods or devas, heroes? In any case, their powers come first from a prodigious technological advance on which are given realistic details and coherent precisions.

Mercury Engine

“The Vimanas were powered by a light yellow fuel, as well as a heart powered by a mixture containing mercury.”

The information is interesting, because antiquity seems to have appreciated the ability to transport this liquid metal that was then called quicksilver. Lively as fast. And the Olympians’ swift messenger was called Mercury. Eh yes. Large deposits of this rare metal have been found under the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, as well as under some Chinese pyramids. Proof that these ancient airfields, Solomon’s Thrones or truncated pyramids, used large amounts of mercury to fuel their UFOs.

I have explained elsewhere that mercury should be considered, not as a fuel, but as an oxidizer, a kind of catalyst making it possible to capture another energy source, I am thinking of the omnipresent vril. Fueled by lightning in particular, multiplied tenfold by scalar waves, vital energy – in the sense that Henri Bergson speaks of vital momentum – is everywhere, in superabundance, and yet almost unused … for the good reason that we cannot not charge it. So this mercantile era considers it completely devoid of interest.

All these details should encourage scientists to revise their position, to say the least dubious, on very ancient science transmitted by hyper-developed supervenes. This thesis, which is mine, is shared by many researchers – frank researchers, as we say mavericks. I have the honor to be counted in their ranks. And you have the advantage of reading live the result of my most advanced research.

This ancient ancient science had terrible chapters, describing overkill bombs, deadly rays and other weapons of mass destruction. The Indian emperor Ashoka was moved by it, he founded a scientific order invested with a sacred mission: to protect these terrible texts; in order to protect future humanity.

Let’s play a bit. Imagine that a current superpower gets its hands on this hidden repository. Nothing is concealed enough that no man will ever find it. Suppose it has already happened. Imagine that these secrets are currently in the hands of a power immoral enough to use them. Here’s an end-of-the-world scenario that I haven’t found in SciFi yet.


Nine Unknown Men

“The Vedas, ancient Indian poems considered the most ancient Indian texts, describe the Vimanas as having various shapes and sizes, and theirdesigns varying according to their utilities. The Indian Emperor Ashoka was so convinced of the authenticity of these writings that he devoted much of his reign to protect his people from their harmful effects.

On this purpose, he created the Secret Society of the Nine Unknown Men, nine great Indian scientists with the task of cataloging the sciences mentioned in old texts, and to conceal from the public. He trembled at the thought that the advanced sciences described in ancient texts bring the devastation of his empire, a fate similar to the one that killed former Rama Empire.(source)

To conceal these ancient sciences to the public, it is feared that the Nine Unknown have destroyed many texts considered too dangerous. Maybe they have done well? Since at every age, people do love playing with fire.

Formerly, until the 7th century BC, in Babel (Babylon), there were also airplanes: “The privilege of using a flying machine is great. The knowledge of flight is among the most ancient of our inheritances. A gift from “what is higher”.

From whom? Atlantean astronauts? Gods of Sumer? Scholars of Tiahuanaco? The manuscript does not say. It only adds: “We got it from them in order to save many lives.” (Source) Would the Tower of Babel be a control tower? Edgar Cayce saw that the Atlanteans had air traffic controllers, thus control towers. Why not also in Babel?

Babel was not a tower but a truncated pyramid, a throne of Solomon. The key element of a spaceport that giants had built to visit the gods. As you can imagine, the jealous gods did not appreciate. To maintain the exclusivity of space flights from their Baalbek spaceport, they did not hesitate to destroy these rebels with bombs, as Yahveh destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah



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