Psi Attack


The expression is from my benefactor, Jean-Claude Flornoy. He used it two or three times without me daring to ask him the question. He spoke about it as a matter of course, I did not want to look like a bell. I was one, he saw it.


The third time he said that, he winked at me, just to say go ahead, ask the question, you’re not going to die an idiot! I threw myself in the water. He laughed at his silent laugh, nodded, and posed as the teacher who knows everything.


The university complex

He certainly did not know everything. But to me, he knew a lot. Twenty years before, I had left a little jerk who was groping in life. Stuck, stupid, with no horizon, no diploma. And there, to my great astonishment, I had come across a mastard, quiet and sure of himself. Expert in fields I had barely heard of in U.S. thrillers. The psychic exocet, its practice and its risks, none of this was in the program of psycho or philo in Nanterre la rouge, in the middle of a very vague wasteland, served by the Paris metro, La FolieMadness station (sic) subtitled University Complex. The academics had a bunch of complexes, but madness wasn’t one of them. It was just the norm.

We are all looking for something. And madness is the quickest way to get it. (Torcuato Luca de Tena)


Flornoy wore his jeans on the green tube chairs for a short year: he left everything behind to get away in Germany. Two years of military service in the French army of occupation. That’s all I knew. No news of him until this morning.


Tourism and pottery

I had just set up Écho-Vision, a comic book communication agency. To launch my company, I had imagined postcards to follow. We had to find customers for the first four card sleeves. One for Echo-Vision, two for my associates’ boxes, remained one last to place. My old friend Devic tells me about Flornoy, who is also in business. Tourism sector. A fleet of barges on the Mayenne, where he owns an estate of several hectares, with two dams and three turbines to resell electricity to EdF. Good plan, I enjoyed. Without being able to refrain from winnowing it by the way.

“You’re into tourism, I tell him.” 
“Yes, after Nanterre. Eight months of university is tourism, right?”
His face has closed.

“Very funny. I’m actually a potter.” 
It was years before Harry.



A potter!! I was a Parisian intellectual, he was a rural manual, hence his hands twice mine. Hydraulician, electrician, potter, builder, gardener, lumberjack, I was going to discover that the Rochefort estate required bigger arms than mine. But to give him a shot of publicity, to make him a logo, to launch his business of penichettes, I was the man he needed. He got the logo and postcards, and we met several times. I was fascinated by the physical and moral build of the man.

The next four years made me the main groupie of my benefactor. While I was collecting colleges and masters, he had learned and practiced the only things I knew nothing about, and that fascinated me.

A pack of waves

Many invisible entities lurk around us. They seek to capture some of our precious energy. To achieve their ends, they use powerful weapons: seduction, duplicity, simulated empathy, false benevolence, strength of conviction, fear, anguish… Well visible entities can do the same.

Sorcerers send spells, hence their name. Healers can do the same. It is a bundle of energy that is carefully targeted. We can use an object belonging to the subject, or simply set up its intention, it is simpler and just as effective. Black sorcerers send destructive energy, a psi attack which Flornoy called exocet.

Healers are sorcerers too. White sorcerers. When they use scalar waves to heal at a distance, they unknowingly use the same technique. There is sending a packet of healing waves to a targeted subject.

These waves are positive, they aim to improve a person, yet it happens that this person consciously refuses this sending of waves. When returning to the sender, the polarity becomes negative, the return wave is always destructive and its intensity is multiplied by ten. Thus the return of waves becomes formidable when the targeted person sends it back.

In the case of sending negative waves, the return remains negative, and the intensity is multiplied by ten. A return of negative waves can kill. Black sorcerers do a dangerous job.



Sorcerer’s war

In the ’90s, for some reason, Flornoy got mixed up with a cranky old man. A sorcerer like him, but evil tendency. They got very angry, the warring sorcerers started. Jeff received two mini-coffins in shoe boxes. He burned them at once. Furious, he wanted to send one of his allies to terrify the boar.

The ally simply disappeared. In return, Jeff received a subtle slap that nearly killed him. He kept the bed for eight days, and the room for over a month. He took twenty years. His temples whitened in one night. His complexion was greenish grey. He had scales on the skin of his cheeks.

Two good months later, he was back in shape. At least a start. The shock was so violent. I couldn’t believe it. “That fucking bastard didn’t miss me, you know. He threw a psychic exoce in my face. I fell on some dark times.”


Psychic missile

Cette fois, I’m going for good.

“This exocet story again?”
– Yes, like the good old exocet who sank English during the Falklands War. The English had a hot butt, but they ended up winning this end of the world, three piles of pebbles covered with guano and sheep droppings. The Argentines left them the archipelago of shit, lost in the depths of the South Atlantic. So the Falklands became the Falklands. All for an exocet. A deadly French-made missile, cocorico. My boar sent me the psychic version. She’s doing so much damage, you saw that. It’s back to the sender.
“Did you start?”
“You can say that. I sent him the dragon man. I don’t know what has become of him, but he is no longer in my gourd.”

Flornoy. He wore a gourd on his belt, not the hikers’ container, but the shell of the tropical fruit.See below In that gourd were entities from elsewhere. Black as a moonless night. When he needed it, he would drop one. Where? How? By intention. The gourd in question had no opening. When he didn’t need it, his belt didn’t wear anything. The gourd only materialized in an emergency.

It is better to carry your allies in a gourd, like the djinns in their oil lamp. Otherwise they settle in your body, and it’s not a picnic to get rid of it.

Don’t ever let yourself pervade by any psychical entity, ghost, spirit, wandering soul, ectoplasm, ally or else: he could never give you back your body’s control. (Carlos Castaneda)





You never need to fly over someone to make your dreams come true, Marquinhos told me. That’s my opinion too. I’ve never had arm wrestling with anyone. Certainly not with a black wizard. Because I never needed it.

Puffs of hatred or black anger pass around me, sparing my house and garden, like the winter storms that have never done any damage here since 1953. Except this year…. It seems I’ve always been protected from negative fumes. I don’t know by whom or why.

But the same is not true for most people. Healers or sensitives, beings endowed with a subtle perception above the average, can find themselves confronted with this kind of shit without having sought it. Most often they don’t believe it, happy mortals! Until the day it happens to them.

As soon as they mope, they ask Google who direct them on Eden Saga, one of the only sites that has the nerve to call a cat a cat and a spell by its Breton name: geist. I tell you from experience, it is my experience that I give you. Easier to understand than those who speak by hearsay.



In so doing, my immunity comes to an end. I displease some entities who see with a bad eye my repeated efforts to untie their geists, spells cast on one or more people, sometimes a whole family, and who can perpetuate over several generations.

The word geist does not appear in Breton-French dictionaries, yet it is still used in families who are victims. Spelling is not guaranteed, I have never seen it written. I bring him closer to the German geist, spirit.

I knew a family that was the victim of a geist. Pierre, the father, must name his eldest son Jean-Pierre. In turn, Jean-Pierre would call his eldest son Pierre. In each generation, the eldest son would be called Pierre or Jean-Pierre, alternately. I knew Jean-Pierre when he was married. He despised these superstitions of another age. He gave his eldest son another name. The child was stillborn. 

The strong head became lamb soft. When another son came to him, without hesitation, Jean-Pierre called him Pierre. As a father, this Pierre did not depart from the cursed tradition. It will continue, I guess, even if I am no longer there to see it.



Losing return

Very few black sorcerers become white mages, but a white sorcerer can always be tempted by black magic. To woo too much matter, the mind loses its wings.

If you run away from the dark side of force, great good does you. But don’t think that the psychic exocet is not on your agenda. It can manifest in many forms, with or without cause, whether you have sought it or not. It can even occur during a helping relationship. That’s what I was getting at.

I experienced it several times, with the greatest amazement. During a reki session, the person could not absorb the energy I injected into his energy pattern. In accordance with his request, I aimed to rebalance the three energy channels, release the chakras and allow increased vril circulation. So I expected her to devour this gift of energy with beautiful teeth, as it usually happens.

Well, not at all. Instead of giving back to nature the surplus of unused energy, that person simply refused. The wave pack came back strong, destructive. I spent a dog afternoon. I dragged myself, exhausted, livid, on the verge of nausea. I no longer had a single atom of usable energy.


The refusal to heal

It may happen that the applicant refuses the healing despite himself. The superego considers that the dose is too high, he fears that the subtle wiring does not support the surge. The unconscious then makes the decision to close the subtle doors, while the consciousness ignores it. The subtle body will then dissipate the overload in the immediate environment.

The memory of the external facts of my life has largely faded in my mind or disappeared. But the encounters with the other reality, the collision with the unconscious, have indelibly permeated my memory. There was always plenty and wealth there. Everything else goes into the background. (Carl Gustav Jung)


But there is another attitude, which I can call aggressive. Instead of dissipating the energy surplus around you, the patient intercepts the wave packet before it touches his subtle body and returns it to the sender, violently, in a deliberately hostile way. If this attitude is saving in the case of black magic, it is foolish and unfair in the case of white magic. But as the case may arise, so be warned.


Conscious or not

Any refusal of loan or donation of energy originates in an unconscious refusal of healing. When the refusal is conscious, the dominant ego takes over, and we find ourselves in the figure of the sorcerer’s fight. For the patient, it’s inconsequential, neither positive nor negative. But it’s not the same for the healer.

Shock in return. It receives its healing energy transformed into destructive energy, with an intensity multiplied by ten. For him, it is total exhaustion. It takes several hours or even days to recover his usual level of energy. During the recovery phase, the healer is emptied. He can cultivate morbid thoughts, strong paranoia, even suicide impulses. His discomfort can lead to loss of consciousness with engram formation.


The scalar of fear

I experienced this disappointment during remote healing through scalar waves. The first session was quite conclusive, the patient’s improvement was clear. So I confidently embarked on the second session. Total refusal of the patient, without his knowledge of course. I picked up a violent donut in the face. Charming! Subtle but destructive…

What is comforting is that the sick person does not have to suffer. Healing is a true priesthood, a gift of oneself. We must also ensure the strength and responsiveness of our inner fortress. Test at leisure our seven envelopes, and their protective capacity. We can trust each other because the subtle protections are in place.

It is therefore vital to learn to protect oneself. The practice of healing is a high-risk action. The first essential precaution: the healer never offers his services. He must wait until asked to intervene. It’s hard to live with sometimes, but it’s always essential.


(Fed Up)²

The healer must try to heal only the sick who really, absolutely, without hesitation. My benefactor said that the patient must not only be fed up with his illness. He must be fed up with being fed up. The healer must not expose himself to the risk of an unconscious refusal to heal. This is why it is important to make the patient talk about everything and nothing, freely, for several days or even weeks. That’s what I do when I have the slightest doubt.

Cure or not, it is always the patient’s choice. No healer is all-powerful. Healer friends, beware of the ego: it is your worst enemy. The free will of the sick is more powerful than all medicines and all healers and miracle workers.

Free will comes from ignorance of the real causes that make us act. (Democritus)


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“The idleness of the wise man lacks only a better name, and that meditation, speaking, reading, and being quiet was called work.”
La Bruyère