The Inner Healer


In healing, the way doesn’t matter. What matters most is the patient. Besides medicine, an accompaniment of the patient is of great use. To obtain energy support, there is the action of the healer.

Some Amerindian tribes are very versed in the art of healing. Each of us, say the Indians, is equipped with a device, a secret ally that saves us whatever happens. This device, they call it the inner healer. If it works all right, they think, the person is never sick.

Heal or being healed, there is no difference. Sometimes the healer and the sick are one. Through the grace of the inner healer

At the age of 50, I discovered that I had the power to wake the inner healer. For a long time I kept the secret, I was embarrassed by the enormity of this gift. Now I assume, I make the benefit of the sick. There is no treatment, no care, no contact. Transmission is vibratory, the patient receives vital energy. It is painless, yet very perceptible. It will take some time to put words on this feeling of plenitude: the disease has disappeared. Somewhere inside, an unknown mechanism resumed, the internal healer is active again.

But I had to stop this practice because scalar contacts are not as safe as it seems for the healer. So I gave up. It is time for each of us, sick or well, to assume in turn that power that sleeps in him, and that it is up to him to wake up. You don’t need any help to get cured and healed. Just your own. No need to write to me for help, I can not help you.

According to the nagual Carlos Castaneda, our inner world counts an infinity of palaces and gardens. Each palace has a plethora of pleasant rooms, exquisitely arranged, enjoying a magnificent view of the delightful gardens of Eden. Few of us walk around, the majority are stuck in a damp, stinking cellar, and it lasts all their lives. Poor things!

If you had the chance to walk in the Alhambra of Granada, you have a vague idea of ​​the suspended gardens of Queen Semiramis in Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, of which nothing remains. The Semiramis sumptuous gardens gave only a pale picture of the hanging gardens of the Titans in their giant spaceship Hyperborea – or Eden, or Paradise, or Olympus, or Nibiru, or Venus, or the Celestial Venice, or the Walhalla – the planet-ship of terraformers having received many names. Being healed is to find this inner paradise. It’s possible.

Break the continuity. And start a new continuity without disease. Stop the world, Castaneda would say. In this case, it is mainly to stop the disease. This is not without difficulties.

Disease is sometimes a refuge, an extreme but very real way of attracting the attention of the entourage, or a way of putting intensity in a life that seems too bland, tiresome, without strengths and without joy. We simply forget that disease intensity leads to death. It’s inevitable.  


Doctors know that the will plays a predominant role in healing. The will to survive, to escape, to get away, the will not to give up, not to accept a pessimistic verdict, the will to believe in a miracle.

Any disease can be overcome. It is conquered by love, this love which is bestowed by the healer, and above all, this love which one carries to oneself. Do love you, you will heal.

Yesterday you were sick, one would not have given you a week to survive. Your healing has been given you, you rejoiced on it. Today you feel a drop in energy, and you are afraid of losing the benefit of the miracle.

These relapses are frequent. Impeccability is a virtue that deserves. This is the best way to stay cured.

So far, your angel was above you, he was watching over you, now he is your inner master. You are complete, realized.

You have seen and felt the presence of your master in you. The feeling of happiness and total love that has invaded you at this moment bears a name, the effusion. Your little self everyday has suddenly welcomed your soul, and that is a shock. The effusion.

And time passes. It passes whatever one does. In the felted, your little self tries to take control. You began to doubt, the ego stinks, your soul moves away. So it stinks even more. We have to go back and move forward.

Move your ass, get out of the rut, you dug it. To pity one’s self, this is indeed a state of mind about which the warrior passes. In action, no mercy for the little me. In inaction, no self-justification either. The warrior has no excuse, he has solutions.

An unknown mechanism works within you. This mechanism threatens your freedom, your health and your life. To escape it, it is a question of understanding it.


There is in you an infinity of bright and cheerful houses. Among all these pretty and luminous rooms, why try to return to the stinky cellar where you have lived so far?

You are not healed, if you were cured you would no longer have this type of behavior. The energy I gave you has allowed you to change rooms, climb one or two floors, breathe a more invigorating air, with a broader view of life.

Now you know the way. It’s up to you to go back there every time you care about her. But you do not know how to do it.

In the language of the naguals, you have just acquired a new position of the assembly point. The assembly point is a luminous point in our aura through which we assemble the world. We all perceive the world in the same way, because we all have our point of assembly fixed in the same place.

The warriors of the nagual know how to move their own assembly point. They then strive to maintain each new position that adds to their collection. Some wizards have several hundred positions of the assembly point. Others, several thousand. This is what allows them to turn into animals, change sex, rejuvenate, travel in time or in other worlds.

A nagual can move his assembly point in an infinity of positions. He has an additional gift, that of changing the position of the assembly point of those who come to him. This precious talent allows him to give neophytes a glimpse of the other world. Naguals offer a shortcut to awakening.

Mind! Awakening is not a state of which one can say: I am awake, before I was not. 

Awakened? Yes, you are, but beware of relapses. The awakening goes and comes. It’s up to you, my friend. You can feel real down, you can feel complete despair, it is your choice indeed. Like everything that happens to you. It’s always your choice, even if you do not know.

And never forget: it takes no more effort to be at the top of yourself than to keep in your shit. It’s just a matter of choice.


Why don’t you trust yourself, to make a change? From the moment you know the way to inner Eden, you can go back whenever you want. The energy that you lack, you have ample means to draw it from your environment.

The air that you breathe, the earth you bustle with your bare feet, the wind that passes through your hair, the strong sun that makes the flowers vibrating, the birds singing, the sound of the sea, the cicadas, you can project them into the heart of the city. Cosily wrapped in your bubble, which waits only to open up to the world.

But these reunions are easier in the countryside. Into the wild. How to heal in your environment when your sickness comes from it? To be healed is your business. Heal yourself.

Do not search what the world needs. Find out what makes you feel alive, and do it. Because what the world needs, it is people who feel alive.
Howard Thurman