“What matters to a warrior is to reach the totality of oneself. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of a spectator and calls it self-confidence. The warrior seeks to be impeccable in his own eyes and calls it humility. The warrior must constantly push himself beyond his limits. How many things do you do now that would’ve seemed crazy ten years ago?”

A history of power

So begins a beautiful book by Carlos Castaneda, Stories of Power. These stories are things that we do and that would have seemed crazy ten years before. Like that brave lady who wrote me. She was tormented by what she called her demons. She needed an exorcism at all costs. No worries. It’s no small feat, but I’ve done it before, and I can do it again… under certain conditions. Above all, I need to feel a strong motivation. If the will to heal is not firmly locked, no need to undertake anything. Every action is doomed to failure.

My answer

I can help you get rid of those people in the lower astral. But it’s not an easy task. That’s why I decided ten years ago to stop this practice. I was 60, I’m 70. It’s not reasonable to go back to it, yet something touched me in your story. I knew I could help you with that. I saw how to do it.

I know from experience that these entities are tenacious. Once they take possession of a human, there’s really work to be done to decriminalize them. But I will, if you really want me to. Then I’ll show you how to protect yourself from their return.

The program

You’ll have to come and see me here in Brittany. Indeed, I can clean your apartment remotely, but for an exorcism on a person, I need all the support of the beneficial powers that preside over me. You will arrive one evening, and after a night by the sea, the next day will be a day of work. It may take two days to complete the exorcism. That’s why you have to allow for some flexibility in the length of your stay.

You will be fed and housed right here, enjoying every second of the excellent vibratory rate and the powerful cosmotelluric energy that can be felt on this corner of the earth. The food is local and organic, its good influences will strengthen the therapy. It may go fast, it may be a little slow. Everything will depend on your commitment. If you really want to heal, you will make sure that it goes well and without wasting time for you and me.

After the exorcism, I will remotely purify your apartment to rid it of all this filth. Second night in the guest house in my magical garden. You will leave the next morning, cured of parasites, and you will find your apartment perfectly clean in a sustainable way. I will explain how to clean it yourself afterwards, if the parasites reappear. This is rare and only up to you.



It has a price

All this is fatigue for the old man I am, or even exhaustion. I’m going to have to use a lot of energy. I’m not sure I’m going to get it back, but I need it. I don’t know how many hours I’m going to have to give you. But it has to be. You must live in my place, spend at least two nights there, feed at my table from a kitchen made by me. Megaliths will protect you. The sea wind will bless you. The power of my place of power will take you in its arms.

You get it, there’s a price. My time and energy are precious, you are not the only one to turn to me: I have 6 million readers, you imagine the mail. You want an exorcism at all costs? Then I’ll let you judge the amount. The ball is in your court. Make me a proposal, I’ll give you my answer. We can see how much you value your mental health.

Game ending

The dialogue ended there. I never got an answer. The demon had to run away, disgusted that we dared to talk to him about money… It’s not the fastest cure I’ve ever had, but it’s probably the one that took the least effort. So much the better, at my age the sorcerers yearn for rest. And the entities of the lower astral are anything but restful.

Ten or twelve years ago, in spite of myself, I was led to perform two exorcisms. It was an ordeal from which I got no satisfaction. But the relief of the possessed comforted me with my fatigue and heavy involvement. The practice of exorcism is very trying, and I do not wish to go back to it. I just need to gather here some memories for those who wish to learn in this practice.

You know that I am frank and direct in all circumstances. Falsehood is an evil that gnaws at us and starves life. What help will I give by misrepresenting the truth? I know what I have experienced, I remember what I have witnessed, it is up to me to say what I have seen and to reveal what can be.

The art of Gulp

In exorcism, there is no infallible method. Those who assert it are deceitful and those who believe them are naive. I used the good old gulp method that my dear Flornoy taught me — my late benefactor and friend.

As always, it is the patient himself who tells the healer what to do. She told me “at all costs“. She betrayed herself. The cure was pointed out, the humor followed. When she received my answer, this radish forgot her evil. She did Gulp?! She was well again.



Another story

Here’s another power story I told elsewhere. My first exorcism. I lived it without thinking about it. I was still naive. Am I really not? What I did, I would never have done that ten years before. However, ten years later, it still seems crazy.

A witch from the tropics visited me to supposedly receive the initiation to the Little Mysteries — in other words, arcane XIII. She travelled several thousand kilometres to see me, needless to say, I received it. Very quickly I understood that she was not coming for this. The extent of her powers shows enough that she has gone beyond this stage for a long time. So what does she want from me? After three days of repeated chess, I throw a surprise debrief, paved in the pond. It all started. The anger has taken hold of her. “Your arcane XIII, I don’t care! Stupid kids! That’s not what I expect of you!”



Okay, so what do you want? She starts speaking in tongues. I recognize several of them in the process, and then there’s some elvish, true to the sounds that are those of the film The Lord of the Rings. The craziest thing about this is that I understand everything. Louder still, I answer him in that language. There is a dialogue. I’m here for an exorcism, she confesses. Wait and see? An exorcism? I have never done such a thing, I am not a priest, nor a monk, even if I look like one. I’m not even sure I believe it. Real life is quite far from horror films. Still happy!

My refusal causes her a terrible fit of rage. With her thirty-five kilos all wet, she suddenly surpasses me with a good head, her build becomes that of a bodybuilder truck driver. She starts to scream. Without taking the time to think, I do something I have never done and will never do again: I slap him with all my strength.

And there I see a monstrous entity fleeing from its body and rushing through the closed window. Exit the demon. The tropical fairy is slumped on the sofa, out of breath and trembling.


Dead of remorse, I examine his cheek clouded with tears. No trace of blue or bruising! Given the force of the blow, I expected to see blood, a jaw fracture, a bone that pierces the flesh … Nothing. The poor little girl trembles with all her limbs. Tiny, all fragile, she seems to be three years old. The inordinate power she showed is now a memory. She sobs long enough to empty a box of kleenex. She asks me in a tiny voice that I don’t recognize, “Will he come back? Will he come back?” 

She wants to talk about the demon inside. I don’t know what to tell her. I open my mouth to answer him, but the voice that comes out is not mine. “No, he’s gone for good. He won’t come back unless you ask him.” Always the omnipotence of free will. That’s our unbridgeable limit.

We lived the next two days as fifteen or twenty years of life together. We have often woken up in dreams to live a dream life truer than the real one. Each awakening in the dream multiplies by ten the subjective duration of the new dream. Exactly as in Inception. When I saw the movie, I was stunned. Some Hollywood blockbusters are delirious on solid ground.

One day, if I have the power and the nerve, I will tell this strange episode, unclassifiable, inexplicable, inexpressible… For now. If she reads me, I say yes to her. I would be happy to hear from you. You are someone we do not forget.




To conclude, I do not know if I have achieved all of myself. I have believed him several times. Each time I have lost. A new surge of energy occurred that propelled me higher, further away. I am no longer hungry. But who chooses the end? Who ends the recital? As long as I have space fuel, I will continue my special flight deeper and deeper into the astral. If possible, with my Flying Wolves.


You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.
Friendrich Nietzsche